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Crusaders beat Rebels in Christchurch

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Article Published: Saturday 27 April 2013|

The Crusaders and Melbourne Rebels have only played each other once before as they missed out on facing each other 2011.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.
The teams are coming out on to the field.
1.00: The Rebels kick off and we are underway. Great kick off for the Rebels as they get the ball back and start their attack.
2.00: The Rebels move the ball fluidly towards the Crusaders line. They get to about 10m out and the ball pops out. The Crusaders kick ahead and chase. Matt Todd makes huge ground. After a couple of recycles Zac Guildford goes over to score the first TRY in the corner. Classic Crusaders counter attack TRY!
3.00: Tom Taylor misses the conversion.
4.00: Great restart from the Rebels and Caderyn Neville almost goes over in the corner. The ball goes out and then the Crusaders win the line out and kick downfield.
6.00: The Rebels enjoy plenty of possession and continuity on attack but then they knock on. Rebels possession at 91%.
9.00: The Crusaders win a scrum on the half way line. They move the ball to the wing, Guildford chips ahead and chases and the Rebels have to take the ball into touch.5m Line out for the Crusaders.
10.00: Crusaders win the line out. They move the ball to the middle of the field slowly edging forward. The ball goes dead so we have a Crusaders 5m scrum.
12.00: The Crusaders win the scrum and Tyler Bleyendaal slips straight through the Rebels, brushing off James O'Connor's tackle and scores. TRY!
13.00: Tom Taylor adds the conversion.
15.00: Nick Phipps makes a break down the wing but he has to chip ahead. The ball bounces badly and rolls out.
17.00: Crusaders on attack again. However they go off their feet and the Rebels win a penalty in their half.
19.00: The Rebels win their line out and set up their attack. The Crusaders defence is strong so the attack is flat. O'Connor makes some ground and the Rebels start to make ground. Penalty in front of the posts for the Rebels as Whitelock was offside. O'Connor will kick.
20.00: O'Connor slots the penalty and the Rebels are on the board.
23.00: The Rebels win a line out inside their 22, the Rebels keep the ball moving forward, Cooper Vuna makes a break and the Rebels continue to drive forward and then Scott Higginbotham goes over to score. TRY!
24.00: James O'Connor misses the conversion.
26.00: The Rebels are playing with confidence now. O'Connor kicks ahead but fails to find touch, the Crusaders kick it back and the Rebels run the ball. They get to the Crusaders 22 but concede a penalty for coming in from the side. Crusaders kick for touch.
27.00: The Rebels win a penalty on the half way line after a Crusaders line out. O'Connor kicks for touch.
28.00: The Crusaders win the line out and Willi Heinz kicks way downfield. Rebels line out 10m out from their tryline.
31.00: The Rebels win a line out in their 22, O'Connor makes the initial break and then Neville makes another. Tom Marshall makes a great tackle to stop the break but injures himself in the process. Bleyendaal kicks for touch.
34.00: Ben Funnell comes on for Corey Flynn. No clear reason why just yet. Vuna goes for a high ball, takes it but concedes a penalty for not releasing. Taylor will kick for posts.
35.00: Taylor slots the penalty.
37.00: Bleyendaal kicks ahead but the ball goes beyond the dead ball line. Rebels scrum. The Rebels then win a penalty from the scrum so James O'Connor will kick for posts.
38.00: O'Connor takes the shot and he nails it.
39.00: Luke Romano makes a break and when he is brought to ground the Rebels concede a penalty. Tom Taylor lines up for the kick.
40.00: The siren sounds and Taylor nails the penalty. It's half time.
The half time score was Crusaders 18 Rebels 11
The second half is underway. The wind has picked up and is behind the Rebels.
41.00: The Rebels on full attack early on. they get the ball to about 10m out and the Crusaders turn the ball over and Taylor kicks it out but fails to find touch. The Rebels attack again and win a penalty.
43.00: O'Connor will kick for posts. He takes the shot and he nails it.
46.00: The Crusaders try to attack but the Rebels defence is committed and pushes the Crusaders sideways.
47.00: Scrum penalty to the Crusaders. Taylor will kick for posts. He takes the shot and nails it.
50.00: James O'Connor makes a break and slips through the Crusaders. The support comes and the Rebels get to 2m out. The Crusaders defend and get the ball and kick it back. The Rebels get back and they get the ball to James O'Connor who breaks again and slips through four tackles and reaches for the line and scores. Brilliant TRY!
51.00: Jason Woodward misses the conversion. Andy Ellis comes on for Willi Heinz.
53.00: The Rebels can smell blood. After the restart they attack again and get close to the line, the Crusaders have to take the ball out. The Rebels win the line out and snipe in the corner. It looks like another try - Ged Robinson over in the corner. TRY!
55.00: James O'Connor takes the conversion slots it. Dan Carter comes on for Tyler Bleyendaal. Rebels lead.
57.00: Penalty to the Rebels in their half. Ben Funnell offside. Jason Woodward takes the kick. He misses.
61.00: The Crusaders are trying to take control of the game and holding on to the ball. They win a penalty for obstruction. Tom Taylor will kick for posts.
62.00: Taylor slots the penalty to cut the gap a little.
65.00: The Crusaders are holding on to the ball more. Their attack is flat though. The Crusaders don't release the ball so the Rebels win a penalty.
67.00: Jason Woodward's penalty is a mess as he was looking for territory but kicked it out on the full so we have a scrum. The Crusaders have gone to the bench to try and spark something.
68.00: The Crusaders power wheels the scrum and win a penalty. Tom Taylor will kick for posts. He "JUST" nails it. The Crusaders lead.
70.00: The Rebels concede another scrum penalty. The Crusaders kick for touch as it's in their half.
72.00: Penalty to the Crusaders for not behind the last players feet. Crusaders kic for touch.  
74.00: The Crusaders win the line out and attack. They get in front of the posts in the Rebels 22. They get to 5m out and have a penalty advantage and continue to drive for the line. They can't get through so we go back for the penalty.
76.00: Tom Taylor slots the penalty. Crusaders edging ahead.
78.00: The Rebels are throwing everything into their final chance. They are on the Crusaders 22 but the Crusaders have the ball.
80.00: The Crusaders win a penalty and kick for touch. We have just enough time for the line out. The Crusaders win the line out and kick the ball out and win.
That's it.
The full time score  is Crusaders 30 (18) Rebels 26 (11)


