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Report slating ELVs handed to ARU boss O’Neill



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Australian Rugby Union boss John O’Neill has been presented with a damning 10-page report on the IRB’s experimental law variations (ELVs).

O’Neill is one of the ELVs’ biggest fans and has defended their inclusion in rugby’s various tournaments around the globe.

The ELVs which have been brought in for a global trial which started on August the 1st, have been heavily knocked in a report overseen by former Wallaby Dick Marks.

Marks, a member of the Queensland Rugby Union’s board, has penned a report titled The Other Side of the Coin.

The report is heavily critical of the ELVs, including; questioning the decision-making of referees, claiming they had turned rugby into a “kick-fest”, were ruining the ruck and had failed to deliver on improving rugby as an entertainment spectacle.

He also took aim at the ELVs’ backers in his report.

“Most of the people that have publicly supported these laws are part of the extended ARU PR machine,” his report is quoted by Yahoo!Xtra.

“It’s useless getting comments from players who say the laws are wonderful.

“No player on $300,000 will get up and say, ‘I hate them’. They’ll be toeing the official ARU line.

“I want the other side of the coin presented to the public.”

The damning report comes just a few weeks after former test referee Paul Honiss aired his concerns of the ELVs.

Honiss said that the ELVs were not delivering much of what they had promised to deliver and added that referees were clearly both struggling to implement them and enjoy their job under the ELVs.

Almost from day one O’Neill has faced opposition from the Northern Hemisphere who say that he is trying to change the fundamentals of rugby making it more like Rugby League because the Rugby Union sport is struggling in Australia compared to League.

Other opinions that have been aired say that O’Neill believes the experimental laws will help the Wallabies negate the forward strength of the likes of England and France.

South Africa recently announced that they want the Super 14 in 2009 to be played under the global trial rules and not the set of ELVs being backed by O’Neill.

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