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Crusaders beat Stormers in Christchurch

Live Super Rugby scoring

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Article Published: Friday 7 March 2014|

Out of the last ten Super Rugby matches between the Crusaders and the Stormers, the Stormers have won just two matches.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

Demetri Catrakilis kicks off and we are underway.

The Stormers make an excellent start as they set up a line out inside the Crusaders half.

1.00: The Stormers win the line out, set up the maul, and drive towards the line. However the Crusaders stop the maul and win a penalty. They kick for touch.

The Stormers kick the ball back after the Crusaders kick upfield but the ball goes out.

3.00: The Crusader win their line out and attack but Schalk Burger is caught offside and the Crusaders have a penalty in front.

4.00: Tom Taylor slots the penalty and the Crusaders lead.

7.00: The Stormers win a line out on the Crusaders throw. The Stormers however kick the ball upfield and the Crusaders attack.

8.00: Penalty to the Stormers for not releasing the ball. Catrakilis kicks for touch, doesn't find it so the Crusaders kick it back. The Stormers kick it back and the Crusaders run the ball.

9.00: The Crusaders knock on in a tackle so the Stormers have a scrum just inside the Crusaders half.

10.00: Penalty to the Crusaders from the scrum. They kick for touch.

11.00: Penalty to the Crusaders from a scrum this time for illegal binding - Owen Franks.

12.00: Catrakilis kicks for touch. The line out is not straight though so the Crusaders get a scrum.

15.00: The Crusaders go through the phases. Schalk Burger reaches for the ball, knocks it on and regathers it on the ground and recycles it but the ref says play on. The Stormers then work the ball down into the Crusaders 22.

16.00: The Stormers continue to attack in the Crusaders 22. They get pushed back a bit and then Matt Todd gets a boot to the ball and everyone chases. The Crusaders get the ball on the 5m line.

18.00: The Crusaders go for the line again and again but the Stormers hold them out until the Crusaders win a penalty. Kieran Read and Ryan Crotty got very close to scoring there.

19.00: The Crusaders choose the scrum. They win the scrum and get the ball 3m out. No shortage of pressure from the Crusaders but then the Stormers knock on so the Crusaders have a 5m scrum.

22.00: Penalty to the Crusaders from the scrum. This time they go for the line out. Crusaders win the line out but the ball goes to ground so they can't use the maul and have recycle and run the ball.

24.00: The Crusaders send wave after wave of attack but the Stormers just suck it all up on their 5m line. We go to the TMO to check for foul play. Schalk Burger is shown throwing a couple of punches in response to being held by Owen Franks so the Stormers win a penalty. The crowd want Burger penalised. Catrakilis kicks for touch.

28.00: Free kick from the scrum to the Crusaders in the Stormers half. They run the ball and again the Stormers suck it all up and then win a penalty for not releasing the ball almost on the 22m line. Stormers kick for touch.

30.00: Penalty again to the Stormers for playing leaving their feet. The Crusaders kick for the line out and they get some rare time in the Crusaders half.

31.00: The Crusaders win the line out but then the Stormers turn it over and they attack.

32.00: The Stormers have the ball and Catrakilis dabs it through setting up a Crusaders line out in their 22. It's not too bad of a tactic as the Crusaders have lost a couple on their throw.

33.00: The Crusaders win the line out and kick for touch but they don't make much ground. The Stormers then get the ball back after the line out and they attack on the 5m line. The Stormers get the ball up to the base of the post so it should be a try - we go to the TMO. De Villiers is mm short. We go back for a penalty to the Stormers.

35.0: Catrakilis takes the penalty kick and slots it to level the scores. 80% territory and possession to the Crusaders.

36.00:There is a break in play for an injury. The game resumes.

37.00: The Crusaders win a line out but knock on so the Stormers have a scrum inside the Crusaders half. The win the scrum and run the ball.

38.00: Penalty to the Crusaders on their 22 for not releasing. Taylor kicks for touch.

39.00: Stormers win the line out on the Crusaders put in. They try to run the ball but they get pushed back and Catrakilis kicks the ball out on the full. The Crusaders take it quickly.

40.00; The Crusaders attack as the siren sounds. They get into the Stormers 22 and hit that defensive wall. The Crusaders contine to recycle and attack over and over and then they try the grubber but the Stormers get back to the ball first.

It's half time.

The half time score was Crusaders 3 Stormers 3

The Crusaders kick off and we are underway.

41.00: The Crusaders go through a couple of phases on attack in the Stormers half and then the Stormers win a penalty. They kick for touch.

43.00: The Crusaders knock on so the Stormers have a scrum.  They win the scrum and run at the Crusaders.

