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Rugby League ‘tired’ of Union’s raids



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North Queensland Rugby League club executive Peter Parr is “sick and tired” of Rugby Union’s constant pursuit of League stars.

Speaking to Australia’s Courier Mail, Parr said,” I think everyone is a bit tired of this constant sniping at our players from rugby union,” Parr said.

“For us it has been three years in a row now that we have had a player supposedly in their sights.

“First it was Matt Bowen, then Johnathan Thurston and now Luke O’Donnell. A lot of other clubs have had to put up with it as well, and it just makes you wonder if Rugby Union actually has any of its own players they are looking to develop.

“We keep hearing about how cashed up they are, well you’d think they’d get better value from trying to put some programs in place to develop talent rather than trying to constantly raid our ranks.”

Meanwhile, Reds coach Eddie Jones has confirmed that they are very serious in their attempts to sign Luke O’Donnell in a code crossover.

“If he is interested in coming to the Reds that would be fantastic.”

Parr believs, however, believes Union may not be that appealing for a League player.

“I just hope a guy like Luke O’Donnell, if he is having those thoughts, has a look at that game between the Brumbies and the Reds last week (the lowest scoring in Super rugby history). Because surely that would extinguish any enthusiasm you had for playing that game.

“In the end I don’t think there has been one player who has gone across to rugby where money hasn’t been the primary motivation and now most of those guys are on the way back.”

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