Chiefs draw with Cheetahs in Hamilton



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Last week the Chiefs were played off the park by the Stormers who put in what looked to be the most complete performance of the tournament. The question is – were the Chiefs that bad or were the Stormers that good ?

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The Cheetahs kick off and we are underway.


2.00: The Cheetahs win the first line out but they give away a penalty so Donald will kick for posts.


3.00: Donald takes the shot and misses.


4.00: Tim Nanai-Williams makes a break and passes to the back line and the support comes in Colin Bourke who makes a little more ground and then reaches for the line and scores!


5.00: Stephen Donald takes the conversion kick and misses.


6.00: The Chiefs give away a penalty so Naas Olivier takes a shot at the posts and nails it from almost the touchline.


8.00: The Chiefs are working together well as they run the ball into the  Cheetahs 25. The Cheetahs give away a penalty so the Chiefs take it quickly and send a long wide pass out to Dwayne Sweeney who scores in the corner.


10.00: Stephen Donald takes the conversion kick and sends it well wide.


11.00: A high tackle by the Chiefs sees the Cheetahs getting a penalty which they take quickly and dart for the line. As they go over the line Sarel Pretorius loses the ball forward. Chiefs 5m scrum.  


12.00: The chiefs win the scrum and clear the ball.


14.00: The Cheetahs suffer a blow as Sarel Pretorius comes off and Tewis de Bruyn comes on.


16.00: The Chiefs put the Cheetahs under pressure in their 25. Nokwe has to carry the ball over the line so we have a Chiefs 5m attacking scrum.


18.00: The Chiefs win the scrum and swing the ball wide. They go through the phases go over at the 5m line. They are however held up. The Chiefs recycle and swing the ball to Nanai-Williams who is taken high but the game continues and after a couple more phases Toby Smith goes over.


19.00: Stephen Donald takes the conversion and again misses.


21.00:The Cheetahs win a line out and set up a maul. The maul gets some serious momentum and drives over for the try. Davon Raubenheimer comes up with the ball.


22.00: Olivier takes the conversion and nails it.


25.00: The Cheetahs get another penalty so Olivier gets another chance to add some points. He just misses.


28.00: The Chiefs start to pick away at the Cheetahs defence. The Cheetahs get a penalty so Donald will take another shot at posts. The crowd boos as he has missed a few already. This one he misses again – probably the worst.


32.00: Another penalty by the Cheetahs so this time Donald kicks for the corner.


33.00: The Chiefs win the line and drive for the line. The maul edges forward and Hika Elliot scores the bonus point try.


34.00: Donald takes the conversion and improves the shot but still misses.


35.00: Sitiveni Sivivatu makes some ground for the Chiefs but as the Chiefs recycle they get shoved into touch.


38.00: The Cheetahs start to move the ball out of their half but they get blown up for not releasing. Donald kicks for the corner.


39.00: The Chiefs win the line out and again set up the maul. Juan Smith pulls the maul down but the Chiefs drive over and the get held up. We go back for the penalty of pulling the maul down.


40.00: We have time for a scrum.


41.00: The Chiefs win the scrum. They work the ball to the middle. Phase after phase as the Chiefs get closer and closer. Bourke gets close and they recycle out to Sweeney on the wing who goes over and is tackled by Nokwe. We go upstairs to check if he scored. Held up and rolled over by Daniller – no try. It’s half time.


The half time score was Chiefs 20 Cheetahs 10


The second half is underway.


42.00: The Cheetahs start well considering how they spent most of the first half going backwards and hold the Chiefs close to the half way line.


43.00: Olivier boots the ball downfield and the Chiefs have to start their attack all over again.


44.00: The Chiefs get the Cheetahs on the backfoot and the teams have to chase the ball to the line. The Chiefs get to the ball and Hika Elliot goes for the line but is held out. They swing the ball wide and the Cheetahs turn it over.


