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Blues beat Jaguares in Albany




The first match in Super Rugby Round 6 on Saturday is in Auckland where the Blues host Argentina’s Jaguares.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

In the meantime here is the match preview. 

The Jaguares kick off and the match is underway.

3.00: It’s all the Jaguares in the opening minutes. They win a penalty and kick for the corner. The Jaguares win the line out and set up the maul. The Jaguares go wide and kick the grubber through and Matías Moroni loses the ball as he crosses the tryline. Knock on. 5m scrum.

5.00: The Blues win the scrum and kick for touch to clear the pressure.

7.00: The Jaguares have the ball on attack and they go through 6 phases near the half way line. They win a penalty and will kick for posts.

8.00: Santiago González Iglesias takes the kick and nails it. The Jaguares lead.

10.00: The Jaguares clear the ball with a kick but it goes to Rene Ranger. He runs but is tackled and the ball goes dead. Scrum.

11.00: The Jaguares win the scrum and attack down the wing. They chip the ball ahead but the Blues concede a penalty for a late tackle. The Jaguares kick for touch and the line out.

14.00: The Jaguares put the Blues under pressure in their 22 but the Blues defend. The Jaguares knock on. The Blues win the scrum and attack but then concede a penalty.

15.00: James Parsons gets a warning from the referee about conceding penalties. The Jaguares kick to the corner.

16.00: The Jaguares win the line out and attack the Blues but Rene Ranger gets in and turns the ball over and wins a penalty for the Blues. They kick to the half way line for the penalty.

18.00: The Blues win the line out and then win a penalty. Ihaia West takes the kick but misses.

20.00: The Jaguares kick deep and chase. The Blues get back and kick to clear but a Blues player gets in the way of the kick and its effectively charged down. This gives the Jaguares a 5m scrum.

22.00: The Jagaures win the scrum and attack.  The double whistle goes and Tevita Li is shown a yellow card. There is a break in play as the Jaguares fullback Ramiro Moyano is down. He goes off for a concussion check. Nicolas Sanchez comes on. The Jaguares choose to kick for posts with the penalty even though they have an extra man. Strange decision as the clock is running while Li is off.

23.00: González Iglesias slots the penalty.

26.00: The Blues win the ball from the restart and run at the Jaguares. They get the ball to the 5m line with a line out and they win the line out but James Parsons tries to snipe in the corner but he loses the ball as he goes over. Jaguares scrum.

28.00: The Blues win the ball from the scrum. They attack the Jaguares but its not clean. The Blues go through 14 phases mostly on the 5m line. The Jagaures defend and defend but then Steven Luatua gets into space, slips through and scores. TRY!

31.00: Ihaia West takes the conversion kick but he misses. The Blues get Tevita Li back.

33.00: The Jaguares run the ball from deep. Sanchez sells a dummy and makes about 20m. The Jaguares keep the ball moving but then they knock on in the tackle.

35.00: The Blues win the scrum. They go wide quickly but are slowed. They go through 6 phases and win a penalty for not rolling away. A Jaguares player is down. We go to the TMO to check what happened. Roberto Tejerizo goes off for a concussion test. Santiago García Botta comes on.

36.00: Ihaia West takes the penalty kick for posts. He nails this one and the Blues lead.

38.00: The Blues are on the attack but nothing seems to be on but then Ranger passes to Ihaia West who races away and stumbles to the line after being tackled and scores. TRY!

40.00: West adds the conversion as the siren sounds. It’s half time.

The half time score was Blues 15 Jaguares 6

The Blues kick off and we are underway with the second half.

42.00: The Jaguares make a strong start to the second half. They work the ball into the Blues 22 but they chip kick ahead and a player is ahead of the kicker so the Blues have a penalty.

42.00: West kicks for touch to clear the pressure.

44.00: Penalty to the Jaguares as the Blues scrum drives up. The Jaguares clear the ball into touch.

45.00: The Jaguares win a penalty. Gonzalez Iglesias takes the kick and nails it.

48.00: The Blues concede a penalty for an early shove at the scrum. The Jaguares take the quick tap but get shut down and they concede a penalty.

49.00: West kicks for touch and the line out for the penalty.

