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Jaguares beat Brumbies in Canberra




The final match of the tenth round in Super Rugby is on Sunday and in Canberra where the Brumbies host the Jaguares.

The Brumbies and the Jaguares have only played each other once in Super Rugby and that match was won by the Brumbies last year in Buenos Aires.

  • The Brumbies picked up a 39-15 win when they visited the Jaguares inRound 14 last season, the only previous encounter between these teams.
  • The Brumbies are aiming to win back to back home games for the first time since winning their final four regular season home games of the 2016season.
  • The Jaguares have won three of their last five away games, all those fixtures coming in Australia.
  • The Jaguares have the lowest scrum success rate (80%) in the competition this season and the second-lowest lineout success rate (79%).
  • No player has made more tackles than Pablo Matera in 2018 (93, also Franco Mostert).

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

In the meantime why not have a look at the match preview.

The Jaguares kick off and the match is underway.

2.00: There is a knock on by the Brumbies so we will have the first scrum. The Jaguares put the ball in and win the scrum. They move the ball to the backs but the Brumbies tackle them into touch.

4.00: The Jagaures steal the line out and attack the Brumbies. They go through 13 phases and get into the Brumbies 22. The Jaguares keep the ball moving through 18 phases and after an inside pass Matias Orlando crashes over for the TRY.

5.00: Sanchez adds the conversion.

8.00: The Brumbies try to kick deep but the Jaguares get back, save the ball, change sides and chip the ball down the wing. The chase is good but Tom Banks tackles the Jaguares into touch and saves a try.

10.00: The Jaguares get called back for a penalty following a report from the AR. The Brumbies are really struggling to get hold of the ball. Sanchez will have a shot.

12.00: Sanchez takes the kick and nails it.

14.00: The Brumbies can’t hold on to the ball as the Jaguares keep the ball moving through the phases. Rory Arnold is caught offside so the Jaguares are awarded another penalty.

15.00: Sanchez adds the penalty.

18.00: Penalty to the Jaguares. Sanchez takes the shot but this one he misses. The Brumbies are still really struggling to get their hands on the ball as the Jaguares keep running the ball.

22.00: The Brumbies get some attacking ball after a high kick but they get tackled into touch. The Jaguares win the line out and run the ball through two phases after which the Brumbies turn the ball over.

23.00: The Brumbies go through two phases and kick the ball upfield. The crowd are not happy as when the Brumbies get some attacking ball they kicked it away.

24.00 Penalty to the Jaguares for hands in the ruck. D.Pocock also gets a talking to for back chat. Sam Carter is given a team warning. The Jaguares kick for touch.

25.00: Penalty to the Jaguares for not releasing the ball. The crowd are really getting involved in this – in a bad way and letting their frustration out with lots of “booing”.

27.00: The Brumbies get the ball and run it into the Jaguares half.

29.00: The Brumbies lose the ball and the Jaguares kick deep. Henry Speight gets back to secure the ball. The Brumbies kick deep and the Jaguares kick it into touch.

30.00: The Brumbies win the ball from a line out. They set up the maul and drive to the line but they go to ground and it’s short. The Brumbies get a penalty and take the line out.

31.00: The Jaguares steal the ball and kick upfield.

33.00: Penalty to the Brumbies from the breakdown. Carter says they will take the line out so they kick for touch.

34.00: The Brumbies win the line out, they move the ball to the middle and then wide where Tom Banks is open and dives over to score. TRY!

35.00: Wharenui Hawera takes the conversion kick 1m in from touch. He pushes it well wide.

38.00; The Brumbies are awarded a penalty for offside. Banks kicks for touch but he misses, The Jaguares kick it out so the Brumbies get the line out but not in the Jaguares 22.

39.00: The Brumbies win thee line out, they run the ball and then Hawera chips the ball for Banks and it sits up perfectly for Banks who gets to the ball and scores. TRY!

40.000: Hawera takes the conversion kick and this one he misses too.

It’s half time.

The half time score was Brumbies 10 Jaguares 13

The Brumbies kick off and the second half is underway.

41.00: The Jaguares knock on so the Brumbies have a scrum. They get a free kick from the scrum and choose another scrum.

42.00: The ball pops out but then after a couple of phases goes into touch. The Jaguares win the line out but pass the ball forward. Brumbies scrum.

