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Boland to battle on





The Boland Cavaliers made their entrance into the Currie Cup premier division on the back of a strong 65-5 win over the Pumas, and, with the grimmest of financial outlooks, the win was just what the ailing union needed.

Many players have left the apparent sinking ship, as well as Director of Rugby Rudi Joubert and coach Hawies Fourie.

New coach Deon Davids, despite the boost of the crucial victory over the Pumas, is taking a realistic look at the situation, saying that the teams they are going to be facing now are on a different level.

“The Pumas play a different game to the top teams,” Davids said.

“The premier division sides are at a much higher level, they play better rugby.”

This has not rattled the Cavaliers though, who are doing fine heading into their first game against the defending co-champions the Cheetahs.

“We are busy preparing for the game this Friday [22 June],” said the coach.

Part of that preparation will be to make sure that the Cavaliers can utilise young and exciting backline, and the key to that will be the front row and loose trio of whom the coach has high expectations.

“I don’t want to single anyone out when it comes to exciting developing talent,” said Davids when asked who could be expected to shine in the Currie Cup.

“I will say that you should probably keep and eye on our backline, they are going to be playing some good rugby, and our loose trio and also the front row.”

The Cavaliers have been struggling financially since the demise of their sponsors Fidentia and the move up to the premier division of the Currie Cup is most important as the team hope to net a sponsor through some impressive performances.

“It will definitely be good to get some financial aid,” said Davids.

The team will be hoping to impress against the Cheetahs despite the loss of one or two players to injury and a number of their players to bigger unions.

Regarding the current situation at Boland the coaches only comment was, “We’re in the rebuilding phase at the moment.”

By Gareth Green 365 Digital

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