51.00: The Blues win the line out and attack in the Jaguares half. They go through six phases gradually edging forward. The Blues get over the 22m line on the 9th phase and they go wide but Lolagi Visinia passes the ball into touch.

52.00: The Blues have the ball on attack in the Jaguares 22. They go through 9, 10, 11 phases constantly putting the Jaguares under pressure but the Argentina side hang on. Penalty to the Blues on the 12th phase. There is also a Blues player down. Actually there are two Blues players down. Ihaia West takes a knock and gets help while Nic Mayhew gets some help leaving the field.

54.00: Ihaia West slots the penalty.

56.00: The Blues (James Parsons) obstructs so the Jaguares have a penalty. González Iglesias lines up the penalty kick but misses.

58.00: The Blues momentum is building. They get the ball into the Jaguares 22. They win a penalty.

60.00: West takes the shot and nails it.

62.00: González Iglesias is replaced by Joaquín Paz. Nothing seems to be on for the Jaguares but then Sanchez chip kicks the ball behind the Blues and chases. The Blues cant control the ball and Sanchez gets the ball and passes to Gonzalo Bertranou who dives over to score. The TMO will check. It’s a TRY!

63.00: Sanchez takes the conversion and nails it.

65.00: The Blues go on the attack and Ranger dabs the ball through.  Lolagi Visinia grabs the ball and is tackled but passes to  George Moala who goes for the line. He is tackled as he goes over but fails to get the ball down. The TMO confirms no try.

67.00: The Blues continue to play the game in the Jaguares half and keeping the pressure on. They win a line out and go to the far side and then come back as West puts in a cross kick. The Blues are awarded a penalty though so they are called back for that.

69.00: West slots the penalty which means the Jaguares need to score twice.

72.00: Sanchez has to come off for a concussion test.

73.00: The Jaguares get the ball down to the Blues 22 but its a Blues line out. The ball goes back for the Blues but its scrappy and the Blues have to dot the ball down behind the line.

75.00: Penalty to the Blues as Rodrigo Báez is ahead of the kicker and therefore offside. The Blues kick for touch.

78.00: Free kick from the scrum to the Blues. The Blues choose the scrum to eat up time.

79.00: Another free kick to the Blues. A scrum is called again. A fight breaks out after Luatua shoves the Jagaures half back. It dies down.

80.00; Penalty to the Blues from the scrum and this time a bigger fight breaks out. The siren has gone but the match is not over. The Blues still have the penalty and they kick it into touch.

Thats it the Blues have won.

The full time score is Blues 24 (15) Jaguares 16 (6)


Tries – S.Luatua, I.West
Pen – I. West 4
Con – I.West
Drop –
Cards – T.Li (22nd min yellow)

Tries – G.Bertranou
Pen -S. González Iglesias 3
Con – N.Sanchez
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Mike Fraser
Assistant Ref 1:Ben O’Keeffe
Assistant Ref 2:Angus Mabey
TMO :Ben Skeen



Nic Mayhew, James Parsons (c), Charlie Faumuina, Patrick Tuipulotu, Josh Bekhuis, Joe Edwards, Blake Gibson, Steven Luatua; Bryn Hall, Ihaia West, Tevita Li, Piers Francis, Rene Ranger, Rieko Ioane, Lolagi Visinia.

Replacements: Quentin MacDonald, Sam Prattley, Ofa Tu’ungafasi, Hoani Matenga, Akira Ioane, Billy Guyton, Matt McGahan, George Moala.


1- Roberto Tejerizo , 2- Julián Montoya , 3- Ramiro Herrera , 4- Guido Petti , 5- Tomás Lavanini , 6- Pablo Matera, 7- Rodrigo Báez , 8- Leonardo Senatore , 9- Martín Landajo (c) , 10- Santiago González Iglesias , 11- Manuel Montero , 12- Jerónimo de la Fuente , 13- Matías Moroni , 14- Emiliano Boffelli , 15- Ramiro Moyano

Replacements :16- Facundo Bosch , 17- Santiago García Botta , 18- Enrique Pieretto , 19- Juan Cruz Guillemaín , 20- Felipe Arregui , 21- Gonzalo Bertranou , 22- Nicolás Sánchez , 23- Joaquín Paz

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