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ARU to crack down on ticket scalpers




The Australian Rugby Union will crack down on scalpers this season to improve access to Qantas Wallaby Test tickets for genuine Rugby fans.

With tickets for the Bundaberg Rum Rugby Series going on sale today and tomorrow, the ARU has warned scalpers and profiteers that ticketing terms and conditions have been strengthened to prohibit the sale of tickets via the internet or other medium, regardless of the price.

ARU CEO and Managing Director Gary Flowers said the new terms will free up more tickets for legitimate fans by preventing people from profiteering at the expense of genuine Rugby fans.

“The upcoming Bundaberg Rum Rugby Series is set to be the biggest season for the Wallabies in many years.

“There will be very strong demand for tickets to all Tests and the ARU wants to ensure that genuine fans are not denied the opportunity to attend by people who are only out to make a profit from scalping tickets.”

“We are taking the Bledisloe Cup Test to Brisbane this year, and after a ten year wait, Queenslanders deserve the chance to see the Wallabies.

“However, with Suncorp Stadium being 28,000 seats smaller than Sydney’s Telstra Stadium, it will make this Test one of the highest demand events in Australia this year, including the Rolling Stones and U2.

“We set our ticket prices at a level that makes them affordable, so that families have the best possible chance to see Australia’s national winter team.

“We recognise that genuine Rugby fans sometimes need to offload tickets due to a change in their circumstances. In most cases, these people simply sell their tickets to family, friends or work colleagues which is something we have always been comfortable with, as long as they are not being sold above the face value.

“People with this legitimate need rarely use online sites or newspaper classifieds because they are not looking to make a profit.

“However we won’t hesitate to crack down on people who are simply buying tickets to turn a quick buck.

“People should be warned against buying a ticket from a scalper or from an online auction site.

“You don’t want to arrive at the turnstile to find that the ticket has been cancelled and you are denied entry.

“We have spoken to the classified sections of the major newspapers who have shown an understanding of this issue.”

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