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Argentina must stop delaying & join the Six Nations : Loffreda





Former Argentina coach Marcelo Loffreda says that believes the country’s rugby union have failed to build on the Pumas’ third-place finish at last year’s World Cup in France.
Argentina are hoping that they will be permitted to play in the Tri Nations tournament in four years’ time when the current SANZAR contract expires but the Leicester Tigers boss feels that is too long to wait and that the RBS 6 Nations would better suit Argentina.

The problem is that the RBS Six nations committee have ruled out a further expansion including Argentina.

“I want it earlier,” he told Clarin newspaper. “They should have been given a place in a tournament in the northern hemisphere, because all of our players are based in Europe.”

The Argentinian Rugby Union are delaying meetings to discuss their future and have recently voted to stay amateur which will prevent them from joining a professional tournament.

“Delay is no good,” Loffreda continued, “these points should be blunt, more direct. We need quicker decisions to carry on progressing. We are stuck.

“It’s a pity because we cannot profit from what we did (at the World Cup). I don’t know whether it’s frustration or impotence, but I feel they (the Union) are wasting too many big opportunities for the future of Argentinian rugby.

“I think priorities are being managed on another side. This is about politics more than anything else and that is what is delaying the big decisions.

“They haven’t chosen the new Pumas coach. I think officials should analyse these points closely.”

After the achievements in France and the retirement of captain Agustin Pichot, Loffreda thinks Argentina will be affected by the absence of some experienced players, but is certain the Pumas’ future is safe.

“There are some players like Pichot, Mario Ledesma, Ignacio Fernandez Lobbe who did very important things for the team and they will be missed,” he said.

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