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Hurricanes beat Lions in Wellington


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The 2016 Super Rugby final will be held in Wellington, New Zealand where the Hurricanes host the Lions from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

In the meantime why not have a look at the match preview.

It’s cold and wet in Wellington. Elton Jantjies kicks off and the match is underway. The ball goes to the deal ball line and is dotted down so we start with a scrum on the half way line.

1.00: The Hurricanes win the first scrum but the ball is passed down the line and into touch.

2.00: Penalty to the Lions. Offside. Jantjies will have a shot.

3.00: Jantjies takes the kick – into the wing –  it’s short and hits the base of the post. The wind caught it. Hurricanes play on as the ball bounces back in play.

4.00: The Hurricanes go through a number of phases and then boot the ball into touch inside the Lions 22.

5.00: Victor Vito snatches the line out and the Hurricanes start their attack on the Lions 22m line.

6.00: After 10 phases Barrett kicks to the corner for Cory Jane. It’s a perfect kick, Jane takes the ball beats three tacklers and goes in to score. The TMO will check. There was a potential knock on by Brad Shields in the build up. No try. knock on. Lions scrum.

7.00: The Lions win the scrum and clear the ball to the half way line.

8.00: The Lions win the line out and go through the phases on the half way line. Six phases and then they boot the ball. The Hurricanes kick it back – the Lions run the ball back and then boot it.

9.00: The ball is kicked back and forth and with each kick the Lions lose a little as they are playing into the wind. The Hurricanes have the advantage so Barrett kicks the ball away and the penalty is awarded. Offside against Andries Ferreira.

11.00: Barrett takes the penalty shot. He nails it and the Hurricanes lead.

14.00: The Lions press the Hurricanes back into their half and the ball goes into touch on the Hurricanes 22. The Lions win the line out but the ball pops out. Knock on. Lion ball.

16.00: The scrum disintegrates but the Lions just get the ball out. They run the ball into the Hurricanes 22 where they knock on.

17.00: Handling errors : Hurricanes 4 Lions 1

18.00: The Hurricanes win the scrum and James Marshall clears the ball into touch and it goes out just inside the Hurricanes half. Lions throw.

19.00: The Lions win the line out and kick, Jane catches it and the Lions concede a penalty for collapsing the maul. The Hurricanes clear.

20.00: The Hurricanes win the line out and Ardie Savea powers forward making about 30m. The ball is cleared into touch.

21.00: The Lions turn the ball over and try to attack. The Hurricanes are up in defence really fast and the Lions get pressed back to the 5m line. Mapoe tries the grubber but it goes straight to Cory Jane who scores. TRY!

22.00: Barrett takes the conversion kick and nails it. Canes lead by 10.

24.00: The Lions win a penalty inside the Hurricanes half after several phases on attack. Jantjies will have a shot at the posts.

25.00: Jantjies nails the kick and the Lions are on the board.

27.00:Penalty to the Lions. They kick for touch and the line out.

28.00: The Lions knock on after the line out. Hurricanes scrum.

29.00: The Hurricanes win the scrum and dab the ball into touch on the half way line. The rain has really started to come down again.

30.00: The Lions win the line out and kick the ball ahead. After a fumble Barrett boots the ball back.

31.00: The Lions go through 6 phases and then kick. The ball pops out loose – it’s a scramble for the ball which goes dead. The Lions will have the scrum put in. Inside the Hurricanes 22.

33.00: Ardie Savea called offside so the Lions have a penalty. The Lions choose another scrum.

34.00: Massive scrum from the Hurricanes which wins them the penalty.  Lions should have taken the points. Hurricanes clear.

35.00: The ball is lost behind the Hurricanes but TJ Perenara and Barrett get back and secure the ball. The Hurricanes clear it into touch.

36.00: The Lions have the ball in the Hurricanes 22. They go through 7 phases and get pushed back out. The ball pops out loose and Shields kicks it back to the half way line.

38.00: Lions dominating the territory over the last 10 minutes. They do however concede a penalty for offside and Barrett clears the ball into touch.

39.00: The Lions win the line out. They start their attack from their 22. They kick ahead and the Hurricanes begin the counter attack on the half way line.

40.00: The Hurricanes kick the ball ahead and it finds touch on the Lions 22 as the siren sounds.  Whitely wins the line out and the ball is kicked into touch.

It’s half time. Lions will have the wind at their backs in the second half.

The half time score was Hurricanes 10 Lions 3

The Hurricanes kick off and the second half is underway.

41.00: The Hurricanes make a strong start as they press the Lions back into their 22. The Lions put the ball into touch.

43.00: The Hurricanes win the line out and attack through 13 phases on the Lions 22. The ball goes dead and the Lions will have the put in. Huge blow for the Hurricanes as Dane Coles has to leave the field with the same look of pain when he left the field against the Sharks.

44.00: The Hurricanes win the scrum but there is a knock on.

45.00: Scrum penalty on the Lions 22 to the Lions – against Ben May. The Lions clear.

47.00: The Hurricanes go on the attack in the Lions half. The slowly press the Lions back as they go through the phases.

