Blues beat Crusaders in Auckland


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The Blues and Crusaders have not played each other since May last year and that match ended in a 23-3 victory for the Crusaders in Christchurch.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The teams are on the field.

0.01: The Blues kick off and we are underway.

1.00: Slade is tested under the high ball early on and is then hit by Charlie Faumuina.

2.00: The first scrum ends in a free kick for the Crusaders who kick for touch.

3.00: Blues putting the Crusaders under pressure in the Saders 22. The ball does however get pushed out.

4.00: The Crusaders win a line out on the Blues throw.

5.00: The Crusaders try to clear the ball past the halfway line to relieve some pressure but the Blues get the ball and launch their attack. The Blues look full of energy. The Crusaders win the ball back but then the Blues push them (Andy Ellis) out.

6.00: The Blues lose the line out again so the Crusaders clear the ball again.

7.00: The Blues make a mess of another line out. The game is paused as Patrick Tuipulotu gets some help from the medics having landed awkwardly on his knee.

8.00: Penalty to the Crusaders for illegal binding on the scrum. The Crusaders clear. The Crusaders however lose their line out and the Blues attack.

9.00: Penalty (not releasing) to the Crusaders so they kick for touch.

10.00: Crusaders win the line out and start their attack. They get a brief spell in the Blues half but then they lose the ball and the Blues kick upfield. The ball changes sides a few times and then Charles Piutau concedes a penalty. Tom Taylor will kick for posts.

11.00: Tom Taylor takes the penalty kick and misses. Short.

12.00: Penalty to the Blues for entry on the side of the ruck on the halfway line. Weepu kicks for touch.

13.00: The Blues lose another line out and the Crusaders kick well downfield.

14.00: The Crusaders get some rare attacking ball just inside their half. They pass the ball down the line and Corey Flynn is on the wing and initially he looks like he will pass the ball but he just carries on running and scores the first TRY in the corner.

15.00: Taylor slots the conversion. Crusaders lead.

17.00: Blues showing no shortage of energy on attack in the Crusaders half. They can’t get through the Crusaders attack but win a penalty in front of the posts just outside the 22. Simon Hickey will kick.

18.00: Simon Hickey nails his first kick Super Rugby and the Blues are on the board.

19.00: The Blues concede a penalty from the restart for obstruction so the Crusaders get a penalty back. Taylor will kick.

20.00: Taylor takes the shot and nail it. Saders lead by 7 again.

22.00:Another penalty to the Crusaders. This is one a fair way out and he misses.

23.00: The Crusaders are gaining momentum. Crotty has a run but is stopped. The Blues then win a penalty just outside their 22. They kick for touch.

25.00: The Crusaders have the ball in the Blues 22. They are going through the phases patiently edging forward.

27.00: The Blues manage to keep the Crusaders out and the Bues knock on. Territory so far 59% Blues.

29.00: The Crusaders win the scrum and attack the line but the Blues keep them out. The Crusaders win another scrum put in 10m out.

30.00: Crusaders win the scrum – Ellis passes to Slade and he slips straight through and scores behind the posts. TRY! The Blues are not happy about it as they say a player (Willison) was taken out. Try stands though.

31.00:Tom Taylor takes the conversion and nails it.

33.00: The Blues get the ball on the half way line and they give the ball to Frank Halai on the wing and he just races away and leaves the Crusaders standing after slipping a tackle and scores under the posts. TRY!

34.00: Hickey adds the conversion.

35.00: The Blues win the ball from the restart and Tevita Li races through the Crusaders leaving them cold and scores TRY!! It has to be said Richie McCaw missed the tackle. (Missed one on Fruean last week too)

36.00: Hickey takes the conversion but misses.

37.00: The Blues have come to life. They are on full attack in the Crusaders half but the Crusaders knock on.

39.00: The Blues put the ball in to the scrum but it collapses and has to be reset.

40.00: Free kick to the Crusaders so they kick upfield and the Blues kick the ball out as the siren sounds.

It’s half time.

The half time score was Blues 15 Crusaders 17

The Crusaders kick off and we are underway. Richie McCaw has been replaced by Matt Todd.

41.00: After the Blues kick upfield Tom Taylor has to run for the ball but knocks it on. Blues scrum on the half way line.

42.00: Oh my. There is some confusion in defence as Colin Slade runs into Reynold Lee-Lo and drops the ball – George Moala picks it up and races in for the Blues third TRY!

43.00: Hickey slots the conversion. Blues lead. Crusaders coach Todd Blackadder has brought Israel Dagg on for Nafi Tuitavake.

44.00: Who will score next? The Blues have scored 19 unanswered points. The Blues have the ball in the Crusaders half and are attacking. Halai almost gets through but is stopped, the Blues chip through and Elliss chases and gets the ball but grounds it over the tryline. Blues 5m scrum.