45.00: After a moment of madness Nokwe kicks and chases the ball, he kicks again and goes to gather the ball over the line and misses it completely. Try gone begging.


47.00: The Cheetahs keep the territorial attack going and drive over the line but are held up.


48.00: The Cheetahs go again for the line and this time WP Nel goes over for the Cheetahs second try.


49.00: Naas Olivier takes the conversion and nails it.


53.00: The ball is really starting to roll the Cheetahs way. The Chiefs backline fumbles the ball and the Cheetahs recycle and Meyer Bosman scores their third try.


54.00: Naas Olivier misses the conversion. Cheetahs still lead though.


56.00: Richard Kahui comes off and Stephen Donald comes off – after a bit of a bad night.


58.00: The Chiefs get a penalty so Bruce kicks for posts but misses.


59.00: The Cheetahs seem to sense something here and they are playing with confidence not seen since the early rounds.


61.00: The Cheetahs leave the ball unprotected at the breakdown and the Chiefs pounce on it. Elliot gets in behind the Cheetahs and Latimer makes good ground. Messam gets the ball and powers over – taking the lead.


62.00: The conversion is missed.


66.00: The Chiefs step up the attack and work the ball into the Cheetahs half and then the 25. The Chiefs start to get some quick ball and recycle but the Cheetahs defend so well they get a penalty and clear the ball.


68.00: The Cheetahs show some good backline skills and as they go forward the Chiefs defence gives away a penalty.


69.00: Olivier takes the kick and nails it to level the scores.


73.00: The Chiefs continue to attack the Cheetahs but they keep them pinned back near the half way line.


77.00: The Cheetahs start to play a clever game and get the ball into the Chiefs half. They drive the Chiefs further back and look for the penalty.


78.00: The Chiefs manage to prevent giving away a penalty and get a scrum – in their half. A penalty now would surely hand the game to the Cheetahs.


79.00: Leonard darts off the back of the scrum but gets caught.


80.00: The clock ticks past 80 but the Chiefs have the ball – the siren goes, the Cheetahs push the attack into touch and thats it. It’s a draw.



The final score is Chiefs 25 Cheetahs 25


Tries – C. Bourke, D. Sweeney, T.Smith, H.Elliot, L. Messam 
Pen –
Con –
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – D. Raubenheimer, WP Nel, M Bosman
Pen – N Olivier 2
Con – N Olivier 2
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee:Bryce Lawrence (New Zealand)
Referee: Garratt Williamson (New Zealand), Shane McDermott (New Zealand)
Assistant referees: Josh Noonan (New Zealand)


Chiefs – 15 Tim Nanai-Williams, 14 Dwayne Sweeney, 13 Jackson Willison, 12 Callum Bruce, 11 Sitiveni Sivivatu ,10 Stephen Donald, 9 Junior Poluleuligaga, 8 Colin Bourke, 7 Tanerau Latimer, 6 Liam Messam (c), 5 Culum Retallick, 4 Craig Clarke, 3 Nathan White, 2 Hika Elliot, 1 Toby Smith.

Reserves: 16 Vern Kamo, 17 James McGougan, 18 Kevin O’Neill, 19 Sione Lauaki, 20 Brendon Leonard, 21 Richard Kahui, 22 Jason Hona.

Cheetahs – 15 Hennie Daniller, 14 Danwel Demas, 13 Corne Uys, 12 Meyer Bosman, 11 Jongi Nokwe, 10 Naas Olivier, 9 Sarel Pretorius, 8 Davon Raubenheimer, 7 Juan Smith (c), 6 Hendro Scholtz, 5 Izak van der Westhuizen, 4 Barend Pieterse, 3 WP Nel, 2 Ryno Barnes, 1 Wian du Preez.

Reserves: 16 Adriaan Strauss, 17 Coenie Oosthuizen, 18 Nico Breedt, 19 Philip van der Walt, 20 Tewis de Bruyn, 21 Riaan Viljoen, 22 Robert Ebersohn.

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