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Crusaders beat Stormers in Cape Town

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Article Published: Saturday 30 March 2013|

Out of the last thirteen Super Rugby matches between the Stormers and the Crusaders the Crusaders have won eleven and the Stormers two.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The teams are coming out on to the field. The Crusaders are playing in a new white kit.
The Stormers kick off and we are underway.
2.00: Tyler Bleyendaal finds touch for the Crusaders and sets up a line out. The Crusaders win the line out and snipe for the corner. The attack is ferocious but they just get pushed into touch in the corner.
3.00: The Crusaders keep driving the Stormers back.  Willi Heinz finds touch with a kick downfield. The Stormers win this line out though and Pietersen kicks the ball into touch.
5.00: The Stormers are putting in some huge tackles and forcing the Crusaders to knock on in the tackles. The touch judge comes in to report that Owen Franks came through the breakdown and held a player so the Stormers get a penalty. They kick for touch.
9.00: The Stormers win a penalty in front of the posts after a Crusaders tried to play the ball after a knock on. Pietersen nails the penalty. The Stormers lead.  
11.00: The Crusaders get thumped in the tackle again and they knock on which allows the Stormers to attack. They can't get through so they kick for touch.
13.00: Penalty to the Stormers. Jantjies kicks for the corner to set up a line out.
14.00: Stormers win the line out and set up the maul. Siya Kolisi is driven over for the TRY!
15.00: Pietersen takes the conversion but misses.
18.00: Crusaders stringing the phases together but then the Stormers turn it over and they attack. They get nowhere so they kick to Crotty who punts it back. Deon Fourie gets some help from the medics which holds the game up. Owen Franks has come off with a rib injury.
20.00: Crusaders going through the phases on attack and moving the ball around freely but making little ground. 11 phases and they make almost no ground. The ball pops out of ruck and the Stormers run it. Gerhard van den Heever races away but the Crusaders catch him. The Stormers recyle and then the Crusaders are blown up for not rolling away.  Penalty for the Stormers.
22.00: Pietersen nails the penalty as Johnny McNicholl gets some medical help. He will be stretchered off and Adam Whitelock comes on. Twisted knee joint.
23.00: Bleyendaal restarts the match after the penalty. The Stormers take the ball out. The Crusaders win the line out but knock on.
25.00: Tom Marshall slips through the Stormers defence but is caught, the Crusaders recycle and then go again and again and then Matt Todd finds a gap and scores under the posts. TRY!
26.00: Bleyendaal adds the conversion.
28.00: The Stormers concede a penalty for playing the ball on the ground. Bleyendaal takes the shot but misses.
29.00: Matt Todd makes another break and gets into space with Willi Heinz, however he fails to pass and gets caught. The Crusaders recycle and go through the phases making ground. Penalty to the Crusaders for not releasing in the tackle.
30.00: Bleyendaal adds the penalty. Momentum has shifted towards the Crusaders.
35.00: The game has really slowed down as the Stormers have tried to halt the Crusaders momentum.
36.00: Penalty against Deon Fourie at the ruck for the Crusaders. Bleyendaal will kick for posts.
37.00: Bleyendaal takes the kick and curls it in. The Crusaders take the lead.
38.00: Crusaders knock forward on the half way line. The Stormers have a scrum on the half way line. The win the scrum and kick but Crotty takes the mark. The half time siren sounds. It's half time.
The half time score was Stormers 11 Crusaders 13
The Crusaders kick off and we are underway.
42.00: The Crusaders kick into the wind and get the ball behind the Stormers. The Stormers reply by kicking the ball out.
43.00: The Crusaders mess up the line out so the Stormers have a scrum. They win the ball and kick way downfield.
45.00: Andries Bekker concedes a penalty for holding back Tom Marshall. The Crusaders kick four touch. They win the line out and set up the maul.
46.00: Crusaders go through the phases on attack slowly gaining ground. They get to the 5m line and keep going. 17 phases.  19 phases. 21 phases. Guildford gets the Crusaders to about 1m out. 23 phases. 25 phases.
48.00: Crusaders drive over the line on the 26th phase but they are held up. We go back for a penalty. Bleyendaal kicks for the corner.
52.00: The Crusaders are camped in the Stormers 25  about 5m out. The Crusaders attack but the Stormers get a toe to the ball and De Jongh chases.
53.00: The TMO is called in to check a lifting tackle. Duane Vermeulen  is shown a yellow card for lifting Zac Guildford over the horizontal.
54.00: Bleyendaal slots the penalty.
56.00: Penalty to the Stormers for going off the feet. Pietersen will kick for posts. He nails it to cut the gap. Elton Jantjies comes off and Aplon comes off for Taute.
59.00: The Crusaders win a scrum and force the Stormers to kick the ball out in their 22. The Crusaders win the line out and attack. Crotty makes ground but loses the ball and the Stormers kick downfield.
62.00: The Stormers are preventing the Crusaders from getting their momentum going. They are arguably playing better with 14 than they did with 15. The Crusaders pressure however forces the Stormers to kick the ball but they fail to find touch so the Crusaders attack.
65.00: The Crusaders go through 12 phases but the last pass is low and it goes to a Crusaders foot. The Stormers kick the ball downfield and Vermeulen comes back on.
65.00: Jordan Taufua comes on for Luke Whitelock. The Crusaders keep pinning the Stormers back in their 22.
68.00: The Crusaders knock on in the Stormers 22. Possession is 79% to the Crusaders for the second half.
69.00: Scrum penalty to the Crusaders in the Stormers 22. Bleyendaal will kick. He takes the shot and nail it.
73.00: The Stormers get the ball down in to the Crusaders half. They set up a line out but the Crusaders win it. They kick downfield.
74.00: The Stormers win a penalty. They kick for touch and then win the line out. They get to the 5m line but the Crusaders defend.
75.00: The Stormers send the ball down the line but Jean de Villiers drops the ball .... backwards so the attack continues until the ball goes dead in a maul.  The Crusaders get the put in at the next scrum.
77.00: Crusaders win the scrum and kick the ball out. Marshall's kick is poor so the Stormers get a line out and a chance to attack. They win the line out and they start going through the phases.
78.00: The Stormers send wave after wave of attack at the Crusaders. The ball pops out of a ruck but we go back for a penalty to the Stormers. Gerhard van den Heever is down so Martin Bezuidenhout comes on.
79.00: Van den Heever is helped off the field. The Stormers take the quick tap for the penalty.
80.00: The siren goes. The Crusaders throw everything into defence. The Crusaders push the Stormers out. That's it. Crusaders win!
The full time score  is Stormers 14 Crusaders 19


