Brumbies beat Cheetahs in Canberra




The Brumbies have played the Cheetahs just seven times since the Bloemfontein franchise joined Super Rugby in 2006 and won just over 70% of the matches.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.
The Brumbies kick off and we are underway.
1.00: The Brumbies make a string start to the match as they win the ball back after the kick off and wing a penalty for not releasing the tackler. Philip van der Walt of the Cheetahs is already struggling.
2.00: Christian Lealiifano takes the penalty kick and slots it.
3.00: Penalty to the Brumbies again for holding on. Brumbies kick for touch.
4.00: The Brumbies win the line out and run the ball into the Cheetahs 22. They work the ball forward and get to the 5m line. The Cheetahs however turn the ball over and kick it upfield.
6.00: The Brumbies took the ball into touch after the kick. The Cheetahs win the line out but kick the ball upfield again and the Brumbies start their attack. The Cheetahs are awarded a penalty so they kick for touch.
8.00: Penalty to the Cheetahs after Speight was ahead of the kicker when he chased a kick. The Cheetahs will kick for posts.
9.00:  Riaan Smit takes the kick but misses.
11.00: Penalty to the Brumbies for holding on again. Nic White kicks for touch.
12.00: The Brumbies win their line out but Rhule comes up fast and disrupts the Brumbies backs. The Cheetahs turn the ball over but pass the ball forward.
13.00: The Brumbies have done all the playing so far. They get the ball into the Cheetahs 22 but concede a penalty again. The Cheetahs kick upfield.
16.00: The Cheetahs win a line out after Mogg put in a bad kick. The Cheetahs move the ball down the line but Rhule is in the middle of the field and sets up Johann Sadie who races through a gap and scores. TRY!
17.00: Riaan Smit misses the conversion.
18.00: The Brumbies look a little rattled but win a penalty. They will kick for posts.
19.00: Lealiifano’s kick is awful. Miss.
22.00: Another penalty to the Brumbies get another kick for posts. This one is near the touchline. Lealiifano misses again.
25.00: There is a bit of a kicking duel between the teams but neither of them really comes out as the winner.
27.00: The Brumbies win a line out and run the ball in the Cheetahs half. Speight has a bit of a run but is shoved into touch.
28.00: The Brumbies win the ball on the Cheetahs line out and run it down the line. They get to the 5m line but the Cheetahs push them back. The Cheetahs are caught offside and the Brumbies have a penalty.
29.00: Lealiifano takes the kick and curls this one in. The Brumbies lead.
30.00: Penalty to the Cheetahs for holding on. They kick for touch.
32.00: The Cheetahs work the ball into the Brumbies 22. They look dangerous. The Brumbies however turn the ball over and win a penalty. They kick for touch but knock on in the line out.
35.00:  Penalty to the Brumbies from the scrum. Hand on the ground. They kick for touch.
36.00: Brumbies win the line out and attack. They go through the phases and on the sixth phase the Cheetahs turn the ball over and kick it upfield.
39.00: The Brumbies have the ball on the Cheetahs 22 in a scrum. The ball fails to come out so the scrum has to be reset.  
40.00: The siren sounds as the Brumbies complete the scrum. They run the ball at the Cheetahs and get to about 10m out but the Cheetahs defence holds them out for now.
41.00: The Brumbies keep the ball alive and change direction and the ball goes forward and out. It’s half time.
The half time score was Brumbies 6 Cheetahs 5
40.01: Riaan Smit kicks off and the second half is underway.
42.00: The Cheetahs make a strong start by working the ball into the Brumbies 22. However they concede a penalty so the Brumbies kick for touch.
44.00: The Cheetahs win the ball from a Brumbies line out. They kick it away and the Brumbies run for a bit and then chip over the top. The Cheetahs boot it back and out. There is a break in play for Ben Mowen who is injured.
45.00: Penalty for holding on for the Cheetahs. Smit will kick for posts. It’s a long one.
46.00: Smit slots the penalty and the Cheetahs lead.
47.00: Penalty for the Brumbies. (Brussow). Nic White takes the kick and slots it. The Brumbies lead again.
50.00: The Cheetahs have stolen three of the Brumbies 9 line outs. The Brumbies have stolen none of the Cheetahs line outs. The Cheetahs win their line out and  drive the maul. However they lose the ball so the Brumbies have a scrum.
51.00: Brumbies put in big scrum and win a penalty. They kick for touch. Brumbies win the line out and kick it upfield.
53.00: The Brumbies are starting to find holes in the Cheetahs defence. They go through 11 phases and get an overlap on the wing but the ball is paased forward. Missed try opportunity.
55.00: The Cheetahs win their scrum and run the ball but they are pushed into touch.
57.00: Another penalty from the scrum for the Brumbies. They will kick for posts.
58.00: Christian Lealiifano takes the kick from just inside the 22. He nails it.
60.00: Piet van Zyl comes off and Sarel Pretorius goes on. Clyde Rathbone comes off as well. Joe Tomane is on.
61.00: The Brumbies win their line out and Nic White has a run but is caught.
62.00: The Brumbies are starting to look dangerous. They are finding a few holes but the Cheetahs back up defence just halts their breaks. It’s all being played in the Cheetahs half.
64.00: The Brumbies are doing most of the playing. This time they knock on.
66.00: Penalty to the Brumbies. Lealiifano takes the kick and slots it.
70.00; The Cheetahs have worked the ball to just inside the Brumbies half. They win a scrum and run the ball. The Cheetahs kick ahead and Speight gets a bad bounce and misses the ball Ryno Benjamin gets a boot to it but the Brumbies get the ball and dot it down.
71.00: The Cheetahs are getting stronger. Pretorius has a run and suddenly its all the Cheetahs.
73.00; Penalty in front for the Cheetahs. They run the ball and get to about 8m out. The Brumbies knock on so the Cheetahs have a 5m scrum.
75.00: Penalty to the Cheetahs on the 5m line. They take the quick tap. They get pushed wide and then Lodewyk de Jager loses the ball forward.
76.00: The Brumbies have a scrum on their 5m line. They defend the scrum.
78.00: It’s all the Cheetahs on attack. The Cheetahs manage to stretch the Brumbies and they snipe in the corner as Ryno Benjamin goes over for the TRY!
79.00: Riaan Smit will take the conversion.
80.00: Smit’s conversion curls in but carries on curling and misses. The Brumbies win.
The full time score is Brumbies 15 (6) Cheetahs 13 (5)


