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Chiefs beat Crusaders in Hamilton

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Article Published: Saturday 27 July 2013

There is a sense of deja vu with this match as the Chiefs and the Crusaders faced each other in Hamilton in the 2012 Super Rugby Semi-final and that match was won 20-17 by the Chiefs.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The Crusaders are on the field.
0.01 : Dan Carter kicks off and we are underway.
1.00: The Chiefs take the ball from the kick off and run it but they meet with a wall of defence and the Crusaders run the ball out. They do however win the first line out and start their attack.
2.00: Strong start from the Chiefs as they run the ball to the Crusaders 22m line. The Chiefs are on full attack. However they lose the ball and Dagg picks it up and kicks downfield.
4.00: The Crusaders get some possession and work the ball into the Chiefs. half. The Chiefs collapse over the maul so the Crusaders get a penalty.
5.00 Dan Carter will kick for posts. He takes the shot and nails it. The Crusaders lead.
7.00: Crusaders win the first scrum on their put in and run the ball. However they concede a penalty on the Chiefs 22. Cruden kicks for touch.
9.00: Disregarding the scoreboard it's fairly even so far. The Chiefs steal a Crusaders line out which makes it one all in steals.
10.00: The Chiefs have the ball in the Crusaders 22. Their attack is quick and strong but the Crusaders (Matt Todd) turns the ball over and the Crusaders kick it out.
13.00: The Crusaders (Taylor and Dagg) find a hole in the Chiefs defence and slip through it. The final pass goes to a Chiefs hand and the Crusaders concede a penalty. Cruden clears.
14.00: The Chiefs try the cross kick but Anscombe misses it.
15.00: The Chiefs run the ball but knock on. They have lost their last two line out.
17.00:  The Crusaders win their scrum and start the attack inside their half. The Chiefs are caught off-side so the Crusaders have a 40m penalty.
19.00: Carter takes the kick and doubles the Crusaders score by nailing it.
20.00: Penalty to the Chiefs 35m out and in front. Cruden will take the kick.  
21.00: Cruden takes the kick and he nails it. The Chiefs are on the board.
22.00: The Crusaders have the ball on attack but Crotty is brought to ground. Brodie Retalick simply drives straight over the Crusaders and wins the ball for the Chiefs. They run the ball across the field but knock on.
25.00:  Lelia Masaga is on attack but loses the ball. Handling errors : Crusaders 1 Chiefs 4.
27.00: Penalty to the Crusaders (offside). Carter takes the kick and nails it.
30.00: Chiefs line out is a mess again. The Chiefs follow up though and push the Crusaders into touch. The Crusaders come away with the ball after the line out and they run the ball but Marshall is pushed into touch on the other side.
31.00: Line outs won against the throw : Crusaders 5 Chiefs 1.
33.00: There is a bit of a kicking contest between the teams. The contest is that the Crusaders kick downfield and fail to find touch and the Chiefs run it back until they have to kick again. It starts all over again.
34.00: Crotty goes in for a big tackle on Masaga and comes off second best. The game has a break while he is seen to.
35.00: Crotty carries on. The game resumes with a Crusaders scrum. They win it and work the ball into the Chiefs 22. They win a penalty so Carter will kick for posts.
36.00: Carter takes the kick from near the touchline and it's well off. Latimer comes back on after a concussion test. After the restart the Crusaders knock on.
38.00: The Crusaders use a second shove on the scrum which sees them come away with the ball in a scrum that was initially won by the Chiefs. They run the ball but the Chiefs get it and take it out giving a line out to the Crusader just outside the Chiefs 22.
39.00: Crusaders win the line out and attack.
40.00: The siren sounds but we play on. The Crusaders are going through the phases on attack. Carter goes for a drop goal but it's low and misses.
It's half time.
The half time score was Chiefs 3 Crusaders 9
The Chiefs kick off and the second half is underway.
42.00: The Crusaders almost get through for the first try of the match but Kieran Read's pass is just intercepted.
43.00: The Crusaders win a penalty. Dan Carter takes the kick and it hits the post.
46.00: Penalty to the Chiefs almost in front but about 40m out. Cruden takes the kick and slots it.
47.00: The Crusaders seemed to be taking control of the match but the last five minutes has been all the Chiefs. Craig Clarke busts through the Crusaders defence and the Chiefs attack but Dagg gets back and saves a try.
49.00: The Chiefs win a penalty in the Crusaders 22. Kieran Read gets a warning. The Chiefs go for the line out.
51.00: Chiefs win the line out. They go through the phases and then Lelia Masaga slips through and scores the first TRY of the match!! He powered through three Crusaders to get over the line.
52.00: Cruden nails the conversion.
53.00: The Crusaders look to hit straight back. They get the ball after the kick off and work it up to the Chiefs 5m line. They continue to pile the pressure on and they get to about 2m out. They go for the line again and again.
54.00: Crusaders knock on (Ellis). Great defence from the Chiefs.
55.00: The Chiefs have a defensive scrum on their 5m line. They win the scrum and Kerr Barlow kicks the ball well downfield into touch.
57.00: Oh my, the Crusaders are on the attack and Aaron Cruden gets a hand to the ball and takes the intercept and races for the line and scores. TRY!!!!
58.00: Aaron Cruden slots the conversion which makes it 17 unanswered points.
59.00: Wait folks, it's not over yet! Israel Dagg gets the ball on the wing and races down the wing and keeps in the field of play and scores in the corner. TRY!! He even ran around Asaeli Tikoirotuma in that move. Sensational tries. Both of them in the last few minutes.
60.00: Dan Carter takes the conversion from the touchline and nails it. Chiefs lead by four.
61.00: The Chiefs have the ball and are in full attack. The Crusaders are forced to defend and are going backwards.
63.00: The Crusaders get the ball from a turn over. They have to kick the ball out.
65.00: Luke Whitelock comes on for Luke Romano. Still no sign of McCaw.
66.00: The Crusaders are  building in momentum pushing the Chiefs back but they concede a penalty in the Chiefs 22. McCaw is ready to come on.
67.00: Cruden clears the ball with the kick. Augustine Pulu comes on for Kerr Barlow. Richie McCaw comes on for Matt Todd. Some of the home fans give him a boo.
70.00: The Chiefs have the ball for a scrum just inside the Crusaders half. They win the scrum and attack and then they win a penalty. Side entry.
71.00: Cruden takes the penalty kick but misses.
73.00: Penalty to the Crusaders. Dan Carter will kick for posts. He nails it.
75.00: The Crusaders win a line out inside the Chiefs 22. Dan Carter takes the drop kick for goal but misses. Wide.
77.00: The Chiefs are trying to keep the Crusaders pinned back in their own half. The Crusaders are going through the phases but get pushed out on the half way line.
79.00: The Crusaders continue to attack but the Chiefs are sucking it up.
80.00: The siren sounds and the Chiefs have the ball, they kick it out. The Chiefs win and will host the final.
The full time score is Chiefs 20 (3) Crusaders 19 (9)


