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Cheika : Super Rugby should run uninterrupted




Wallabies head coach Michael Cheika says that the window for the June Internationals should be scrapped so that Super Rugby can run uninterrupted.

World Rugby officials have been meeting to discuss the possibility of a global season from 2019 which would align the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Currently when the Northern Hemisphere teams tour the Southern Hemisphere in June they are at the end of their season while the SH teams tour the NH in November which is at the end of their season so team never meet at similar times in their seasons.

The Southern Hemisphere season runs from February to November (sometimes into December) while the Northern Hemisphere runs from August to June (sometimes into July).

Cheika says that he does not agree with the idea of his players changing between club to national duty and then back to their clubs in June.

“I think the idea of an unbroken Super Rugby season is much better from a fan’s perspective,” Cheika told the SMH.

“[You] have to be conscious of fans because they are the ones paying to watch the rugby. In Super Rugby, an unbroken season would be a positive for the tournament and for the popularity of rugby in our country. ”

“We have a lot competition from other sports … to have continuity would be good.”

Cheika does however hold little faith that his plea to scrap the Test window will amount to much.

“At end of the day, there are some powerbrokers way above my pay grade playing this game around organising this global season,” Cheika said.

“I don’t think what I say is going to make much of a difference.”

Argentina have moved their final Rugby Championship match to London England this weekend in a bid to grow the game (and gate revenue) and Cheika supports the move just as long as it does not cost Australia home advantage.

“I think nowadays you are able to play anywhere to be honest with the opportunities,” Cheika said.

“You see different games touted at different venues. That’s the commerce of the game. For us it’s exciting. To think of Australia versus Argentina in England back in the day, you wouldn’t have imagined it.”

“Stadia are tendering for games. Everyone’s into it. For us in Australia we only get a few games a year at home. ”

“We love playing in front of our home crowd. [We] wouldn’t be too keen on letting any of our home tests going abroad, I can assure you of that.”

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