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A look at the best rugby games you can play on your mobile 




Amid the turbulence of recent months, many of us have turned to the virtual world to get our fix of sporting action. A decade ago, playing any decent virtual rugby game would have meant costly investment in a games console and then spending a further significant sum on the game itself.

Today, however, almost nine out of ten of us own a smartphone, and the games you can install, have graphics and physics that are every bit as good. There is also a far wider choice of games available for mobile platforms, many of which will not cost you a cent. Let’s take a look at what’s available for a game of virtual rugby on the go.

Rugby Nations 19

It’s the closest equivalent to FIFA that any developer has managed to produce for a rugby game, and when Distinctive Games released it in late 2019, it became the go-to game for rugby fans. The graphics are top notch, while the gameplay rewards perseverance and hard work. Eight different game modes ensure you will not tire of the game any time soon, and unlike some of the games here, you don’t need to be online to play it. For traditional arcade-style action, it is hard to beat.

Flick Kick Rugby

If you don’t have the time or dedication to commit to a full season of games, but want a fun rugby game to provide a few minutes of stress-relieving distraction, Flick Kick Rugby could fit the bill. The game might be simple, but it has been an absolute sensation in the rugby heartlands of New Zealand and Ireland, and is as popular today as ever. As the name suggests, the object is to flick the screen in order to kick the ball between the uprights, taking distance and crosswinds into account. Simple, addictive mobile gaming at its best.

Rugby Star

Last year, there were plenty of sports fans who didn’t just miss the sporting action. They were also missing their weekly wagers! Rugby Star ticks both boxes. It is one in a series of sports-themed slot games produced from Microgaming, and while you can’t download the game per se, it is available at dozens of different mobile casino sites. Take a scroll through the options at to find out which ones are offering the best deal, as there are usually some good promotions and free spin offers to be had.

Rugby Manager

If you’ve ever played the soccer equivalent, you should know what to expect here. Rugby Manager gives you the opportunity to develop your team from scratch and guide them to glory in a range of different tournament options, right up to the ultimate goal of lifting the World Cup. It’s a statistic-lover’s dream and one of the most addictive games you will ever experience. Rugby Manager is completely free to play, and while there are some premium features available, they are things you can easily do without.

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