Tries - L.Masaga, A. Cruden
Pen - A.Cruden 2
Con - A.Cruden 2
Drop -
Cards -

Tries - I.Dagg.
Pen - D.Carter 4
Con - D.Carter
Drop -
Cards -

Match Officials
: Steve Walsh
Assistant Ref 1:Glen Jackson
Assistant Ref 2:Chris Pollock
TMO : Glenn Newman



1.Toby Smith , 2.Hika Elliot , 3.Ben Tameifuna , 4.Craig Clarke (c) , 5.Brodie Retallick , 6.Liam Messam , 7.Tanerau Latimer , 8.Matt Vant Leven , 9.Tawera Kerr-Barlow , 10.Aaron Cruden , 11.Asaeli Tikoirotuma , 12.Andrew Horrell , 13.Charlie Ngatai , 14.Lelia Masaga , 15.Gareth Anscombe

Replacements : 16.Rhys Marshall , 17.Ben Afeaki , 18.Michael Fitzgerald , 19.Sam Cane , 20.Augustine Pulu , 21.Bundee Aki , 22.Robbie Robinson.


1. Wyatt Crockett , 2. Corey Flynn ,3. Owen Franks , 4. Luke Romano , 5. Sam Whitelock , 6. George Whitelock , 7. Matt Todd , 8. Kieran Read (c) , 9. Andy Ellis , 10. Dan Carter , 11. Zac Guildford , 12. Tom Taylor , 13. Ryan Crotty , 14. Tom Marshall , 15. Israel Dagg ,

Replacements : 16. Ben Funnell , 17. Joe Moody , 18. Luke Whitelock , 19. Richie McCaw , 20. Willi Heinz , 21. Tyler Bleyendaal , 22. Adam Whitelock.

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