48.00: The Lions press the Hurricanes back over the half way line and the Canes kick the ball behind the Lions. The Lions get back and counter attack.

51.00: Penalty to the Hurricanes near the half way line. Barrett takes the shot – its low but it’s there.  He knows the stadium so kept the ball low and under the wind. Home advantage.

52.00: Chris Eves is on for Ben May and Vince Aso for Willis Halaholo.

54.00:The Lions knock on near the half way line after a line out. Ricky Riccitelli has taken a blow to the face so has to be wiped down for blood. No team has scored a try against the Hurricanes for 275 minutes as it stands.

55.00: The Hurricanes chip the ball ahead and the ball goes dead. 22 drop. Riccitelli has to come off for blood so Dane Coles has to come back on !

56.00: The Lions restart and the Hurricanes get the ball and attack in the corner. The ball is knocked on in the corner. There is a Lions player down so we will have a break. It’s  Rohan Janse Van Rensburg who got a friendly fire knee to the head. He goes off and Howard Mnisi comes on.

57.00: Penalty to the Lions from the scrum. Jantjies clears the ball into touch.

58.00: Penalty to the Lions after some pressure by the Hurricanes.

60.00: Riccitelli comes back on and Coles is off. The Lions clear the ball into touch. The Hurricanes win the line out and attack out wide. Penalty to the Lions again – holding on.

61.00: The Lions win the line out and work the ball through the phases and just into the Hurricanes half where they win another penalty for offside. The last four penalties have all been against the Hurricanes.

62.00: Jantjies will have a shot at goal. Jantjes take the kick but misses.

65.00: The Hurricanes go through 10 phases and then kick. The Lions go through 2 phases and boot the ball back.

66.00: After broken play from both sides the Lions have the ball on their 22. They try to run it out of their 22 and then kick the ball away. The Hurricanes have a penalty – for a tackle in the air by Whiteley. There is no sanction for Whiteley. Barrett kicks for touch and the line out. He finds touch 10m and Faf de Klerk is replaced by Ross Cronje.

68.00: The Lions fumble the ball at the line out and Barrett pounces and scores. Or does he ? TMO will review. The TRY is awarded !!!!  Riccitelli chipped the ball ahead and Barrett had the pace.

69.00:Barrett nails the conversion. Two tries gifted by the Lions by pressure.

70.00: The Lions win a line out and Mapoe charges towards the line. The Lions are throwing everything at them. The Hurricanes turn the ball over kick it upfield.

72.00; the Lions have the ball but then the Hurricanes turn the ball over and kick it away. Barrett fails to find touch – the Lions counter.

73.00: The Hurricanes turn the ball over and kick well upfield – everyone has to get back and the ball is secured by the Lions 10m out from their line. They kick for touch but don’t find it. The ball is knocked on which gives the players a rest.

74.00: The Lions have the ball on the Hurricanes 5m line.

75.00: After 15 phases the Lions win a penalty for offside. The Lions take the line out. It’s not straight. Mike Kainga on now for Loni Uhila.

77.00: The Hurricanes win the scrum on their 5m line and run the ball.

78.00; Penalty to the Hurricanes. Barrett kicks for touch.

79.00: The Hurricanes win the line out and hold on to the ball. 6 phases.

The crowd are already on their feet for the Hurricanes.

80.00: The siren sounds – penalty to the Hurricanes. They tap it and that’s it the HURRICANES HAVE WON!

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The full time score is Hurricanes 20 (10) Lions 3 (3) 


Tries – C.Jane, B.Barrett
Pen – B.Barrett 2
Con – B.Barett 2
Drop –
Cards –

Tries –
Pen – E.Jantjies
Con –
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Glen Jackson
Assistant Ref 1:Angus Gardner
Assistant Ref 2:Ben O’Keeffe
TMO : Ben Skeen



15 James Marshall , 14 Cory Jane , 13 Matt Proctor , 12 Willis Halaholo , 11 Jason Woodward , 10 Beauden Barrett , 9 TJ Perenara (c) , 8 Victor Vito , 7 Ardie Savea , 6 Brad Shields , 5 Michael Fatialofa , 4 Vaea Fifita , 3 Ben May , 2 Dane Coles (c), 1 Loni Uhila

Replacements: Ricky Riccitelli, Chris Eves, Reggie Goodes/ Michael Kainga, Mark Abbott, Callum Gibbins/Tony Lamborn, Jamison Gibson-Park, Vince Aso, Julian Savea. ,


1 Dylan Smith , 2 Malcolm Marx , 3 Julian Redelinghuys , 4 Andries Ferreira , 5 Franco Mostert , 6 Jaco Kriel , 7 Warwick Tecklenburg , 8 Warren Whiteley (c), 9 Faf De Klerk , 10 Elton Jantjies , 11 Courtnal Skosan , 12 Rohan Janse Van Rensburg , 13 Lionel Mapoe , 14 Ruan Combrinck , 15 Andries Coetzee

Replacements: 16. Armand Van Der Merwe , 17. Corne Fourie , 18. Jacques Van Rooyen , 19. Lourens Erasmus,20. Ruan Ackermann ,21.Ross Cronje,22. Howard Mnisi ,23. Jaco Van Der Walt

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