Nucifora annoyed over new law additions


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Blues coach David Nucifora has slammed a decision to increase the number of experimental law variations (ELV’s) to be used in the Super 14 in the hours leading up to his team’s inter-squad pre-season trial that took place in Auckland.

Referee Steve Walsh apparently handed Nucifora and the coaching staff of the Blues development squad an upgraded list of ELV’s just an hour before kick-off.

The list had 10 laws on it including two new variations that Sanzar had originally opted not to trial when they made the decision on which rules would be trialed this season.

“They added a couple more laws in. That staggers me.” he told Yahoo!Xtra.

“Walshie (Steve Walsh) brought me a bit of paper before the game with two more laws on it. I don’t know who is responsible for that.

“They were two things that would have (been) agreed that weren’t going to happen. Now at this late stage they have decided to throw them back out there for us all to digest in an hour or two.

“It (would be) nice to be given a bit more time to prepare. They won’t have a massive effect on the game and the way it is played, but they will have an effect. You want forewarning to prepare.”

The result however did not have a negative effect on the Blues because they won the match 44-10.

“I don’t know whether it was a matter of it being a trial game that turns out like that or an effect of the laws. I think it was a bit of both,” he said.

“That first 40 minutes was just frantic, it was mayhem out there for that first 40 minutes. The ball was continually in play. It was a game of frantic sevens.

“Again a bit of that is the nature of the trial and the first run. Even at halftime we spoke about having to get a bit more structure in the game, it was just crazy there for 40 minutes.”

Overall Nucifora was not very pleased and said that the 80-minute exercise had probably posed more questions than answered them.

“You just have to try and work out where the game is going to go and how much of a realistic guide that was.”


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