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Moffett : Super Rugby is an absolute nightmare




One of the chief architects of SANZAR and Super Rugby David Moffett has branded Super Rugby as “also ran” and an “absolute nightmare”.

In 1996 Moffett helped to create SANZAR which has now become SANZAAR (South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina Rugby) through expansion.

Moffett who lives in Canterbury, New Zealand says that SANZAAR’s expansion of Super Rugby has caused the tournament to suffer badly.

With every new TV deal that SANZAAR have signed they have increased the number of teams and most feel that this continual expansion has diluted the product.

Super Rugby began in 1996 with 12 teams but the latest expansion has seen millions of fans turning away from their once beloved Southern Hemisphere tournament.

Over the last five years rugby bodies in France and England have massively increased their money from TV rights and Moffatt says their success is “making Super Rugby and the Pro12 just also rans” as they are now able to pick off the world’s best talent.

Former NZRU Chief Executive Moffatt says that Super Rugby has suffered badly by expanding to include sides from Japan and Argentina.

“Nobody is watching it,” he told Wales Online.

“Nobody understands how it works. Nobody is interested. It’s an absolute nightmare.”

“They chased quantity over quality.”

“They need to go back to 12 teams, four each from New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.”

“If you look at what we started out with, it was fantastic in its time. ”

“It has just gone downhill since they chased quantity over quality,” said the former WRU and NRL Chief Executive.

While SANZAAR did see an increase in rights money with it’s most recent deal, it does not appear to have helped much as attendances and TV figures are well down and all of the Australian teams lost money last year, the Southern Kings are in liquidation and the several other teams are believed to be on the brink.

Earlier this week ARU Boss Bill Pulver revealed that the “long-term financial sustainability of Super Rugby” keeps him awake at night.

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