Tries –
Pen – C.Lealiifano 4, N.White
Con –
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – J.Sadie, R.Benjamin
Pen – R.Smit
Con –
Drop –
Cards – –

Match Officials
: Glen Jackson (New Zealand)
Assistant Ref 1: Rohan Hoffmann (Australia),
Assistant Ref 2:James Leckie (Australia)
TMO : Matt Goddard (Australia)



1. Scott Sio,2. Stephen Moore,3. Ben Alexander,4. Scott Fardy ,5. Sam Carter,6. Peter Kimlin,7. George Smith,8. Ben Mowen (c),9. Nic White,10. Matt Toomua,11. Clyde Rathbone,12. Christian Lealiifano,13. Tevita Kuridrani,14. Henry Speight,15. Jesse Mogg

Replacements : 16. Siliva Siliva,17. Ruan Smith,18. Fotu Auelua,19. Colby Faingaa,20. Ian Prior,21. Andrew Smith,22. Joe Tomane


15. Hennie Daniller, 14.Willie le Roux, 13.Johann Sadie, 12. Robert Ebersohn (VC) , 11.Raymond Rhule , 10. Riaan Smit, 9. Piet van Zyl, 8. Philip van der Walt, 7.Lappies Labuschagne, 6. Heinrich Brussow, 5. Ligtoring Landman, 4. Lodewyk de Jager, 3. Lourens Adriaanse, 2. Adriaan Strauss (C), 1.Coenie Oosthuizen.

Replacements: 16. Ryno Barnes, 17. Trevor Nyakane, 18.Waltie Vermeulen, 19. Boom Prinsloo, 20.Sarel Pretorius, 21. Elgar Watts, 22.Ryno Benjamin.

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