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Chiefs beat Blues in Hamilton



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Super Rugby reaches it’s seventh round this weekend and the action starts on Friday in Hamilton where the Chiefs host the Blues.

Match detail.

We are waiting for the kick off.

In the meantime why not have a look at the match Preview. 

Aaron Cruden kicks off and we are underway.

2.00: The first penalty of the match goes to the Blues. They choose the line out. The Blues win the line out and Ihaia West and Rene Ranger blast through the Chiefs but are then caught. The Chiefs defend and kick the ball into touch.

4.00: The Chiefs defend several attacks from the Blues before the ball goes into touch.

5.00: The Chiefs win a line out and attack the Blues in their 22. The ball goes through a couple of phases and Brad Weber goes for the corner. The ball is passed out and a try looks to have been scored. The TMO will check. “Weber was not clearly in touch” is the ruling and Mitchell Graham has scored the TRY!

6.00: Damian McKenzie takes the conversion kick but misses.

10.00: The Blues work the ball up to the half way line but their passing is so deep they effectively get pushed back into their half. They break out and Melani Nanai races down the wing. There looks to be an early tackle by Sam Cane so we go to the TMO to check. Could even be a penalty try here. Lots of replays being viewed while a Blues player is helped on the field. Piers Francis has now come off and George Moala is on. Francis is being driven off in the medical buggy on a stretcher. Game back on and the Blues get a penalty for the tackle. They kick for touch and the line out.

12.00: The Blues win the line out and attack. The Chiefs press them back and turn the ball over. They get the ball out of their 22 and then there is a knock on.

15.00: The Blues get the ball back into the Chiefs 22. They go through 5 phases and win a penalty in front for offside. West will take a shot at the posts.

16.00: West slots the penalty and the Blues are on the board.

18.00: The Blues get the ball from the kick off and they go through 6 phases and get the ball back into the Chiefs 22. They look dangerous but then they knock on. Sam Cane is having a big game in tackling. He does however have to come off for the blood bin having taken a knock.

20.00: The Blues attack in the Chiefs 22 but the final pass goes to ground and into touch. The Chiefs concede a penalty at the line out.

21.00: West kicks for touch and sets up a line out in the Chiefs 22. The Blues win the line out and West slips through and offloads, the ball goes to Shaun Stevenson of the Chiefs and he races away. The Chiefs concede a penalty at the breakdown after he kicks and chases the ball.  Blues kick for touch.

24.00: The Chiefs win the line out and Charlie Ngatai races through the Blues but is stopped short. The Chiefs recycle the ball and go wide to Shaun Stevenson who scores. TRY! 

25.00: McKenzie lines up the conversion kick, he smiles but it then goes across the face of the posts.

27.00: The Chiefs are on the attack again. They get the ball into the Blues 22 but then concede a penalty (Rene Ranger) at the breakdown. West kicks for touch.

29.00; The Chiefs win a line out but as they start to build their attack they knock on.

32.00: The Chiefs win another line out but this time they kick deep. The Blues counter attack. The Blues go through the phases and make ground but then get pushed into touch.

33.00; The Chiefs attack again and Sam Cane – who is back on with a bandaged head – makes a break but the Chiefs get caught and Bryn Hall wins a penalty for the Blues at the breakdown. West again kicks for touch.

36.00: Penalty to the Blues. West signals that he will kick for posts.

37.00: West takes the kick and nails it. The Chiefs lead by four.

39.00: The Chiefs work the ball into the Blues 22 but the Rene Ranger wins a penalty for the Blues again at the breakdown.  The Blues take a scrum and kick the ball into touch as the siren sounds.

Penalty conceded count : Blues 1 Chiefs 9.

Its half time.

The half time score was Chiefs 10 Blues 6

The Blues kick off and the second half is underway. Stephen Donald has come on for the Chiefs.

41.00: The Blues almost get the perfect start as they win the ball back and get to the 5m line before they knock on.

42.00: Melani Nanai gets the ball almost on the half way line and he slices through the Chiefs and races for the posts and scores. Stunning TRY!

43.00: West converts and the Blues lead.

45.00: Rene Ranger opens up the Chiefs with a wide pass, the Blues get stopped but Ranger comes in and wins the ball and passes to Rieko Ioane who races for the line and scores. TRY!  The Chiefs and the fans are stunned.

46.00: West slots the conversion and the Blues lead by 10.

47.00: The Chiefs look to hit back and work the ball into the Blues 22 but the Blues defend and the ball is taken into touch.

48.00: the Chiefs win the line out and attack the Blues. They go through 10 phases and get to the 22m line , Aaron Cruden gets the ball and races for the line, he is tackled but slides over the line and scores. TRY!

50.00: McKenzie misses the conversion.

