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Force beat Brumbies in Perth

Live Super Rugby scoring

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Article Published: Saturday 13 July 2013|

The Brumbies have already qualified for the Super Rugby play offs and they have won the Australian Super Rugby Conference.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.
Christian Lealiifano kicks off to get the match underway but the ball out on the full.
3.00: The scrums struggle to get the match going on the half way line. Salesi Ma'afu goes off for blood and is replaced by Salesi Man. Ma'afu was a late replacement for  Kieran Longbottom
4.00: The Force win a scrum and start their attack on the Reds 22.
8.00: The Force are dominating territory keeping the Brumbies pinned back in their half 76 % of territory and possession to the Force. The Brumbies win a penalty and kick for touch.  
12.00: Time in opposition territory is 71% for the Force. The Brumbies win a ball from the line out and they attack. Almost immediately they get to the Force's 5m line. The Force take the ball out so the Brumbies have a 5m line out.
13.00: Brumbies win the line out and drive for the line. They can't get over but the Force have a 5m scrum.
14.00: The Force win the scrum and kick the ball to safety.
18.00: The Force attack and get the ball to the Brumbies 5m line with a kick and chase. They keep up the pressure and the Brumbies concede a penalty.
20.00: Jaden Hayward takes the penalty kick and misses.
21.00: The Force kick through with a grubber again. The Brumbies concede a penalty at the breakdown and the Force take it quickly and Matt Hodgson goes over for the opening TRY!
23.00: Jayden Hayward slots the conversion.
26.00: The Force are keeping the Brumbies pinned back in their half. This time a clearance kick from Alby Mathewson sends them back downfield.
33.00: Penalty to the Brumbies. They will kick for posts. Christian Lealiifano takes the shot and slots it. The Brumbies are on the board.
35.00: Sam Wykes makes a break for the Western Force, he is caught but the support comes and gets the ball to the 5m line. The Brumbies push them back a little but the Force continue to recycle and go through the phases until Ben Jacobs goes over. The TMO will check. Forward pass so the Brumbies have a scrum.
38.00: The Force have the ball on the Brumbies 5m line. The Brumbies knock on so the Force have a scrum in front of the posts.
39.00: Scrum penalty for the Force. Mathewson takes the quick tap and passes to  Ben McCalman who goes over and scores. TRY!
40.00: Jayden Hayward slots the conversion. It is half time.
The half time score was Force 14 Brumbies 3
The Force kick off and we are underway with the second half.
43.00: The Brumbies are looking to run the ball more this half. They are holding on to it rather than kicking away.
44.00: The Brumbies lose the ball in play (knock on). That's 12 handling errors so far.
45.00: The Force win a scrum after the Brumbies knock on and Nick Cummins slips through the defence and and takes Junior Rasolea with him and he races for the line and scores under the posts. TRY!
46.00: Hayward adds the conversion.
48.00: The Brumbies have woken up. They get the ball to the 5m line and move the ball across the field quickly and Tevita Kuridrani goes over for the TRY!
49.00: Christian Lealiifano slots the conversion and George Smith comes on to the field.
52.00: There is a late tackle call by the TMO. The game is held up while we check. There is nothing in it so the game resumes.
57.00: Penalty to the Force. Matt Hodgson points to the corner as they want the try.
58.00: The Force win the line out as Ben McCalman takes the ball and he passes to James Hilterbrand who loses the ball as he scores. The TMO checks. No try. 5m scrum.
59.00: The Force win another penalty. It's kickable so Hayward will take the kick. He misses.
64.00: Sam Wykes has taken a knock on his ankle after a tackle by George Smith. Wykes limps off the field and Toby Lynn comes on.
66.00: The Force concede a penalty and George Smith takes a quick tap and passes to Scott Fardy who powers over for the Brumbies second TRY! Hugh McMeniman has taken a knock on his neck and head so the game is paused while the medics attend to him.
68.00: Mcmeniman is stretchered off as Lealiffano takes a penalty kick. He misses.
72.00: The Force knock on so the Brumbies have a scrum just inside their half. They win a penalty from the scrum so Jesse Mogg kicks for touch but doesn't find it. The Force kick it back.
75.00: The Brumbies are running out of time. The Force are happy to keep playing in the Brumbies half.
77.00: Penalty to the Force. This could cost the Brumbies a bonus point.
79.00: Jayden Hayward takes the kick - and his time - he misses. The Brumbies don't dot the ball down and throw it forward - which makes it a forward pass as it wasn't grounded. The Force have a 5m scrum.
80.00: The Brumbies win the scrum and kick the ball out. That's it.
The full time score is Force 21 (14) Brumbies 15 (3)


Tries - M.Hodgson,  B.McCalman, J. Rasolea
Pen -
Con - J.Hayward 3
Drop -
Cards -

Tries - T.Kuridrani, S. Fardy
Pen - C.Lealiifano
Con - C.Lealiifano
Drop -
Cards -

Match Officials
: Rohan Hoffmann
Assistant Ref 1:Ian Smith
Assistant Ref 2:Damien Mitchelmore
TMO : Matt Goddard



1. Pek Cowan, 2. James Hilterbrand, 3. Salesi Ma'afu, 4. Sam Wykes, 5. Hugh McMeniman, 6. Matt Hodgson (c), 7.Chris Alcock, 8. Ben McCalman, 9. Alby Mathewson, 10. Sias Ebersohn, 11. Nick Cummins, 12. Junior Rasolea, 13.Ben Jacobs, 14. Patrick Dellit, 15. Jayden Hayward.

Replacements: 16. Ben Whittaker, 17. Salesi Manu, 18. Toby Lynn, 19. Richard Brown, 20. Brett Sheehan, 21. Sam Norton-Knight, 22. Sam Christie.


1. Scott Sio,2. Stephen Moore,3. Ben Alexander,4. Scott Fardy,5. Sam Carter,6. Peter Kimlin,7. Colby Faingaa,8. Ben Mowen,9. Ian Prior,10. Matt Toomua,11. Joe Tomane,12. Christian Lealiifano,13. Tevita Kuridrani,14. Henry Speight,15. Jesse Mogg

Replacements:16. Siliva Siliva,17. Ruan Smith,18. Fotu Auelua,19. George Smith,20. Robbie Coleman,21. Andrew Smith,22. Mark Swanepoel.

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