Tries - Z.Guildford, T.Bleyendaal.
Pen - T.Taylor 6
Con - T.Taylor
Drop -
Cards -

Tries - S.Higginbotham, J.O'Connor, G. Robinson
Pen -J.O'Connor 3
Con -
Drop -
Cards -

Match Officials
Nick Briant
Assistant Ref 1:Garratt Williamson
Assistant Ref 2:Kane McBride
TMO : Vinny Munro



1. Joe Moody 2. Corey Flynn 3. Owen Franks ,4. Luke Romano ,5. Sam Whitelock ,6. George Whitelock (c) ,7. Matt Todd,8. Luke Whitelock ,9. Willi Heinz ,10. Tyler Bleyendaal ,11. Zac Guildford ,12. Tom Taylor ,13. Ryan Crotty ,14. Tom Marshall ,15. Israel Dagg

Replacements : 16. Ben Funnell 17. Wyatt Crockett 18. Dominic Bird 19. Jordan Taufua 20. Andy Ellis 21.Dan Carter. 22. Adam Whitelock

Melbourne Rebels

1. Nic Henderson, 2. Ged Robinson, 3. Laurie Weeks, 4. Hugh Pyle, 5. Cadeyrn Neville, 6. Jarrod Saffy, 7. Scott Fuglistaller, 8. Scott Higginbotham (c), 9. Nick Phipps, 10. James O'Connor, 11. Cooper Vuna, 12. Rory Sidey, 13. Mitch Inman, 14. Tom English, 15. Jason Woodward

Replacements 16. Shota Horie, 17. Paul Alo-Emile, 18. Luke Jones, 19. Gareth Delve, 20. Nic Stirzaker, 21. Angus Roberts, 22. Lachlan Mitchell.

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