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The Argentina Rugby Union have confirmed that their new team will be known
as the Jaguars from 2016 when Super Rugby expands to 18 teams.

At the team’s launch in Buenos Aires the management revealed that the team
will be coached by Raul Perez who will be assisted by Felipe Contepomi,
Jose Pellicena and Martin Gaitan.

The Jaguars historical first match in Super Rugby will be against the Cheetahs
in South Africa on February 26 and their first home match will be against the
Chiefs on March 18.

At the beginning of the presentation, Carlos Araujo, President of the UAR,
said: “The day has finally come and we are very happy. The franchise –
the Jaguares – and the tournament, of which many of us have dreamt so much and
for so long, it has today, formally and officially, come true.

Greg Peters, UAR Professional Rugby General Manager, was in charge of opening
the presentation where he showed a video that explained the competition the
Jaguares will be playing as from February 26, when the Argentine players shall
be contesting their first match against the Cheetahs in Bloemfontein, South

Next, Mr Peters further revealed that #JaguaresEnSuperRugby will be the hashtag
used by the Jaguares throughout the year in social media as they seek to engage
fans and stated: “We are still moving forward in this developing process
which allows us to participate in the top global club competition where we are
to face the best teams and the best players in the world.”

It was then the time for Miguel Dupont, UAR Commercial Manager, to launch the
original memberships to the public before head coach Raul Perez
and captain Agustin Creevy were presented.

Perez, who hails from Rosario, said: “It gives me great happiness
for us all to have this possibility ahead. I also understand that I will have,
among my duties, to manage UAR resources, including the exceptional players
who will be part of this franchise joining together in the best club competition
in the world.

“My responsibility and senses are fully focused on what is coming. That
is my job and we, the staff, are well aware that there is a giant challenge
ahead that has two major aspects. On the one hand, there is great experience
to be achieved by everyone involved, which is central in our first season in
Super Rugby; a great experience that not take us by surprise. And on the other
hand, there is the adaptation, not only in rugby performance terms, but also
in regard to travelling, rest and player management, which shall also be a crucial,
fundamental and key issue.

“As to the game, Super Rugby provides a scenario to be more risky in attack.
The focus will be, as it happens to be with all the teams in this competition,
on the greater willingness to keep and use the ball.

“We have top level players who have demonstrated that taking those risks
with the ball is possible and that the margin we have to keep on improving as
to these aspects makes us very optimistic.”

On his part, club captain Agustin Creevy, the hooker from the city of
La Plata and the club San Luis, said: “To me, it is a dream. Not only because
it involves playing in the best championship in the world, but also because
it means to be in Argentina, to live and play in my country, to be near my club.
That is amazing and very rewarding.

“In relation to the Jaguares, it is a historical event having a professional
Argentine team in a tournament such as this, in which the best rugby in the
world is played. I still think about it in those terms today and it touches
me deeply. It will help us not only to become a more unified team, but also
to provide the group with continuity. We will now have the chance to keep on
growing as individuals, to get to know each other much better as to the game
and to become a better team as a whole.

“Being captain is and represents a great honour. It is very important
to me at personal level, very gratifying, very nice and I hope to honour the
title. I would like to thank the coaches for their support and the players as
well. Let us hope to enjoy a great year, one of important growth for the Argentine

“With the Jaguares in the Super Rugby, I have no doubt that the sport
is set to become even more popular. Reaching more a greater audience that rugby
will be in contact with a larger public and, at the same time, become more appealing
to potential players.”

The team will play home matches at the Jose Amalfitani stadium in Buenos Aires.

Jaguars Super Rugby squad.

Matias German, Gabriel Ascarate, Rodrigo Baez, Emiliano Boffelli,
Santiago Cordero, Agustin Creevy, Juan Cruz Guillemain, Jeronimo
de la Fuente, Santiago Garcia Botta, Santiago Gonzalez Iglesias,
Ramiro Herrera, Facundo Isa, Martin Landajo, Tomas Lavanini, Tomas
Lezana, Juan Manuel Leguizamon, Juan Martin Hernandez, Manuel Montero,
Julian Montoya, Matias Moroni, Ramiro Moyano, Lucas Paz Noguera,
Matias Orlando, Javier Ortega Desio, Guido Petti, Nicolas Sanchez,
Leonardo Senatore, Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, Joaquin Tuculet.

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