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Crusaders beat Blues in Auckland




Super Rugby kicks off on Saturday in Round 14 with a match in Auckland between the Blues and the Crusaders.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

In the meantime why not have a look at the match preview.

The Blues kick off and the match is underway.

1.00: Penalty to the Blues for interfering at the line out. West kicks for touch.

2.00: The line out is a little messy and the Blues knock on.

3.00: The Crusaders win the scrum but Mitchell Drummond kicks the ball straight out having run it back into the 22. The Blues get an attacking line out on the 22m line.

4.00: The Blues win the line out and move the ball across the face of the posts. The Crusaders turn the ball over and Nemani Nadolo puts the ball into touch.

5.00: The Blues win the line out but the Crusaders turn the ball over and boot it well upfield.

7.00: The Crusaders break out from their 22. Dagg races away and he passes to Crotty who is taken out by the collar which ends the attack.

8.00: The Blues kick the ball from the line out and it goes to Nadolo who starts the attack. Dagg follows up and makes more ground. The Crusaders change sides and make more ground, they change sides again and Kieran Read gets the ball to Nadolo who scores in the corner. TRY!

10.00: Richie Mo’unga slots the conversion from out wide.

13.00: The Blues line out hands the ball to the Crusaders. Both teams kick the ball back and forth and the Blues get the last kick.

14.00: The Crusaders win the line out and run the ball but it goes forward.

16.00: The Crusaders kick the ball away after winning the line out. They try to clear the ball but it gets charged down and after a couple of recycles Ihaia West slips through and scores. TRY! Kaino charged the kick down.

17.00: West misses the conversion.

19.00: The Crusaders win a penalty and Mo’unga kicks to the corner. The Crusaders go long with the line out. They get the ball to in front of the posts.

20.00: The Crusaders go through 6 phases and keep the ball moving gradually closer to the line. 12 phases and still they attack.

21.00: The Crusaders get the ball to the 5m line which is where they lose the ball forward.

23.00: The Blues win the ball from the Crusaders rom a charge down and run it. Pryor gets into space as he breaks but he loses it. The Crusaders counter attack and get into the Blues 2 before the Blues turn the ball over and Billy Guyton clears.

25.00: The Crusaders attack the Blues in their half but Kara Pryor goes off his feet. The Crusaders win a penalty and kick for touch. They win the line out and run the ball. Crotty kicks it away and the Blues turn it over and clear. The Crusaders get the ball and Nadolo puts it out.

27.00: Its a messy line out from the Blues. They run the ball from the half way line.

28.00: The Crusaders concede a penalty as Owen Franks goes off his feet. West kicks for touch.

29.00:The Blues win the line out and then win another penalty from the breakdown. West will take a shot at the posts.

30.00: West lines up the posts and nails it. The Blues lead.

32.00: The Crusaders get the ball into the Blues 22. They send wave after wave at the Blues as they go through 10 phases. The Blues press them back out of the 22.

33.00: After 12 phases the Blues turn the ball over and Guyton clears but doesn’t find touch so the Crusaders counter. The Crusaders knock on. A couple of players are down,.

36.00: Penalty for obsturction to the Crusaders.

37.00; Mo’unga takes the kick and nails it. The Crusaders lead again.

39.00: The Blues get on the front foot and get into the Crusaders 22. They go wide with composure and George Moala crashes over beating two defenders. TRY!

40.00: The siren sounds. West takes the conversion kick – he nails it. The Blues lead.

It’s half time.

The half time score was Blues 15 Crusaders 10

The second half is underway.

41.00: The Crusaders win an early penalty for obstruction after the restart. Mo’unga takes the shot but misses.

42.00: The Blues slow the ball down and concede another penalty. There is an injury break for James Parsons – possibly concussion. Crusaders take the line out.

43.00: The Blues drive early at the line out and concede another penalty.  Crusaders choose the line out again.

44.00: Bekhuis steals the ball on the Crusaders line out, he loses the ball and the Crusaders attack. Crotty offloads to Fonotia who goes over but Kaino stops him from getting the ball down. Parsons has been subbed for failing a concussion test.  Patrick Tuipulotu is also off for blood/concussion and Hoani Matenga comes on.

