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Murder threat ends school game


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The Waikato Rugby Union (WRU) is investigating an incident in and Under-15 schools match, between a Fraser High School XV and their St Paul’s opponents, in which death threats were apparently made.

According to a report in the Waikato Times the game, at Fraser High, was abandoned by referee Bevin Jenkinson with about 10 minutes to go.

Fraser has since suspended two players.

A man, whose son plays for St Paul’s, complained to the WRU.

He did not want to be named but said the Fraser players attacked St Paul’s players without the ball and abused St Paul’s players and supporters. At one point, one boy said: “We’ve got knives in our bags and we’re going to . . . kill you.”

The man said Fraser players tried to “king hit” their opponents and he likened the match to a street brawl.

“It was like we walked into a gang scene,” the man told the newspaper

Fraser High School principal Martin Elliott said the school had suspended two boys from representing the school at any sport for the rest of the year because of their “abusive language and undue physical behaviour” during the game. The threat to kill was made by one of the boys who had since been suspended.

WRU community rugby manager Bill Heslop confirmed the matter had been passed on to the union’s complaints review officer, Tony Gemmell, who would decide whether the incident needed to go to a judicial hearing.


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