ARU clear Force of protocol breach




The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) has dismissed allegations made by the Sydney Morning Herald that the Force had breached contractual protocol in soliciting third party payments to their players, notably Matt Giteau.

The Sydney newspaper had claimed that they had seen documents of third party agreements (which are legal if unsolicited) with the signature of Force Chief Executive Peter O’Meara appearing on them.

Speaking to newspaper The Australian, ARU Chairman Peter McGrath declared that the Force were in the clear.

“This matter was dealt with last year,” ARU chairman Peter McGrath said.

“We’ve seen no thing yet to warrant re-opening any investigation. I’m not prepared to act on hearsay.

“If there is any evidence, we’ll look at it. We won’t sweep it under the carpet. If there is evidence, I guarantee the ARU will deal with it.”

Force chairman Geoff Stooke has vigorously denied the allegations.

“We note the allegations and assertions made by the Sydney Morning Herald,” Stooke said.

“Peter O’Meara has confirmed to me that he has always complied with the ARU player contracting protocols of the day with respect to third party arrangements.

“Accordingly, we are disappointed that the newspaper has made a variety of allegations and assertions without substantiating them.

“For the record, we note that Matt Giteau’s recruitment by Rugby WA [Western Australian Rugby] was the subject of an ARU inquiry last year, and the ARU was satisfied that the protocols had been complied with.”


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