Campese slams new Super Rugby format



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Former Wallabies winger David Campese has slammed SANZAR’s revised format for
Super Rugby which begins next month and is scheduled to be used for the next
five years.

SANZAR have increased Super Rugby to 18 teams and have placed the teams in
uneven Groups and Conferences.

The addition of a teams from Japan, Argentina and a sixth South African team
has increased the number of matches from 125 to 142 and there are concerns about
player welfare.

Teams will now get two byes in a season but some of the teams will have an
extraordinary amount of travel such as Japan’s Sunwolves who have been grouped
in an African Conference.

Campese who now works as a TV pundit for South Africa’s Super Rugby broadcaster
says that SANZAR have created a “nightmare” format.

“It’s ridiculous. They’re trying to create something that’s
not really viable,” Campese told Planet Rugby.

“Realistically it’s just going to be an absolute nightmare. There
doesn’t seem to be any thought going into the players’ welfare about
the travelling. No one seems to know. It’s an absolute mess.

“Money’s great, but on the other hand if you want to (increase the) competition
why not bring in the Pacific Islands as well? Why have you got to go to Japan?

“It’s a total mess and I think something major is going to happen to make
them change their mind.”

Campese says that the weakest part of the new tournament will be in South Africa
where a combination of stretching their player base to include the Kings coupled
with the weak Rand will only increase the exodus of players to overseas.

The former winger believes that SANZAR have overreached with the new format
and that players are not being rewarded financially as they should be.

“A couple of teams in Australia are running out of money and are up against
it with other major sports. You have to win, but you have to win with a bit
of style to get people to come back and watch, which is frustrating,” Campese

“In South Africa you’ve got six teams – two of them are basically club
teams. It’s a disaster.”

“That’s why players go to Europe, because obviously the Rand isn’t
great. They’re all in Europe and I wonder why…”

“(The organisers) maybe should have had a year off to get the best players
and formats in place. The Japanese team are going to have, I think, half a team
of foreigners – how is that good for Japanese rugby?

He added: “It’s the professional era and they’re trying to play a bit
like football but they haven’t got the wages to pay them like footballers have
they? It’s a total mess.”

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