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England beat Australia in Sydney




Australia will going all out in the third and final Test to beat England and in doing so avoid a clean sweep of losses to England this month.

Match detail

England have won the coin toss.

We are waiting for the kick off.

England kick off and we are underway. Its a short kick off and England win the ball back.

1.00: England enjoy all the attack in the first minute but Australia survive their attacks and win a penalty. Foley kicks for touch.

2.00: Australia win the line out and go through 6 phases before kicking. The ball goes to Mike Brown who offloads and gets the ball to Jack Nowell.

3.00: England continue to attack through 8 phases and they get into the Australian 22. Australia however turn the ball over.

5.00: Australia attack England but knock on.

6.00: Penalty to Australia as England lose their binding.

8.00: Skelton is caught offside at the breakdown and concedes a penalty. England take the line out. They win the line out and start to attack. Nowell almost gets through but the ball is lost forward. Australia get back and stop the attack but put the ball into touch.

10.00: England continue to attack from the line out.  Billy Vunipola drives forward and gets Dan Cole into a spaces where he can crash over and does so. TRY!

11.00: Farrell adds the conversion.

12.00: Australia hit back – with class. They get an overlap and Toomua gets into space and offloads to Bernard Foley who runs in to score. But wait. The TMO is called in to check. The try is awarded.

14.00: Foley adds the conversion.

16.00: Australia have England on the backfoot. The Wallabies are on the attack but the ball comes loose and Watson just manages to get the ball.

19.00: Australia go through 6 phases on attack in England’s 22. They go wide on the 7th phase and Dane Haylett-Petty scores in the corner. TRY!

21.00: Foley misses the conversion.

23.00: England look to hit back. They go through 5 phases and get into the Australian 22. The ball goes dead and as England had an advantage they get the scrum put in.

24.00: Penalty to England as Australia’s scrum collapses. Farrell will kick for posts.

25.00: Farrell adds the penalty.

27.00: Penalty to Australia. Foley takes the shot and extends the lead back to five.

27.00: There is a bit of niggle between the teams as Anthony Watson is tackled in the air by Will Skelton. The TMO reviews it. It’s a penalty to England against Skelton. Farrell kicks for touch to the corner.

29.00: England win the line out but as they attack they lose the ball and Australia counter attack and then kick. Nowell gets the ball and begins the attack. Watson kicks and chases. Brown gets the ball and slides over in the tackle and scores. TRY!

31.00: Farrell takes the conversion and nails it. England lead. It looks like Courtney Lawes has come on for Teimana Harrison.

32.00: Penalty to Australia as Dan Cole tackles a player without the ball. Foley will have a shot at the posts.

33.00: Foley takes the penalty kick – it’s right on the edge of his range. He misses.

35.00: Australia win their scrum and make about 20m but they knock on (Nick Phipps). There is some more niggle. It dies down.

37.00: England win the scrum. Ford boots the ball upfield and finds touch in the Australian half.

38.00: England get on the front foot. They press Australia back into their 22 and then Australia push them back out. There is no shortage of aggression in this considering its dead rubber. England’s final pass is forward which ends the move. Fardy flattened George Ford in that and Rob Simmons is getting some help from the docs. He carries on.

39.00: Australia win the scrum and run at England. They get over the half way line. Nowell misses a tackle. England push them back into their half.

40.00: The siren sounds as Australia continue the attack. They get back into England’s half. Skelton is making ground with short runs. The Wallabies get the ball into England’s 22 and they kick wide. Itoje is ruled offside so Australia have a penalty and will take a shot. Folau almost beat Nowell but somehow Nowell got the ball back from him.

42.00: Foley slots the penalty. Australia lead. It’s half time.

The half time score was Australia 18 England 17

40.00: Bernard Foley kicks off and the second half is underway. Adam Coleman is on for Rob Simmons.

42.00: The ball goes into touch on the Australian 5m line. Stephen Moore’s throw goes straight to Chris Robshaw who dives over to score but is held up. England 5m scrum.

43.00: England win the scrum and Billy Vunipola fires off the back of it and crashes over to score taking two players with him. TRY!

44.00:Farrell misses the conversion but England have the lead.

46.00: England steal a line out on the Australian throw. They use the maul and then win a penalty as Skelton collapses it. Farrell will take a shot at the posts.

47.00: Farrell nails the penalty and England have a 7 point lead.

49.00: Australia cut through England’s defence twice but somehow they hang on. Coleman was close to scoring but Australia have a scrum about 10m out.

50.00: Australia win the scrum and start punching holes in England’s defence. They go again and again at the line and it ends with Hooper going over to score. The TMO will check. Hooper JUST got the ball on the whitewash. It’s a TRY!

51.00: Foley levels the scores with the conversion.