45.00: The Crusaders win the line out and Nadolo comes close to scoring but he is stopped short. The Crusaders keep the ball alive and someone might have scored in a pile of bodies. The TMO will look. If no try the Crusaders will have a penalty. No clear grounding. Crusaders penalty.

46.00: Mo’unga slots the penalty. Blues still lead.

49.00: Penalty to the Blues – just outside the Crusaders 22. West lines up the kick and nails it.

54.00: The Blues break out from their half. They get the ball into the Crusaders 22. The Blues go through 8 phases but then the Crusaders turn the ball over and Dagg clears.

56.00: The Blues counter attack from Dagg’s kick. They go through 5 phases. The Crusaders turn the ball over and kick it into touch.

57.00: Nadolo has taken a knock and is getting some attention. He carries on.

61.00: The Crusaders go through 5 phases and Kieran Fonotia slips through a tackle and offloads to Andy Ellis who has just come on and he races for the line and slides over in the tackle and scores. TRY!

62.00: Mo’unga takes the conversion kick and nails it. Crusaders lead.

65.00: The Blues go on the attack in the Crusaders half. The Crusaders turn the ball over and Fonotia breaks down the wing. The Blues infringe as Matt Duffie concedes a penalty. The Crusaders kick to the corner.

67.00: The Crusaders win the line out and attack in the Blues 22. The Blues defend and force an error and win a penalty. The take the line out option.

69.00: Crotty breaks through the Blues but they scramble and save a possible try. Richie Mo’unga is down. The TMO is called in to look at some potential foul play. Penalty against Piers Francis for playing after the whistle. Mo’unga will take a shot at the posts.

70.00: Mo’unga takes the kick and he nails it. Saders lead by 5.

73.00: Penalty to the Crusaders as the Blues “swim up the side” of the maul. Mo’unga lines up the posts.

74.00: Mo’unga nails the kick which means the Blues have to score twice to win.

76.00: The Blues go on the attack in their half. They go through the phases but knock on. The rain has arrived.

77.00: The Blues win a penalty for the Crusaders scrum collapsing. West will take a shot.

78.00: West misses the kick as it fades to the side.

79.00: The Blues look to finish strongly. They get the ball into the Crusaders 22 and up to the Crusaders 5m line where they are forced into touch. The Blues win the line out.

80.00: The siren sounds and the Blues continue the attack as they want the bonus point.

81.00: The Blues have a penalty. There will be a break as Ihaia West is down. It does not look good.

82.00: Francis takes the penalty kick and nails it.

The Crusaders have won.

The full time score is Blues 21 (15) Crusaders 26 (10)


Tries – I.West, G.Moala
Pen – I.West 2, P.Francis
Con – I.West 2
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – N.Nadolo, A.Ellis
Pen – R.Mo’unga 4
Con – R.Mo’unga
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Angus Gardner
Assistant Ref 1:Paul Williams
Assistant Ref 2:Brendon Pickerill
TMO : Glenn Newman



Sam Prattley, James Parsons (c), Charlie Faumuina, Patrick Tuipulotu, Josh Bekhuis, Jerome Kaino, Kara Pryor, Steven Luatua; Billy Guyton, Ihaia West, Tevita Li, Piers Francis, George Moala , Matt Duffie, Melani Nanai.

Replacements : Quentin MacDonald, Ofa Tu’ungafasi, Sione Mafileo, Hoani Matenga, Jack Ram; Bryn Hall, Male Sa’u, Lolagi Visinia.


1. Joe Moody, 2. Codie Taylor, 3. Owen Franks , 4. Luke Romano, 5. Scott Barrett, 6. Jordan Taufua, 7. Matt Todd, 8. Kieran Read (C), 9. Mitchell Drummond, 10. Richie Mo’unga, 23. Marty McKenzie, 11. Nemani Nadolo ,12. Ryan Crotty,13. Kieron Fonotia,14. Johnny McNicholl,15. Israel Dagg,

Replacements : 16. Ged Robinson, 17. Wyatt Crockett, 18. Mike Alaalatoa, 19. Jimmy Tupou,20. Tim Boys, 21. Andy Ellis,22. David Havili

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