47.00: Henry Speight goes for a high ball and is tackled in the air. Speight goes straight down. Emiliano Boffelli is yellow carded and the Brumbies take the line out. Speight is fine.

49.00: The Brumbies work the ball to the Jaguares try line but the Jaguares rip the ball away and run it out of their 22. The Jaguares chip and chase and force the Brumbies back over their tryline. Hawera clears the ball into touch from behind the tryline.

55.00: The Jaguares are winding the clock down with near perfection. They win a line out and then drive forward. The Jaguares win a penalty and take the line out.

56.00: The Jaguares win the line out and drive towards the line. They get over but are held up. 5m scrum.

58.00: The Jagaures win the scrum, they go through three phases and change sides. They go to the left wing where Bofelli should be but they have an overlap and Jeronimo De La Fuente scores. TRY ! The Jaguares are still a man down as Boffelli is still in the bin.

59.00: Sanchez adds the conversion.

63.00: Scrum penalty to the Brumbies for angling in. The Brumbies kick for touch.

64.00: The Brumbies win the line out, they use the maul and get close to the tryline. When they get stopped the Brumbies go wide to the backs. The backs have to change sides but Chance Peni is tackled by his shirt but drives forward and then drops to score. TRY!

Hawera adds the conversion.

69.00: The Jaguares work the ball upfield and although nothing seems to be on, they send a couple of inside passes on the wing and Bofelli gets through and scores in the corner. TRY!

71.00: Sanchez misses the conversion but the Brumbies need to score twice now to win.

74.00: The Brumbies set up a line out in the Jagaures 22.

75.00: The brumbies win the line out get to the 5m line but the ball is lost and the Jaguares boot the ball for touch. The ball goes to the Brumbies who begin their counter attack.

78.00: The Jaguares defend the Brumbies attacks which come to nothing. A Jaguares player is down. The medics rush in. Ramiro Moyano is stretchered off. The game resumes with a scrum.

79.00: The Jaguares win a penalty from the scrum. They kick for touch and take the line out.

80.01: The siren sounds but there is time for a Brumbies scrum. They win the scrum and run the ball wide.

82.00: The Brumbies go through 8 phases and get to the 5m line. They have the advantage for offside and then when the ball is turned over they are called back for a penalty. The Brumbies will take the penalty kick and if successful secures them the losing bonus point.

83.00: Hawera slots the penalty.

That’s it. Jaguares win.

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The full time score is Brumbies 20 (10) Jaguares 25 (13)


Tries – T.Banks 2, C.Peni
Pen -W.Hawera
Con – W.Hawera
Drop –
Cards –

Tries -M.Orlando,J. De La Fuente, E.Bofelli
Pen -N.Sanchez 2
Con – N.Sanchez 2
Drop –
Cards – E.Boffelli (47th min yellow)

Match Officials
Referee: Angus Gardner
Assistant Ref 1:Nic Berry
Assistant Ref 2:Will Houston
TMO : Ian Smith



15. Tom Banks, 14. Henry Speight, 13. Tevita Kuridrani, 12. Kyle Godwin, 11. Chance Peni, 10. Wharenui Hawera, 9. Joe Powell, 8. Isi Naisarani, 7. David Pocock, 6. Tom Cusack, 5. Sam Carter, 4. Rory Arnold, 3. Allan Alaalatoa, 2. Folau Faingaa, 1. Scott Sio.

Replacements : 16. Robbie Abel, 17. Mees Erasmus, 18. Nic Mayhew, 19. Darcy Swain, 20. Michael Oakman-Hunt, 21. Matt Lucas, 22. Jordan Jackson-Hope, 23. Andrew Smith.


Joaquin Tuculet, 14. Ramiro Moyano, 13. Matias Orlando, 12. Jeronimo De La Fuente, 11. Emiliano Boffelli, 10. Nicolas Sanchez, 9. Gonzalo Bertranou, 8. Javier Ortega Desio, 7. Marcos Kremer, 6. Pablo Matera, 5. Tomas Lavanini, 4. Guido Petti, 3. Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, 2. Agustin Creevy, 1. Santiago Garcia Botta.

Replacements : 16. Julian Montoya, 17. Javier Diaz, 18. Juan Pablo Zeiss, 19. Matias Alemanno, 20. Leonardo Senatore, 21. Martin Landajo, 22. Bautista Ezcurra, 23. Bautista Delguy.


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