53.00: Australia set up a scrum in their half. They win the scrum but the ball is knocked on at the back. England bring on Danny Care and Jack Clifford. Robshaw and Youngs come off.

54.00: England win a penalty from the scrum for “not driving square”. Farrell says he have a shot at posts.

55.00: Farrell takes the penalty kick and nails it. England lead.

57.00: Australia get the ball on attack and Toomua offloads to Israel Folau after a break and Folau races through and scores. TRY! Australia lead.

58.00: Foley adds the conversion.

60.00: Penalty to England as Scott Fardy plays the ball on the ground. Farrell lines up the posts. He nails it. Australia lead by one.

63.00: Australia concede a penalty in England’s 22. Stephen Moore comes off. England go for the line out. They kick upfield and then turn the ball over and attack. Watson almost gets away on the wing but gets forced into touch. Jamie George is on and Dylan Hartley is off. Both captains replaced.

64.00: Australia win the line out and kick to clear. England get the ball and kick deep for touch.

64.00: Australia win the line out and kick for touch. The game is being played in Australia’s half. The ball comes loose at the breakdown and England have it. Nowell almost goes through but the ball goes to Jamie George’s boot and he dives on the ball and scores. TRY! England lead.

66.00: Farrell adds the conversion. England lead by six points.

68.00: Matt Toomua comes off and Christian Lealiifano comes on. Rob Horne comes off and  Taqele Naiyaravoro is on. England have an advantage and Ford goes for the drop goal. He misses but as they had the advantage they get the penalty. Billy Vunipola is down. Hooper gets a warning for infringements.

69.00: Farrell lines up the penalty kick. Farrell takes the shot and nails it. That is England’s record score in Australia.

70.00: Australia win a penalty from the restart. Unlike last week this week Foley will go for posts. He nails it. Australia trail by 6.

74.00: England press Australia back into their half. Australia turn the ball over and kick deep. The ball goes back and forth as each team kicks and eevntually England finds touch.

75.00: Australia win the line out and attack out wide. England’s defence holds on but only just.

76.00: England turn the ball over and Danny Care kicks deep. Haylett-Petty kicks back and finds touch. England win the line out. They set up the maul.

77.00: England release the ball from the maul and start going through the phases. 7 then 8 phases.

78.00: England go up to 12 phases. England win a penalty from the ruck ! Hooper coming through to take the 9 out.

79.00: Farrell lines up the posts. He nails it.

80.00: The siren has sounded. The fans are leaving. Australia have a scrum.

81.00: Australia win the scrum and attack. They go wide and get the ball into the England 22.

82.00: Australia go wide and Taqele Naiyaravoro scores in the corner. TRY!

Foley takes the conversion shot from outwide. He misses.

Thats it England have won.

The full time score is Australia 40 (18) England 44 (17)


Tries – B.Foley, D.Haylett-Petty, M.Hooper, I.Folau, T.Naiyaravoro
Pen – B.Foley 2
Con – B.Foley 3
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – D.Cole, M.Brown, B.Vunipola, J.George
Pen – O.Farrell 6
Con – O.Farrell 3
Drop –
Cards –

Attendance : 44063

Match Officials
Referee: Nigel Owens (Wales)
Assistant Ref 1: Craig Joubert (South Africa)
Assistant Ref 2:Mike Fraser (New Zealand)
TMO :Ben Skeen (New Zealand)



1. James Slipper , 2. Stephen Moore (c) , 3. Sekope Kepu , 4. Will Skelton, 5. Rob Simmons, 6. Scott Fardy, 7. Michael Hooper (vc) , 8. Sean McMahon, 9. Nick Phipps , 10. Bernard Foley , 11. Rob Horne (vc), 12. Matt Toomua , 13. Tevita Kuridrani , 14. Dane Haylett-Petty , 15. Israel Folau ,

Replacements : 16. Tatafu Polota-Nau , 17. Scott Sio, 18. Greg Holmes , 19. Adam Coleman , 20. Wycliff Palu , 21. Nick Frisby, 22. Christian Leali’ifano, 23. Taqele Naiyaravoro.


15. Mike Brown ,14. Anthony Watson,13. Jonathan Joseph ,12. Owen Farrell ,11. Jack Nowell ,10. George Ford,9. Ben Youngs ,8. Billy Vunipola, 7. Teimana Harrison ,6. Chris Robshaw ,5. George Kruis ,4. Maro Itoje ,3. Dan Cole,2. Dylan Hartley (c) ,1. Mako Vunipola

Replacements : 16. Jamie George,17. Matt Mullan ,18. Paul Hill ,19. Joe Launchbury ,20. Courtney Lawes ,21. Jack Clifford ,22. Danny Care,23. Elliot Daly

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