Argentina could join Super Rugby soon




Argentina could be part of Super Rugby in the near future according to SANZAR CEO Greg Peters who has already been to Argentina to see how things are progressing there.

Peter left the Wellington Rugby Union in November last year and has already flown to Australia, South Africa, Argentina and even managed to spend some time in New Zealand over Christmas.

Argentina will join the TriNations from 2012 and Peters has been impressed with their progress and believes that they are providing a fascinating case study in the process.

“They are hanging on to the amateur ethos over there and when you look at the membership numbers you can understand why,” he said yesterday.

“The guys on the committee/board of the union come in to the office for two or three days a week,” he told Stuff.

“They fly in from Mendoza or Tucuman or wherever, spend a couple of days a week working on rugby business, totally unpaid.”

“So it’s a limited field as to who can be involved, but it’s changing.”

“They now have a paid general manager who has been appointed, and a commercial manager and high performance people. It’s huge changes.”

Peters believes it will not be long before Argentinian players start to appear in Sanzar’s Super rugby competition.

Their participation is already starting to take place as the Lions will warm up for Super Rugby against Argentina’s champion Tucuman side.

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