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Chiefs beat Crusaders in Fiji




Super Rugby returns from a one month long break on Friday with a historic first ever match in Fiji between the Chiefs and the Crusaders.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. Conditions are very humid and its very wet.

In the meantime why not have a look at the match preview.

0.001; Richie Mo’unga kicks off and the first ever Super Rugby match in Fiji is underway.

2.00: The Crusaders get the first penalty of the match. Mo’unga kicks to the corner in the rain and finds touch on the 5m line.

3.00: The Crusaders win the ball from the line out and the Chiefs don’t contest. The Crusaders get another penalty and the Chiefs are on a warning already. Mo’unga takes the line out kick again.

4.00: The Crusaders win the line out again and attack. They win another penalty as they try to go wide for tackling a player without the ball. Crusaders take the line out again.

5.00: The Crusaders win the line out, use the maul and drive over the line. The Chiefs get the turnover so they will have the 5m scrum put in. Even Nemani Nadolo came into the maul there.

6.00: The Chiefs win the scrum and pass the ball back, as they go to run the ball  Anton Lienert-Brown knocks on and the ball goes to ground off the post. Crusaders 5m scrum.

7.00: The Chiefs put in a massive scrum, they win the ball and kick upfield. The Crusaders begin their counter attack.

9.00: Both sides throw everything into attack and the ball changes sides several times. The Chiefs end up as the effective winners as the ball goes into touch near the Crusaders 22.

11.00: The Crusaders win a line out and attack the Chiefs. They try to get the ball out of their half but knock on. Chiefs scrum.

13.00: The Chiefs win the scrum. It’s messy though. They get the ball back and work it down the line. The Chiefs go through 6 phases but make no ground as they go from side to side. McKenzie chips the ball ahead.

14.00: The ball goes over the try line and Dagg secure it. Andy Ellis catches the Chiefs asleep with a tap. The Crusaders attack and get into the Chiefs 22. Nadolo gets them to the 5m line and the Crusaders attack into front of the posts.

15.00: The Crusaders power their way over the line but are held up and get the 5m scrum put in.

17.00: The Crusaders win a penalty after the scrum.They choose to take a shot at the posts.

18.00: Mo’unga takes the penalty shot. He nails it. Crusaders lead.

21.00: The Chiefs catch the Crusaders defence napping as they pass the ball down the line after a maul.  Seta Tamanivalu chips the ball ahead and James Lowe gets through in space and scores the TRY!

22.00: Damien McKenzie h adds the conversion. Chiefs lead. Hiroshi Yamashita comes off for a concussion test.  Atu Moli is on.

24.00: Andy Ellis tries to clear the ball into touch. He puts it straight into touch though. The Chiefs take it quickly and attack.

25.00: The ball is turned over by the Crusaders and Mo’unga chips ahead. The Chiefs get the ball and attack but there is a knock on.

27.00: The Crusaders attack with the ball, they get pressed back into their half but then break out. The ball is lost in the tackle by Matt Todd and the Chiefs send it well back upfield.

28.00: The Chiefs win the line out and then as they change sides they win a penalty from the ruck. Stephen Donald has taken a knock. McKenzie will have a shot at goal.

30.00; McKenzie slots the penalty and extends the Chiefs lead. Hiroshi Yamashita is back on.

31.00: The Chiefs look to be going through the motions in attack but suddenly Damien McKenzie slices through and beats four Crusaders and offloads to Brad Weber who scores. TRY!

33.00: McKenzie adds the conversion.

35.00: The match is paused while Hika Elliot gets some medical attention. He limps back to the pack and readies for a scrum.

37.00: The Chiefs win a scrum. They clear the ball and it goes to Israel Dagg. The Crusaders boot the ball back down into the Chiefs 22 but James Lowe kicks it back and finds touch near the Crusaders 22.

39.00: The Crusaders are kicking a lot of ball away. Mo’unga kicks up but the Chiefs boot it back and the ball goes over the tryline. Dagg dots it for the 22 drop out. The Crusaders kick off and McKenzie goes for the drop goal but misses.

40.00: The ball is eventually taken into touch as the siren sounds. There is time for the line out.

41.00: The Crusaders get the ball after the line out, From their 22 they get the Chiefs on the backfoot and after some quick hands across the field, Jone Macilai scores in the corner. TRY! Jordan Taufua sucked in the final two defenders and offloaded to Macilai perfectly.

42.00: Mo’unga takes the conversion from out wide. He nails it. Wobbly but it’s over.

It’s half time.

The half time score was Chiefs 17 Crusaders 10

The second half is underway. Toni Pulu failed a concussion test during half time so Sam McNicol is on.

42.00: The Crusaders make a solid start but there is a double knock on – both sides so the Chiefs have a scrum.

