Shark Tank sold out for Super 14 final


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Who would have thought, or believed rather two years ago, that The Absa Stadium Durban would be sold out a week before a match ‘ 54 000 seats? How can we ever try to explain to loyal passionate fans that there are simply no seats left in the stadium for sale?

How is everyone thanked for the ongoing support? ‘The only way is to deliver a trophy, and I can assure you that the Sharks will be going all out to do just that this Saturday’, says Coach Dick Muir and Sharks management and players.

‘We will never forget our passionate Sharks fans who have lifted us game after game. Those loyal supporters who have filled the stadium seats match after match, growing in confidence with every win, relentless in commitment. This season has certainly been about what’s in the boot. The men who fill them today, and the men who will fill them tomorrow’, echoes Brian van Zyl, Sharks CEO.

Today Monday 14 May, The Absa Stadium Durban was sold out for the 2007 Super 14 Final by 11am. Thanks to a season of awesome rugby, we sit on the pinnacle of a Sharks and South African Rugby record, not to mention the few already under the belt as of Saturday.


Every single ticket is sold out.


What a wonderful position to be in / problem? I hope not for any loyal fan who wants the best for The Sharks! Those selfsame passionate supporters who have swelled in numbers and snapped up every available ticket ‘ we salute you.

Says van Zyl, ‘We understandably have a few disgruntled fans, who have been unable to get Super 14 final tickets. We apologise if you have stood in queues, in the hot sun, and come away empty handed. But we have no doubt that you will share in this incredible moment with your favourite sons of rugby.

‘What needs to be understood is that the season ticket office at The Absa stadium Durban is, and was not the only outlet for ticket sales. To accommodate sponsors, suite-holders, and the general public, the sale of tickets was spread a lot wider.”

In addition to the ticket office, tickets were sold out of the Sharks administration offices, Computicket nationally, by our own staff, management, players, Woodburn Pietermaritzburg and hospitality. Tickets were also allocated to sponsors, SA Rugby and the Bulls who attract a fair amount of travelling support.

No rough calculation can begin to understand the wide infrastructure that saw 23 416 additional tickets enter the public domain in a matter of a few hours. Add our 15 000 season tickets, 12 300 to suite-holders and a further ‘ 4 000 sold to stake-holders, supporters clubs, players and sponsors and it is easy to see why it is a sell out! Remember ticket touting is not in the spirit of the game, so please report any activity and be aware of forgeries.

There is no doubt there are many ardent fans who must be kicking themselves for not purchasing season tickets throughout the season. This would have guaranteed a Super 14 final ticket, the Test match against the All Blacks and of course the Currie Cup. Don’t be in the same position again. From the players, management and coaching staff at The Sharks, we extend a massive Thank You and we know everyone will be wearing Sharks gear on Saturday, no matter where you watch the game.


Sharks Media Release.

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