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Chiefs beat Brumbies in Hamilton

Live Super Rugby final scoring !

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Article Published: Friday 2 August 2013|

The Chiefs and the Brumbies missed out on playing each other during the 2013 Super Rugby season so the last time they played was way back in March 2012.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.
Aaron Cruden kicks off and we are underway with the Super Rugby final!
2.00: The Chiefs go deep from the kick off pushing the Brumbies back. There is a bit of a kicking contest early on. The teams take turns to run and kick. Eventually the ball gets dotted down behind the Brumbies tryline by the Brumbies.
3.00: The Chiefs have the ball on attack but the Brumbies turn the ball over and Peter Kimlin slices through and makes a huge amount of ground. The Brumbies take their time and push the Chiefs all the way back into their 22.
4.00: Penalty to the Brumbies in front. They will kick for posts.
5.00: Christian Lealiifano takes the penalty kick and slots it. The Brumbies lead.
6.00: Another penalty to the Brumbies. Joining the ruck incorrectly. They will kick again.
7.00: Lealiifano takes the kick and nails it.
9.00: The Chiefs try to run the ball out of their half but the Brumbies use the touchline well and push them out. The Chiefs win the ball back from the line out and then win a penalty inside their half for not releasing.
10.00: The Chiefs run the ball for the penalty. They get the ball to the Brumbies 22m line. They change sides and continue to push the Brumbies back but as they get to the 5m line they concede a penalty. Joining the ruck incorrectly again.  
13.00: The first scrum of the game is won by the Chiefs but as they go forward they knock on.
15.00: The Brumbies take the scrum slowly and White gets the ball out but he kicks for touch and it goes out on the full.
16.00: The Brumbies win the line out but kick it out again. The Chiefs then win the line out and they run the ball out of their half. They start going through the phases on attack steadily making ground.
17.00: The Chiefs are playing them game with some speed. However as they go forward the Brumbies are caught offside. Cruden lines up a kick for the posts.
18.00: Cruden takes the kick and he misses. Badly.
19.00: After the restart the Chiefs obstruct so the Brumbies have another penalty. Lealiifano will take the kick.
20.00: Lealiifano takes the shot and nails it.
22.00: The Chiefs get the ball into Brumbies territory again and the Brumbies go off their feet so the Chiefs have a penalty.
23.00: Cruden takes the kick from about 31m out. This one he nails. The Chiefs are on the board.
25.00: The Chiefs are on the attack again and they go through 8 phases and then they win a penalty for going the Brumbies off their feet.
26.00:Aaron Cruden takes the kick and it's low but it goes over.
28.00: Ben Tameifuna puts ina huge tackle on Tevita Kuridrani  and Kuridrani bounces backwards from the tackle but actually Tameifuna comes off worst as he needs help from the medics.
29.00: Brumbies have the ball in the Chiefs 22 but they give away a penalty for not joining the ruck correctly. Cruden kicks for touch.
30.00: The Brumbies are starting to leak penalties. The Chiefs get the ball into the Brumbies 22. They win a line out and start their attack running the ball at the Brumbies.
31.00: Penalty again for  not joining the ruck correctly to the Chiefs and it's in front. Cruden will kick.
32.00: Cruden takes the kick and slots it to level the scores. The Brumbies have now conceded 7 penalties - four of which have been kicked for posts.
34.00: The Chiefs win the third scrum of the match. They have to recycle the ball to start running it but go to ground and the Brumbies win a penalty. Nic White will kick for posts as they are almost on the half way line.
35.00: Nic White takes the penalty kick but it's short. Horrell kicks the ball back to the Brumbies.
37.00: The Brumbies are blown up again for obstruction. Cruden kicks for touch but doesn't find it so Mogg boots the ball back.
38.00: WOW! Christian Lealiifano gets the ball on an intercept and races for the line. The Chiefs chase but they can't catch him and scores. TRY! The TMO checks the try and the try is awarded. Lealiifano showed some great hands in that try.
39.00: Lealiifano takes the conversion kick and slots it on the angle.
Speight takes the ball from the restart and runs it. His work gets the Brumbies on the front foot on attack but the siren goes and Mogg kicks the ball out. It's half time.
The half time score was Chiefs 9 Brumbies 16
The Brumbies kick off and the second half is underway.
41.00: Ben Tameifuna knocks on after a line out so the Brumbies have a scrum. They win a penalty from the scrum (Smith collapsing) and will kick for posts.
43.00: Jesse Mogg takes the penalty kick from 52m out but he misses. Just.
45.00: The Chiefs have the ball but the Brumbies are keeping them pinned back in their half. The Brumbies then win a penalty in front of the posts for not releasing.
46.00: Lealiifano takes the kick and slots it. Andrew Horrell has been replaced by Bundee Aki.
47.00: Penalty to the Chiefs almost in front of the posts. Cruden lines up and takes the shot. He nails it.
49.00: Chiefs coach Dave Rennie is using his bench. Ben Tameifuna has been replaced and Vant Leven has been replaced by Sam Cane. Penalty to the Brumbies for early engage. Brumbies choose another scrum.
50.00: The scrum wheels and the Chiefs win the put in.
51.00: The Chiefs win the scrum and attack at pace. They fire the ball through the backs and the Brumbies hang on and then concede a penalty for offside.
52.00: Cruden takes the kick and he stabs it. Missed.
54.00: The Brumbies get the ball on attack and Clyde Rathbone almost gets through for the try. He is just caught but the support comes and the Brumbies are 2m out! The Brumbies drive over the line and appeal for the try. We go to the TMO to check. Too many bodies to say initially. NO try as the pictures are inconclusive.
55.00: The Brumbies have the ball on the 5m line again as they were given a 5m scrum for going forward.
56.00: The Brumbies continue to attack on the 5m line and then they win a penalty as Latimer entered the ruck incorrectly. Lealiifano takes the kick from in front and slots. Brumbies lead by 10 again.
59.00: A bit of a blow for the Chiefs as Gareth Anscombe comes off injured. The Chiefs have the ball on attack but as they get to 5m out they knock on (Sam Cane).
60.00: Penalty to the Brumbies on their 5m line. They kick for touch but White misses touch. In fairness White has had a poor game.
61.00: As White failed to find touch the Chiefs have the ball and attack. They get to about 5m out and continue to drive forward. 11phases and up to the line.
62.00: The Chiefs drive over the line but again we go upstairs. Initially looks to be held up. TMO says no try held up, 5m scrum.
64.00: The Chiefs win the scrum and Liam Messam powers out the back of the scrum and drives over the line to score. TRY!
64.00: Aaron Cruden takes the conversion kick but misses - from almost in front!
65.00: Kerr Barlow has been replaced now. The Brumbies have the ball with a line out which they win. They move the ball through the backs but get pushed outside.
67.00: Asaeli Tikoirotuma makes a break and passes to Bundee Aki, get gets the ball away to the support and then the Chiefs recycle and Robbie Robinson gets the ball sees the line and races for it and scores. TRY!! The TMO checks. It's all good.
68.00: Cruden takes the conversion kick and nails it. The Chiefs lead for the first time!
69.00: Mogg boots the ball to clear but it goes out on the full so the Chiefs are back in the Brumbies half.
70.00: Penalty to the Chiefs and Mowen gets a warning for infringements. Cruden will kick for posts.  
71.00: Cruden takes the kick and slots it. Brumbies need a try now.
74.00: The Brumbies have the ball and are attacking in the Chiefs 22. They are throwing everything they have at the Chiefs.
76.00: The Brumbies are playing the game in the Chiefs half but the Chiefs defence is still strong and is pushing them from side to side.
78.00: The Brumbies are attacking but the Chiefs win a penalty for going over the top. Cruden clears the ball away.
79.00: Penalty to the Brumbies. They kick for touch but don't find it. The Chiefs kick it back.
80.00: The siren sounds. They play on and the Brumbies knock on.
That's it. The Chiefs WIN.
The full time score is Chiefs 27 (9) Brumbies 22 (16)


