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Coetzee : “Springboks were embarrassed by NZ”


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South Africa’s head coach Allister Coetzee has admitted that his Springbok team were outplayed in their 15-57 loss to New Zealand’s All Blacks in Durban.

For the second week the Springboks – playing at home – were kept scoreless by a visiting side and after the loss Coetzee said he was embarrassed by the result.

New Zealand won all six matches in the tournament – claiming a try-scoring bonus point in every match – having wrapped up the title with two rounds remaining.

“It was painful, we have no excuses. They are world class and we are not there yet,” Coetzee said.

“We gave our best effort, but sometimes your best is still not good enough. That was the case here today. The players and coaches worked hard this week, but we have to have a hard look at ourselves. We are the only ones who can turn this around.”

The coach praised New Zealand, for retaining the standards that made them World Cup winners in 2011 and 2015.

“The All Blacks benefit from their system. There are not many players out there that can really strengthen our squad. We have to look at a number of areas, including our kicking game, our aerial skills and a number of other areas. That’s why the coaching indaba will be so important.

“As a country, we lack in certain skills and that is something we all need to work on.”

Coetzee lamented the fact that they gave the All Blacks easy possession and faded in the last 20 minutes, particularly following a yellow card to Lood de Jager with eight minutes to go.

“We gave them a sniff and they responded, especially when we had one player less on the field with the yellow card,” he said.

Coetzee pointed to the November tours and the urgency to get back up.

“We are under constant pressure to win tests. We are between a rock and a hard place, we need to blood new players at the beginning of a new four-year cycle, but we cannot experiment too much. We are embarrassed, but we need to stand up and show we have fight left in us.”

Springbok captain Adriaan Strauss congratulated the All Blacks.

“We were outclassed in that last 25 minutes. We could hold them for about 50 minutes, but then they were much better than us. Congratulations to them on this win and in winning the championship.”

The veteran hooker is adamant that the team can turn their form around.

“We have the talent, I am positive about the future,” said Strauss. “Tonight we were nowhere. We need to bounce back and show some resilience and character, but the talent is there to do that.”

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  1. Gordon Moulden

    8th October 2016 at 9:47 pm

    I’m not sure he’s the right coach because his preferred system is too conservative offensively. The Lions play a style much more suited to challenging NZ-style rugby, but he has expressed disinterest in it.

  2. Brian

    9th October 2016 at 2:31 am

    I agree with you.It was NOT only the players who were embarrased.The coach has no idea what he is doing,therefore the players look the same.The ENDLESS, AIMLESS KICKING was a gift to the All Blacks.The Lions plus all the N.Z.super rugby sides have proved beyond doubt how rugby should be played.Get Rid of this coaching team, or we will end up like Bafana Bafana.I wonder what happened to the International Rugby ruling that stated that any political interferance in a countrys sports bodies would lead to a ban of that country at international level.Is that not why were banned in the first place.Time to do it again.There is no place for politics in sport.SELECTION ON MERIT ONLY.That includes the coaching staff.

  3. Brian

    9th October 2016 at 2:39 am

    England will win by at least 30 points if you leave this gang in charge.N.Z. win 17 in a row,S.A. lose 17 in a row.What a joke we have become as a country.Winning is not important,so long as we get the money.Shades of Jacob Zuma.

    • Daniel

      9th October 2016 at 10:30 am

      The game has become corrupt beyond redemption it’s a joke mate

  4. Johann Fenske

    9th October 2016 at 5:59 pm

    It helps zero for us to complain about this joke of a coaching team SA is now stuck with. SARU will never get rid of them because that would mean admitting they were wrong. They would much rather just be happy with destroying the last bit of pride left in SA….! Sadly I myself can no longer support the boks.

    If I was NZ I would not find yesterdays victory very satisfying either. It was not a proper full strength team what was worthy in any way of being called Springboks. This is what happens with political agendas and interference.

    And yes, England who are on a fast rise with a world class coach will most definitely humiliate the Boks even more in November no doubt winning by record margins…

    And then people wondered why Adrian Strauss is retiring ????? Come on!

  5. Brian

    17th October 2016 at 7:02 am

    The MOST EMBARRASSED person should be YOU Mr Coetzee.You obviously have no idea or understanding of how the modern game is being played.Wake up or get out,for your own good,before you make a complete arse of yourself,& make us all the laughing stock of the world.( Like Bafana Bafana ).

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