Bungling TV ref to be supported by SA Rugby




SA Rugby will take steps to help referee Linston Manuels regain his confidence after coming under public criticism for a mistake he made during the Vodacom Bulls and the Hurricanes game on Saturday.

Referees Manager Andre Watson says they have investigated the incident and considered all factors around Manuel’s decision to disallow the Bulls’ try. They found the try to have been legitimate and that Manuels had made a mistake.

‘Without going into reasons for his decision, it must be stated that it was a human error,’ says Watson. ‘The Television Match Official judged that the player did not make contact with the ball with his upper body.

‘We are taking remedial steps to make sure that similar incidents do not occur in the future. Having said that, we must also take into account that where people are involved, there are never any guarantees.’

As a short-term measure, Manuels will not be assigned TMO duty in the next few weeks while steps are being taken to help him. ‘We need to get his confidence back,’ says Watson. ‘He is one of our top referees, we rate him.’

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