51.00: The Chiefs are far from being done. They go on the attack and get to the Blues 5m line but they knock on.

54.00: The Chiefs win the ball from a line out in the Blues 22. After 5 phases McKenzie gets the ball and gets to the Blues 5m line. The Blues however turn the ball over but knock on. Chiefs scrum about 10m out.

56.00: The Chiefs get the ball from the scrum and  Seta Tamanivalu cuts inside and slips off a Ranger tackle and scores. TRY!

57.00: McKenzie takes the conversion kick and nails it from out wide. The Chiefs lead again.

59.00: The Blues go on the attack in the Chiefs half. They go through 5 phases and the Chiefs try to drag them into touch. The Blues get the ball away and change sides but on the 7th phase the Chiefs win a penalty. They tap it and run.

62.00: The Blues have the ball on attack just inside the Chiefs half. As they try to press forward the Chiefs win a penalty at the breakdown.

63.00: Stephen Donald has taken a head knock so he has to come off for a blood bin. Tawera Kerr-Barlow comes in and goes to 12. Tevita Li kicks for touch but the ball goes out on the full.

64.00: The Chiefs win the ball and Cruden takes a shot with a drop goal. He misses.

65.00: The Blues kick for the corner and set up a line out. The Chiefs win the line out and try to run it. They get caught and have to retreat and McKenzie kicks for touch.

68.00: The Blues attack but the final pass goes forward and into touch. The Chiefs get a choice of a line out or scrum. They choose the line out.

69.00: The Chiefs go long with the line out, too long and Billy Guyton gets the ball and kicks upfield. The Chiefs counter but the Blues win the ball and they attack. The ball is passed into touch. There will be a break in play as Sam Henwood is down injured.

70.00: The match resumes. The Chiefs kick deep and Stephen Luatua calls the mark so the Blues get a drop out.

71.00: The Chiefs win the line out and run hard at the Blues.

73.00: The Chiefs go through 8 phases on attack.  Siegfried Fisi’ihoi goes hard on attack and the Chiefs continue the attack. Lutua turns the ball over and the Blues race down the wing. The Chiefs scramble and kick deep to the Blues.

75.00: The Chiefs trap the Blues behind their tryline and they have to dot the ball down. Chiefs 5m scrum. There is a break in play for Tawera Kerr-Barlow who gets some bandages on his head.

76.00: The scrum has to be reset. The ball goes in for a second time. The ball goes to the Chiefs. They go to the left and get stopped. Retallick gets the ball and charges through a gap and scores. TRY! Bonus point.

78.00: McKenzie takes the conversion kick – he nails it and the Blues have lost the bonus point.

79.00: Blake Gibson has a run for the Blues but gets taken into touch. The Blues win the ball from the line out.

80.00: The Blues win a penalty after the siren. The Blues will kick for posts.

81.00: West takes the kick and nails it. Bonus point for the Blues.

Thats it – the Chiefs have won.

The score after 80 minutes is Chiefs 29 (10) Blues 23 (6)


Tries – M.Graham, S.Stevenson, A.Cruden,  S. Tamanivalu, B.Retallick
Pen –
Con – D.McKenzie 2
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – M. Nanai, R. Ioane
Pen – I.West 3
Con – I.West 2
Drop –
Cards –

Attendance : 20990

Match Officials
Referee: Jamie Nutbrown
Assistant Ref 1:Chris Pollock
Assistant Ref 2:Kane McBride
TMO : Shane McDermott



1. Mitchell Graham , 2. Hika Elliot, 3. Atu Moli , 4. Dominic Bird* 5. Brodie Retallick , 6. Maama Vaipulu , 7. Sam Cane (cc) 8. Michael Leitch , 9. Brad Weber, 10. Aaron Cruden (cc) 11. James Lowe , 12. Charlie Ngatai , 13. Anton Lienert-Brown , 14. Shaun Stevenson , 15. Damian McKenzie

Replacements : 16. Rhys Marshall, 17. Siate Tokolahi , 18. Siegfried Fisi’ihoi , 19. Taleni Seu, 20. Sam Henwood, 21. Tawera Kerr-Barlow , 22. Seta Tamanivalu , 23. Sam McNicol

*denotes Chiefs debut


Sam Prattley, James Parsons (c), Charlie Faumuina, Hoani Matenga, Josh Bekhuis, Joe Edwards, Blake Gibson, Steven Luatua; Bryn Hall, Ihaia West, Tevita Li, Piers Francis, Rene Ranger, Rieko Ioane, Melani Nanai.

Replacements: Quentin MacDonald, Namatahi Waa, Ofa Tu’ungafasi, Akira Ioane, Kara Pryor; Billy Guyton, Matt McGahan, George Moala.

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