Campo: ‘Tahs without heart’


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Waratahs and Wallaby legend, and current Sharks coaching consultant, David Campese, has taken aim at his old Sydney side, saying that it is not the poor run of results, but rather a lack of effort that is most disturbing about this years’ Waratahs.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Campese called for the embattled ‘Tahs to “take responsibility for such poor displays”.

Campese cites their stirring performance against the Crusaders as proof that they are able to perform, and he thus questions whether they have the hearts to put in an effort like that week in and week out.

“I am sick and tired of hearing them, with hands on their hearts, saying ‘it’s not much fun’ or ‘it’s frustrating’ or ‘we’re trying hard’ or ‘we know we let our supporters down’.

“That stuff has now become meaningless. The rot has gone on too long.

“People aren’t listening any more. They just want to see some improvement,” said the World Cup-winning Wallaby.

“These blokes are on big bucks. They live the privileged lives of professional footballers.

“They don’t have to do anything else with their time but practise and play the game.

“So why do they keep serving up such mindless and error-riddled performances?

“They make the same mistakes week in, week out. That is unforgivable.

“What do they do at training?

“Out on the field, they appear at times as though they have no idea what they want to achieve.

“I can tell you that the sale of Waratahs jumpers at my shop in The Rocks in Sydney is right down. The crowds at Aussie Stadium are falling, too. The Waratahs are losing the support of the faithful, and that only happens when people get disillusioned, not just with results, but the effort attached.

“The Brumbies were hungry last week. They defended as if their lives depended on holding out the Waratahs.

“As for the Waratahs, what did we see on attack?

“We saw blokes dropping the ball and we saw players looking to make holes but with no support players running off them.

“The Waratahs need to work harder off the ball.

“Take a look at the Sharks, the team I’m working with, or the Blues.

“When someone makes a break, they have four or five support players looming to take the next pass.

“We can only hope there is significant improvement tomorrow night because the Waratahs could easily finish with the wooden spoon if they lose this one.

“And, despite the injuries this season, that would take some explaining.”


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