45.00: The Blues win the scrum and Weepu puts in a little kick and Jackson Willison chases and scores gets the ball and scores. BONUS point TRY!

46.00: Hickey adds the conversion.

48.00: The Blues are all over the Crusaders who to be fair look rattled after conceding 26 unanswered points. Tevita Li has another run but his pass is knocked on. The Crusaders are hanging on here.

50.00: The Crusaders win some rare ball in their 22 and Slade tries to clear the ball but is charged down. The Blues pounce and the Crusaders get pushed back to the 5m line. Eventually the Crusaders clear the ball.

52.00: The Blues win the ball from the line out (in the Saders 22) and attack 10m out. After a couple of phases they get to 2m out. The Blues knock on though.

54.00: The Blues win a penalty as the Crusaders join a ruck incorrectly. They will kick for posts.

55.00: Hickey takes the kick and slots it. Amazing scores here as the Crusaders never concede 29 unanswered points.

56.00:The Crusaders get some rare ball in the Blues half with a line out. They win the line out and set up the maul. They get into the Blues 22 and at 10m out they win a penalty. They kick for the corner.

58.00: Crusaders win the line out and drive the maul to the line. However it stops, collapses and the Blues get the put in.

60.00: The Blues win a free kick so Weepu takes a quick tap but makes about 25m and the Crusaders stop him and there is a knock on.

61.00: Penalty to the Crusaders for holding on. They kick for touch.

62.00: The Crusaders attack in the Blues 22 and come close but they are called back for a shoulder charge. They kick for touch.

63.00: The Crusaders are on the attack but Tevita Li gets an intercept and races away to score. However on his way to the line the whistle goes. He scores and then the ref says we need to check with the TMO. No try and it’s a penalty to the Crusaders for hands on the ball. Not sure if the ref can change his mind like that.

65.00: The Crusaders have the ball on attack but the Blues infringe at the breakdown and Steven Luatua is shown a yellow card. The Crusaders choose to scrum. However the Blues win a penalty from the scrum for an early shove.

67.00: The Crusaders run the ball down the line and Funnell leaves a pass and it goes behind Matt Todd on the wing. It’s not working for the Saders.

69.00: Mealamu’s throw is good so the Blues win the line out and kick upfield. Slade catches the ball and takes it out. The touchie rules it was out already. The Blues however win the line out but there is a knock on so the Blues have a scrum in their half.

72.00: The Crusaders win a scrum in the Blues 22 and hit the line at pace and Dagg passes to Ryan Crotty who bashes the posts and scores. TRY.

73.00: Taylor adds the conversion and it’s all to play for.

76.00: Penalty to the Crusaders – front row collapsing. They kick for touch. The Blues win a penalty though so they run it.

77.00: The Crusaders turn the ball over and attack just inside the Blues half. The Crusaders then concede a penalty.

78.00: The Blues have the ball in the Crusaders half and they are holding on to the ball ensuring the Crusaders can’t do anything with it.

79.00: Another penalty to the Blues. Hickey will kick for posts and wind the clock down.

80.00: Hickey takes the shot and nails it. That’s it – the Blues win.

The full time score is Blues 35 (15) Crusaders 24 (17)


Tries – F. Halai, T.Li, G. Moala, J.Willison
Pen – S. Hickey 3
Con – S.Hickey 3
Drop –
Cards – Steven Luatua (66th min yellow)

Tries – C.Flynn, C.Slade, R.Crotty
Pen – T.Taylor
Con – T.Taylor 3
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Mike Fraser
Assistant Ref 1:Garratt Williamson
Assistant Ref 2:Shane McDermott
TMO:Ben Skeen



15. Charles Piutau,14. Frank Halai,13. George Moala,12. Jackson Willison,11. Tevita Li,10. Simon Hickey,9. Piri Weepu,8. Peter Saili,7. Luke Braid / Brendon O’Connor,6. Steven Luatua,5. Tom Donnelly,4. Patrick Tuipulotu,3. Charlie Faumuina,2. James Parsons,1. Sam Prattley

Replacements :16. Keven Mealamu,17. Tony Woodcock,18. Angus Ta’avao,19. Liaki Moli,20. Brendon O’Connor / Jordan Manihera,21. Bryn Hall,22. Benji Marshall,23. Pita Ahki


1 Tim Perry ,2 Corey Flynn ,3 Owen Franks,4 Samuel Whitelock,5 Dominic Bird ,6 George Whitelock,7 Richie McCaw,8 Kieran Read (c) ,9 Andy Ellis,10 Tom Taylor , 11 Nafi Tuitavake , 12 Ryan Crotty (vc) , 13 Reynold Lee-Lo , 14 Rob Thompson , 15 Colin Slade

Replacements : 16 Ben Funnell , 17 Wyatt Crockett ,18 Nepo Laulala ,19 Luke Romano , 20 Matt Todd , 21 Willi Heinz ,22 Adam Whitelock , 23 Israel Dagg

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