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Highlanders beat Brumbies at Invercargill

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Article Published: Friday 1 April 2011|

The Brumbies have won the last four clashes between them and the Highlanders and the last time the Highlanders hosted the Brumbies in Invercargill the Brumbies won 9-15 in 1997.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The Brumbies are on the field. The Highlanders are now on the field.
1.00: Stu Dickinson gives the go ahead and the Highlanders kick off.
2.00:The Brumbies show an early intent to move the ball around. The Highlanders knock on. The Highlanders then give away a free kick at the scrum. The Brumbies run the ball but the Highlanders (Donnelly) intercept and they attack. Eventually they get pushed out. Brumbies win the line out and Toomua kicks it downfield to safety.
4.00: Lots of attack from the Highlanders who have the Brumbies pinned back in their 25. The Brumbies turn the ball over and Giteau kicks upfield and finds touch.
6.00: Brumbies win a scrum but they get shoved well back. They manage to clear the ball and Speight breaks and the Brumbies show some good hands in passing but the final pass goes out.
8.00: The Brumbies are getting stronger. They get the ball into the Highlanders half and then as they press forward the Brumbies win a penalty. Giteau will kick for posts.
9.00: Giteau takes the kick and misses. Still 0-all
11.00: Brumbies hold on to the ball after the restart. They move the ball around well and have been changing players around in their positions. It makes them hard to read. The ball rolls out.
12.00:Brumbies still attacking well but they lose the ball forward. Kimlin is almost spear tackled.
14.00: Penalty to the Brumbies. Salvi goes to the bloodbin. Giteau takes the kick and misses again.
15.00: Wow, Kade Poki breaks through the Brumbies defence and races away, he gets a pass away and a Brumbies hand to in and it goes to ground, Cowan regathers and sees space out wide and kicks, Rutledge goes for the ball picks it up and scores! The conversion is missed.
17.00: Wow again. The Highlanders win the ball from the restart, they run it, Poki gets over the gainline and he passes to Smith who goes down but gets the ball out and Rutledge picks it up and scores! Two tries in two minutes.
18.00: Slade bangs over the conversion.
20.00: There is a break in play for an injury to Alando Soakai. The game resumes.
23.00: Salvi comes back on from the blood bin.
24.00: Highlanders working the ball well in the Brumbies half. Cowan is interfered with at the back of the ruck so there is a penalty to the Highlanders. Slade takes the penalty kick and slots it.
27.00: Highlander Smith chases the ball and regathers and slides into the posts and padding. The call is carried over so the Brumbies have an attacking scrum. The first scrum has to be reset.
30.00: The Brumbies get the ball out and attack but they meet a wall of defence. The Highlanders knock on and the Brumbies get another 5m attacking scrum.
31.00: The Brumbies run the ball at the Highlanders and Matt Giteau takes the inside line and dashes through it and catches the Highlanders wrongfooted and scores!
31.00: Giteau takes his own conversion and slots it.
35.00: The Highlanders are keeping the Brumbies pinned back with the boot. Brumbies look happy to attack by running at the Highlanders.
38.00: The Brumbies have probably enjoyed more territory and possession in the half. The Highlanders have just scored when it counted.
39.00: The Highlanders concede a penalty so Mackintosh talks to his players as Christian Lealiifano replaces Giteau as penalty kicker. he misses and it's half time.
The half time score was Highlanders 15 Brumbies 7
The second half is underway.
41.00: Toomua kicks off for the Burmbies but the Brumbies give away a free kick so the Highlanders get to kick for territtory.
43.00: The Brumbies are under lots of pressure early on. They attack and Toomua passes but Poki picks it up and the Highlanders run the ball into the Brumbies half.
44.00: Colin Slade hits the deck and injures himself. He is in pain and comes off injured. Tony Brown is on.
46.00: Highlanders are holding on to the ball much more this half. After 7 phases of attack in the Brumbies 25 they win a penalty. They will kick for posts.
47.00: Tony Brown takes in quickly and slots it.
49.00: The Brumbies burst into life. They get the ball into the Highlanders 25, Toomua darts for the line but is tackled by Chris King and Cowan kicks the ball away. Penalty however to the Brumbies.
50.00: Giteau takes the kick and slots it.
54.00: James Paterson comes on to the wing for the Highlanders who are well in control of this match.
56.00: Jimmy Cowan goes down injured so the game is held up for a moment. He soldiers on.
58.00: The Brumbies attack in the Highlanders half. They enjoy some good ball and good phase play. The Highlanders turn the ball over and Cowan kicks the ball - straight into the back of his captain's head!
59.00: Brumbies are starting to look like the stronger team. The Highlanders had the bye last week - they might be fading.
60.00: Tom Donnelly comes off and Josh Bekhuis comes on.
61.00: The Highlanders attack and Matt Toomua and Kade Poki clash heads as Poki runs. Toomua goes straight down.
64.00: Plenty of running from the Brumbies now. They run the ball from their 25m line all the way to the Highlanders 25m line and then concede a penalty. The Highlanders kick for touch.
65.00: Kade Poki has been immense for the Highlanders who win a penalty. Tony Brown takes the kick and slots it.
66.00: Jimmy Cowan comes off.
67.00: Penalty to the Brumbies. Tony Brown is also shown a yellow card.
68.00: Instead of kicking the Brumbies run the ball. They throw everything at the Highlanders and Andrew Smith scores.
69.00: Matt Giteau takes the kick and misses.
72.00: The Highlanders burst into attack. They get to about 15 m out. They recycle and hammer away at the Brumbies. Phase after phase.
74.00: With a man down the Highlanders just can't get though. They get to the line. Eventually they drive over the line and Jamie Mackintosh scores! They actually did that with 13 men as one Highlanders was being bandaged on the field.
75.00: The converson is missed.
77.00: The Brumbies are not done. They work the ball into the Highlanders half and out of the blue Patrick Phibbs moves around a ruck and scores.
78.00: Giteau takes the conversion but misses.  
79.00: The Highlanders win the ball from a scrum and Smith boots it out. The Highlanders win.
The final score is Highlanders 26 Brumbies 20