Tries - S. Kolisi
Pen - J Pietersen 3
Con -
Drop -
Cards - D. Vermeulen (54th min yellow)

Tries - M. Todd.
Pen - T.Bleyendaal 4
Con - T.Bleyendaal
Drop -
Cards -

Match Officials
Craig Joubert
Assistant Ref 1:Stuart Berry
Assistant Ref 2:Linston Manuels
TMO : Shaun Veldsman



15. Joe Pietersen , 14. Gio Aplon , 13. Juan de Jongh , 12. Jean de Villiers (captain) , 11. Gerhard van den Heever , 10. Elton Jantjies , 9. Dewaldt Duvenage , 8. Duane Vermeulen (vice-captain) , 7. Rynhardt Elstadt , 6. Siya Kolisi , 5. Andries Bekker , 4. De Kock Steenkamp , 3. Frans Malherbe , 2. Deon Fourie , 1. Pat Cilliers

Reserves: , 16. Martin Bezuidenhout , 17. Brok Harris , 18. Don Armand , 19. Nizaam Carr , 20. Nic Groom , 21. Damian de Allende , 22. Jaco Taute


1. Wyatt Crockett, 2. Corey Flynn, 3. Owen Franks, 4. Luke Romano, 5. Samuel Whitelock, 6. George Whitelock (c), 7. Matt Todd, 8. Luke Whitelock, 9. Willi Heinz, 10. Tyler Bleyendaal, 14. Johnny McNicholl, 12. Ryan Crotty, 13. Robbie Fruean, 11. Zac Guildford, 15. Tom Marshall

Replacements : 16. Ben Funnell 17. Joe Moody 18. Dominic Bird 19. Jordan Taufua 20. Andy Ellis 21. Adam Whitelock 22. Shane Christie

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