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Coaching Wallabies not rocket science: Jones


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The surprise package of the six candidates for the Wallaby coaching job, Alan Jones, told the press that he was a more than suitable candidate for the Wallaby coaching job on Saturday.

“This is a pretty simple game,” Jones told Rugby Heaven.

Jones, who coached one of the greatest Wallaby teams of all time between 1984-1987, has not coached rugby for the past 20 years, but insisted his absence from the game was irrelevant.

“Some would argue that I’ve been out of the game for some time, and that may be true. However, the last time I looked, there were still only 15 players and there’s one football. The coach’s job is pretty simple. This is not rocket science,” said Jones.

The Wallaby coaching candidate, who has always been critical of the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) for appointing a surplus of coaching staff, stressed that simplicity was the key to Australia’s resurgence in the game.

“You can’t beneficially coach a national side with 15 or 16 coaches,” said the former Wallaby coach.

“That can’t be done. That leads to confusion, it leads to what I suppose would be called division of labour, it leads to players not quite knowing who the master might be.

“I don’t want anyone imagining that we’re dealing in some sort of complexity where you need a computer screen and 55 IT specialists to determine where to go next.”

Jones has always centered his campaign for the Wallaby job around making drastic changes, one of those changes being the Wallaby coach’s tenure, which he felt needed to be reduced to one year before being reviewed.

Jones further explained that the argument that a coach should base his plan on building towards a World Cup didn’t bear scrutiny.

“I think we’re too trapped in this World Cup cycle,” he said.

“Anyone who argues that he needs a three-year plan and he’s going to pull a rabbit out of his hat that he didn’t have in the first year, I think those people are having us on. You unload what you’ve got right up front and you get on with it.”


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