44.00: The Stormers go through the phases on attack and they get into the Crusaders 22.They have the advantage but continue to attack. We go back for the penalty. Taute is down.

45.00: Catrakilis takes the penalty as Sailosi Tagicakibau replaces Jaco Taute. He slots the penalty and the Stormers lead.

48.00: The Stormers are holding on to the ball more in this half. They are going through the phases on attack and forcing the Crusaders to defend. Deon Fourie gets some help from the medics after the Stormers knock on.

50.00: Scarra Ntubeni is struggling. Jean de Villiers gets the ball in space and chips ahead, Damian de Allende chases and beats the Crusaders and gets the ball and scores.TRY!

51.00: Catrakilis takes the conversion and slots it.

55.00: The Crusaders win their scrum just inside the Stormers half. They make some early ground but then lose the ball forward.

59.00: The Crusaders suddenly break out as Willi Heinz darts through the Stormers defence, he gets the Crusaders to the 5m line and is stopped. The Stormers concede a penalty for going off their feet. Crusaders will take a shot at the posts.

60.00: Taylor adds the penalty as Willi Heinz is replaced by Andy Ellis.

64.00: The Stormers have a scrum in the Crusaders half. It has to be reset several times which takes up time.

65.00: The Crusaders win the scrum and attack as they have the advantage, the Crusaders chip ahead and De Allende kicks the ball out on the full in error.

66.00: Crusaders win the line out and attack from inside their half. The ball goes dead so Crusaders will have a scrum. First though the touchie comes in to report something. Nepo Laulala was holding on but there was nothing in it.

67.00: Penalty to the Crusaders from the scrum - inside their half. They kick for touch.

68.00:The Crusaders win the line out and attack. The first wave goes through and the Crusaders are about 8m out. They send wave after wave at the line and then Kieron Fonotia scores. TRY!

69.00: Tom Taylor takes the conversion but misses. Stormers still lead.

72.00: The Stormers start to make ground in the Crusaders half but they concede a penalty so the Crusaders kick for touch.

73.00: The Crusaders attack in the Stormers 22, they go through the phases and then Michael Rhodes is caught offside. Penalty to the Crusaders. Tom Taylor will kick for posts.

74.00: Tom Taylor slots the penalty and the Crusaders lead again.

76.00: The Stormers have the ball in the Crusaders half. Peter Grant has come on and is calling for a drop goal.

78.00: The Stormers continue to attack in the Crusaders half. The Crusaders can only defend. Wow Nizaam Carr finds a gap and slices through, he gets to 6m out and the Crusaders somehow turn the ball over and kick upfield - it doesn't find touch though so the Stormers attack again.

79.00: Penalty to the Crusaders. Slade kicks for touch and we will have the line out.

80.00: The siren sounds. The Crusaders put the ball in and win it. That's it. Crusaders win.

The full time score is Crusaders 14 (3) Stormers 13 (3)


Tries - K. Fonotia
Pen - T. Taylor 3
Con -
Drop -
Cards -

Tries - D. de Allende
Pen - D. Catrakilis 2
Con - D.Catrakilis
Drop -
Cards -

Match Officials
Rohan Hoffmann
Assistant Ref 1: Glen Jackson
Assistant Ref 2: Ben O'Keefe
TMO: Chris Wratt



1.Wyatt Crockett , 2.Corey Flynn , 3.Owen Franks , 4.Luke Romano , 5.Samuel Whitelock , 6.Luke Whitelock , 7.Matt Todd , 8.Kieran Read (c) , 9.Willi Heinz , 10.Tom Taylor , 11.Israel Dagg , 12.Ryan Crotty (vc) , 13.Reynold Lee-Lo , 14.Johnny McNicholl , 15.Colin Slade

Replacements : 16.Ben Funnell , 17.Tim Perry , 18.Nepo Laulala , 19.Dominic Bird , 20.Jordan Taufua , 21.Andy Ellis , 22.Tyler Bleyendaal , 23.Kieron Fonotia


15. Jaco Taute , 14. Kobus van Wyk , 13. Jean de Villiers (captain) , 12. Damian de Allende , 11. Gio Aplon , 10. Demetri Catrakilis , 9. Nic Groom , 8. Duane Vermeulen , 7. Schalk Burger (vice-captain) , 6. Deon Fourie , 5. De Kock Steenkamp , 4. Michael Rhodes , 3. Frans Malherbe , 2. Scarra Ntubeni , 1. Steven Kitshoff

Replacements: 16. Tiaan Liebenberg , 17. Oliver Kebble , 18. Pat Cilliers , 19. Ruan Botha , 20. Nizaam Carr , 21. Louis Schreuder , 22. Peter Grant , 23. Sailosi Tagicakibau

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