Brumbies in talks to extend coaching contract




Laurie Fisher is off contract at the end of the Super 14 but he is still in demand with his franchise.

The second year Brumbies coach oversaw a fifth place finish last season and the Super 14 sees them in the top four after six rounds.

As reported in, Fisher confirmed that he is in talks about his future, and that another two year deal is on the cards. This may also extend to his assistant coaching staff of Matt O’Connor and Nick Scrivener.

But Fisher remarked that “the most important thing is that we lock away some players. You’ve got your George Smiths, Matt Giteaus, Stirling Mortlocks and Steve Larkhams and a lot of other guys we’d like to lock away first.”

Previous coach David Nucifora was not given the courtesy of talking about a contract extension, being shown the door midway through the 2004 championship season.

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