Tries - L.Messam, R.Robinson
Pen - A.Cruden 5
Con - A.Cruden
Drop -
Cards -

Tries - C. Lealiifano
Pen - C.Lealiifano 5
Con - C.Lealiifano
Drop -
Cards -

Match Officials
: Craig Joubert
Assistant Ref 1:Chris Pollock
Assistant Ref 2:Garratt Williamson/Grant Stuart
TMO : Vinny Munro



1.Toby Smith , 2.Hika Elliot , 3.Ben Tameifuna , 4.Craig Clarke (c) , 5.Brodie Retallick , 6.Liam Messam , 7.Tanerau Latimer , 8.Matt Vant Leven , 9.Tawera Kerr-Barlow , 10.Aaron Cruden , 11.Asaeli Tikoirotuma , 12.Andrew Horrell , 13.Charlie Ngatai , 14.Lelia Masaga/Robbie Robinson , 15.Gareth Anscombe

Replacements : 16.Rhys Marshall , 17.Ben Afeaki , 18.Michael Fitzgerald , 19.Sam Cane , 20.Augustine Pulu , 21.Bundee Aki , 22.Robbie Robinson/Patrick Osborne.


1. Scott Sio ,2. Stephen Moore ,3. Ben Alexander ,4. Scott Fardy ,5. Sam Carter ,6. Peter Kimlin ,7. George Smith ,8. Ben Mowen (c) ,9. Nic White ,10. Matt Toomua ,11. Clyde Rathbone ,12. Christian Lealiifano ,13. Tevita Kuridrani ,14. Henry Speight ,15. Jesse Mogg

Replacements:16. Siliva Siliva ,17. Ruan Smith ",18. Fotu Auelua (,19. Colby Faingaa ,20. Ian Prior ,21. Andrew Smith ,22. Joe Tomane

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