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Pay cut for Wallabies in 2009


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The global credit crunch has hit the Wallabies top players who who were expecting to receive $12,374 per Test match appearance this year and have now taken a pay cut.

The Wallabies will now receive $874.00 less per appearance according to the Rugby Union Players Association (RUPA).

In 2008 the Wallabies received $11,875 per Test and were expecting a 4.2 per cent increase for 2009, but after the global economy went into meltdown , RUPA agreed to forego the pay rise, with players to receive $11,500 each appearance.

The cut in pay is only for the 2009 year and it is expected that Test match payments to return to the pre-agreed rates next year, RUPA said in a statement.

The ARU have undertaken a series of cost-cutting measures including the scrapping of the Australia A program and Australian Rugby Shield in 2009.

“The ARU were able to convince us that, like most other industries, there were abnormal financial constraints being imposed on our sport that needed addressing from all key stakeholders including the players themselves,”RUPA boss Tony Dempsey told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Furthermore the ARU was able to illustrate to RUPA that they were adopting sensible measures to reduce costs.

“Overall the savings to the ARU in terms of the player bill will be over half a million dollars when one also considers there is no longer a need for Australia A player payments.”

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