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Cheetahs beat Sunwolves in Bloemfontein




The third match on Friday in Super Rugby Round 8 is in Bloemfontein where the Cheetahs host the Sunwolves.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.

In the meantime why not have a look at the match preview.

The Sunwolves kick off and the match is underway.

1.00: The Cheetahs kick the ball into touch which gives the Sunwolves a line out.

2.00: The Sunwolves win the line out and attack in the Cheetahs 22. The Cheetahs concede a penalty so the Sunwolves will kick for posts.

Tusi Pisi takes the kick and nails it. The Sunwolves lead.

6.00: The Cheetahs work the ball to the Sunwolves line and set up a line out. They win the line out and drive over the line and score. Torsten van Jaarsveld TRY!

7.00: Niel Marais takes the conversion kick and nails it.

9.00: The Cheetahs move the ball down the line and  Francois Venter races for the line and scores. TRY!

10.00: Marais adds the conversion.

12.00: The Cheetahs try to clear the ball but  Lodewyk de Jager kicks it straight into touch.

13.00: The Sunwolves win the line out but then knock on. The Cheetahs win the scrum but the Sunwolves turn the ball over.

14.00: Pisi boots the ball ahead and it gets charged down. The Cheetahs attack and get the ball into the Sunwolves 22. They go through a couple of phases and Uzair Cassiem powers over the line. TRY! Bonus point if it stays like this.

15.00: Marais takes the conversion kick from outwide. He nails it.

17.00: The cheetahs attack again and they use the inside pass to Raymond Rhule who slips through and scores. TRY!

18.00: Marais slots the conversion again.

20.00: The Cheetahs attack outwide and Sergeal Petersen gets the ball, slips off one tackle chips the ball ahead and gets the ball and scores. TRY!

Marais takes the conversion kick, hits the post.

24.00: Penalty to the Sunwolves from the scrum. They kick for touch.

25.00: The Cheetahs win the line out again and Shaun Venter races for the corner and scores. TRY!

26.00: Marais again has to kick from the touchline. He misses.

29.00: The Sunwolves get some rare ball from a Cheetahs upfield kick, they run it and then kick which gives the ball back to the Cheetahs who counter attack.

31.00: The Sunwolves turn the ball over and work it into the Cheetahs half. They win a penalty and will kick for the corner.

32.00: Sergeal Petersen gets the ball after a Sunwolves mistake at the line out and a kick upfield. He races for the line and scores. TRY!

33.00: Marais slots the conversion.

35.00: The Sunwolves get the ball in the Cheetahs half. They pass the ball down the line but the Cheetahs pick off a pass and they chip the ball ahead. The Sunwolves have to start their attack all over again.

36.00: Fred Zeilinga comes on for Clayton Blommetjies (blood). The Cheetahs have a scrum inside their half.

38.00: The Cheetahs win a penalty from the scrum and Zeilinga will kick for touch.

40.00: The siren sounds. The Cheetahs have the ball but there is an obstruction which ends the half.

It’s half time.

The half time score was Cheetahs 45 Sunwolves 3 

The Cheetahs kick off and the second half is underway.

42.00: The Cheetahs get the perfect start, they win the ball on the half way line and Cassiem passes to Petersen who passes to the tryscorer Hilton Lobberts. TRY!

43.00: Marais slots the conversion.

45.00: The Cheetahs attack in the Sunwolves 22 again after a penalty and quick tap and this time it’s Clayton Blommetjies who scores. TRY!

46.00: Marais adds the conversion.

47.00: The Sunwolves get the Cheetahs on the back foot with quick ball from a penalty. Derek Carpenter races for the line and scores. TRY!

49.00: Pisi adds the conversion. The Sunwolves have changed almost their whole pack.

52.00: The Cheetahs have the ball in the Sunwolves 22. It’s scrappy though and the Sunwolves turn the ball over and they attack but then knock on.

55.00: The Cheetahs win the scrum and run the ball but they make little ground and when they get to the other side they knock on.

57.00: The Sunwolves are getting more into the match now. They get the ball into the Cheetahs 22 and win a penalty. They run the ball.

59.00: The Sunwolves press the Cheetahs further back in tehir 22. Another penalty, they tapo the ball and get to the 5m line. Another penalty. Ed Quirk goes for the line but is stopped short. The Sunwolves keep the ball moving and Mifiposeti Paea scores in the corner.

60.00: Pisi takes the conversion kick and nails it from the touchline.

63.00: The Sunwolves try to move the ball wide under their posts and a pass goes loose and Paul Schoeman grabs it and scores. TRY ! 10th try.

Marais adds the conversion from in front.

70.00: The Cheetahs win a scrum on the 5m line. They drive over the line and Jacques du Toit scores. TRY!

70.00: Marais misses the conversion.

74.00: The Cheetahs turn the ball over deep in their half and run the ball. Petersen gets the ball and runs for the after chasing a chip kick and he scores. TRY!

75.00: Marais adds the conversion.

78.00: Petersen gets away again and races in for his fourth TRY! Actually no at the last minute he gave the ball to Schoeman.

Marais adds the conversion.

79.00: Schoeman who just scored the try gets into space and runs on to score his hat trick TRY!

The conversion is added by Marais.

Thats it. Cheetahs win.

The full time score Cheetahs 92 (45) Sunwolves 17 (3)


Tries -T. Van Jaarsveld, F.Venter, U.Cassiem, R.Rhhule, S.Petersen 3 , S.Venter, H.Lobberts, C,Blommetjies, J.du Toit, P.Schoeman 3
Pen –
Con -N.Marais 10
Drop –
Cards –

Tries -D.Carpenter, M.Paea
Pen – T.Pisi
Con – T.Pisi 2
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Nic Berry
Assistant Ref 1:Angus Gardner
Assistant Ref 2:Lourens van der Merwe
TMO :Marius Jonker



1. Charles Marais , 2. Torsten van Jaarsveld , 3. Maks van Dyk , 4. Lodewyk de Jager (vc) , 5. Francois Uys , 6. Hilton Lobberts , 7. Uzair Cassiem , 8. Paul Schoeman , 9. Shaun Venter , 10. Neil Marais , 11. Raymond Rhule , 12. Francois Venter (C) , 13. Nico Lee , 14. Sergeal Petersen , 15. Clayton Blommetjies

Replacements: 16. Jacques du Toit , 17. Danie Mienie , 18. Johan Coetzee , 19. Carl Wegner , 20. Henco Venter , 21. Oupa Mohoje , 22. Tian Meyer , 23. Fred Zeilinga


1. Masataka Mikami , 2. Shota Horie , 3. Takuma Asahara , 4. Hitoshi Ono , 5. Liaki Moli , 6. Tomas Leonardi , 7. Andrew Duratolo , 8.Edward Quirk , 9.Yuki Yatomo , 10.Tusi Pisi , 11.Mifiposeti Paea , 12.Derek Carpenter , 13.Harumichi Tatekawa , 14.Viliami Lolohea , 15.Riaan Viljoen

Replacements : 16.Takeshi Kizu , 17.Ziun Gu , 18.Shinnosuke Kakinaga , 19.Faatiga Lemalu , 20.Yoshiya Hosoda , 21.Kaito Shigeno , 22.Yu Tamura , 23.Yasutaka Sasakura


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