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2017 Super Rugby Quarter-final draw confirmed



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The Lions victory over the Sharks concludes the regular Super Rugby season matches and the eight qualifying teams and their final placings have been decided.

The four Conference winners will have home advantage over the four Wild Card places and they all host next weekend’s Quarter final matches.

The Lions won the Africa 2 Conference (AF2), the Crusaders won the New Zealand Conference (NZC1), the Stormers won the Africa 1 Conference (AF1) and the Brumbies won the Australian Conference (AC1).

The 8 Super Rugby teams have qualified as follows.

1.)  Lions (AF2)
2.) Crusaders  (NCZ1)
3.) Stormers (AF1)
4.) Brumbies  (AC1)
5.) Hurricanes (WC)
6.) Chiefs (WC)
7.) Highlanders (WC)
8.) Sharks (WC)

The Lions finished the regular season in first place and will host the Super Rugby final unless they are eliminated.

Should the Lions be eliminated the final could be held in Christchurch, Cape Town, Canberra, Wellington, Hamilton or Dunedin.

Quarter-final Draw:

QF1: 1 v 8
QF2: 2 v 7
QF3: 3 v 6
QF4: 4 v 5

Semi-final Draw:
Pre-determined draw as follows (highest ranked team to host):

SF1: Winner QF1 v Winner QF4
SF2: Winner QF2 v Winner QF3

Final Draw:
(highest ranked team to host):
Winner SF1 v Winner SF 2

2017 Super Rugby Quarter-Final Line ups

Super Rugby Quarter-Final 4
Match : Brumbies v Hurricanes

Date :   Friday 21 July
Venue : Canberra
Kick Off : NZ :21:35 AU: 19.35 SA: 11.35 UK: 10.35 GMT : 9.35

Super Rugby Quarter-Final 2
Match : Crusaders  v Highlanders

Date :   Saturday 22 July
Venue : Christchurch
Kick Off : NZ :19:35 AU: 17.35 SA: 9.35 UK: 8.35 GMT :7.35

Super Rugby Quarter-Final 1
Match : Lions v Sharks  

Date :  Saturday 22 July
Venue : Johannesburg
Kick Off : NZ :00:30 (23rd) AU: 22.30 SA: 14.30 UK: 13.30 GMT :12.30

Super Rugby Quarter-Final 3
Match :Stormers  v Chiefs

Date :   Saturday 22 July
Venue : Cape Town
Kick Off : NZ :03:00 (23rd) AU: 01.00 (23rd) SA: 17.00 UK: 16.00 GMT :15.00

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  1. Alf Walker

    16th July 2017 at 1:18 am

    God super rugby is a mess….

    The semis draw penalises teams who, based on geography, end up playing weaker teams at that teams home ground. The Canes and Chiefs – have to travel to play away games against teams that performed worse during the season.

    The Lions (1st) host the Sharks (8th)
    The Crusaders (2nd) host the Highlanders (7th)
    The Stormers (3rd) host the Chiefs (6th)
    And the Brumbies (4th) host the Canes (5th).

    But…. based on points – i.e: how they actually performed during the season – it would look like this;

    The Lions (65 pts) would host the Blues (37 pts)
    The Crusaders (63) would host the Sharks (42)
    The Canes (58) would host the Stormers (43)
    And the Chiefs (57) host the Highlanders (51).

    There would be no aussie teams because they were not good enough.

    It’s an unfair system based on tv rights. It’s a bucket of shit.

    • Henry

      17th July 2017 at 10:34 am

      > It’s an unfair system based on tv rights.

      Erm … no. It’s an unavoidable consequence of having a league divided into four conferences.

  2. UsefulTips'R'Us

    17th July 2017 at 2:18 am

    Brumbies to take out SuperXVIII in 2107, all they need is a hat trick of wins, one in each country.

  3. Ian

    18th July 2017 at 5:09 am

    Lions are seeded #1 and are drawn against the Sharks. So, into the SF without facing a NZ team – ANY NZ team.

    • Christo Fourie

      18th July 2017 at 8:05 am

      Its not a seeding process, its based on the fact that they won the overall group stage – which quite rightly gives you an easier ride in…not rocket science.

      • Lapoftherugbygods

        18th July 2017 at 12:59 pm

        Is it quite right that the team at the top of the table only has to play 2 of the 8 best performing sides . Really quite rightly!

  4. Henry

    19th July 2017 at 11:33 am

    > its [sic] based on the fact that they won the overall group stage –
    > which quite rightly gives you an easier ride in…

    Sorry, but that logic only holds when a league plays a fully-balanced schedule, i.e., everybody plays everybody else. With the current Super conference structure, it does seem a bit … fortunate .. that the Lions are into the SF without ever meeting any NZ side any time in the entire season.

  5. John byrne

    22nd July 2017 at 6:10 am

    As An Aussie fan , I am concerned at the drop in attendances at local Super Rugby attendances this year. Part of this can be attributed to the woeful performances by the Aussie teams, but I am sure a contributing factor is the appalling arrangement of this year’s 4 conference draw. South Africa cannot ,in any way , justify the inclusion of 6 teams while NZ has 5, and for the life of me I cannot see why a northern hemisphere side is included. SANZAR needs a complete rethink —- back to Super 12!

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