44.00: The Crusaders come away with the ball and attack in the Chiefs 22. They pass the ball down the line but Stephen Donald gets an intercept. He offloads to Hika Elliot who chips ahead and Sam McNicol chases the ball and the Chiefs score,  There is a potential knock on or foot in touch so the TMO is called in. There is a foot in touch. No try.

45.00: The Crusaders concede a penalty. Mckenzie will have a shot while Stephen Donald limps from the field. Aaron Cruden will come on. McKenzie misses. No change in the score.

47.00 Cruden comes on. Joe Moody and Mike Alaalatoa come on for Wyatt Crockett and Owen Franks.

51.00: Penalty to the Chiefs from the scrum. McKenzie goes to kick for touch but takes a quick one and the Chiefs run the ball attacking the Crusaders.

52.00: The Chiefs get the ball to the Crusaders 5m line, the Crusaders however turn the ball over and kick for touch. A fight breaks out. It dies down.

55.00: The Chiefs go through six phases on attack in the Crusaders 22. Sam Cane gets them to the line and the Crusaders (Ellis) go offside so the Chiefs have a penalty. Mckenzie will have a shot at goal from in front.

57.00: McKenzie slots the penalty and extends the lead.

59.00: The Crusaders attack inside the Chiefs half after a scrum. They get the advantage and then the penalty for binding at the scrum earlier. Mo’unga will kick to the corner.  Yamashita comes off and the Chiefs bring on a whole new front row.

62.00: The Crusaders win the line out and kick across but the Chiefs get the ball and dot it down behind the line for a 22 drop.

63.00: The Chiefs attack from their half. They run the ball at first and then kick. The Crusaders kick back and follow up. The Chiefs are under pressure and knock on.

65.00: The Crusaders win the ball from the scrum but Mo’unga gets trapped. The Chiefs get the ball and kick behind the Crusaders. The ball changes sides on the half way line before the Chiefs win it and attack.

66.00: As the Chiefs get into the Crusaders 22 they concede a penalty. Mo’unga kicks for touch.

68.00: The Crusaders set up a line out in the Chiefs 22. Somehow the Chiefs come away with the ball from a maul and Brodie Retallick races down the sideline. He is caught and the support knocks on.

71.00: Cruden clears the ball upfield after the scrum. The Crusaders get back and kick upfield but get called back for a penalty.

Penalty count against : Chiefs 8 Crusaders 4

72.00: Mo’unga kicks for touch and the line out.

74.00: The Crusaders win a penalty. Mo’unga lines up the posts. He nails it.

76.00: The Chiefs win a penalty and kick for touch, they set up a 5m line out. The Crusaders come away with the ball at the line out and try to clear but Nadolo’s kick is charged down. 5m scrum.

77.00: The rain has returned. The Chiefs come away with the ball and attack on the 5m line. They go through 6 phases and the ball goes dead. Crusaders put in.

79.00: The Chiefs win a penalty after the scrum. McKenzie will have a shot.

80.00: McKenzie slots it. The Chiefs win the match and take the top spot.

Thats it. Full time.

The full time score is Chiefs 23 (17) Crusaders 13 (10) 


Tries – J.Lowe, B.Weber
Pen – D.McKenzie 3
Con – D.McKenzie 2
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – J.Macilai
Pen – R.Mo’unga 2
Con – R.Mo’unga
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee: Nick Briant (New Zealand)
Assistant Ref 1:Paul Williams (New Zealand)
Assistant Ref 2:Jamie Nutbrown (New Zealand)
TMO : Glenn Newman (New Zealand)



1. Kane Hames, 2. Hika Elliot, 3. Hiroshi Yamashita, 4. Dominic Bird, 5. Brodie Retallick , 6. Taleni Seu , 7. Sam Cane (cc) 8. Tom Sanders, 9. Brad Weber, 10. Stephen Donald , 11. James Lowe , 12. Anton Lienert-Brown , 13. Seta Tamanivalu , 14. Toni Pulu , 15. Damian McKenzie

Replacements : 16. Nathan Harris, 17. Siegfried Fisi’ihoi , 18. Atu Moli , 19. Mitchell Brown , 20. Lachlan Boshier , 21. Tawera Kerr-Barlow , 22. Aaron Cruden, 23. Sam McNicol


1. Wyatt Crockett ,2. Codie Taylor , 3. Owen Franks , 4. Scott Barrett , 5. Samuel Whitelock , 6. Jordan Taufua , 7. Matt Todd , 8. Kieran Read (c), 9. Andy Ellis , 10. Richie Mo’unga, 11. Nemani Nadolo, 12. David Havili, 13. Kieron Fonotia, 14. Jone Macilai, 15. Israel Dagg

Replacements : 16. Ben Funnell ,17. Joe Moody,18. Mike Alaalatoa,19. Jimmy Tupou,20. Jed Brown,21. Mitchell Drummond,22. Mitchell Hunt, 23. Sean Wainui

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