Tries - J Rutledge 2, J Mackintosh
Pen - C Slade, T Brown 2
Con - C Slade
Drop -
Cards - T Brown (67) Yellow

Tries - M Giteau, A Smith, P Phibbs
Pen - M Giteau
Con - M Giteau 
Drop -
Cards -

Match Officials
Referee: Stuart Dickinson (Australia)
Assistant referee: Garratt Williamson (New Zealand), Kane McBride (New Zealand)
Television match official: Keith Brown (New Zealand)


Highlanders: Jamie Mackintosh (c), Jason Rutledge, Chris King, Jarrad Hoeata, Tom Donnelly, Adam Thomson, Alando Soakai, Nasi Manu, Jimmy Cowan,Colin Slade, Siale Piutau, Shaun Treeby, Kendrick Lynn, Kade Poki , Ben Smith.

Reserves :16. Mo Schwalger 17. Halani Aulika ,18.Josh Bekhuis, 19.Nick Crosswell , 20. Aaron Smith , 21. Tony Brown , 22. James Paterson

Brumbies , 1. Ben Alexander , 2. Huia Edmonds , 3. Salesi Maafu , 4. Ben Hand , 5. Mark Chisholm , 6. Peter Kimlin , 7. Julian Salvi , 8. Ita Vaea , 9. Josh Valentine , 10. Matt Giteau , 11. Adam Ashley-Cooper , 12. Christian Lealiifano , 13. Andrew Smith , 14. Henry Speight , 15. Matt Toomua

Reserves , 16. Anthony Hegarty , 17. Dan Palmer , 18. Colby Faingaa , 19. Michael Hooper , 20. Patrick Phibbs , 21. Tyrone Smith , 22. Franky Fainifo

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