Connolly against Super Rugby expansion




Former Wallaby coach John Connolly says that he is against the expansion of the Super 14 as he believes that the constant expanding of Super Rugby has reached a point where it is “a great competition”.

Super Rugby  has continually been expanded and improved from a South Pacific tournament to Super 6, Super 10, Super 12 and now Super 14.

Australia have driven the case for expansion largely due to them having no domestic rugby once the Tri Nations is over.

In that period South Africa have the Currie Cup and New Zealand have the Air New Zealand Cup.

Expanding the Super 14 will have a knock on effect on the two tournaments in South Africa and New Zealand as there is no “extra space” in the current rugby calendar.

Writing in his weekly column for The Age Connolly says that he hopes that little will change in the future of Super Rugby.

“I think we’ve arrived at a point where it’s now a great competition. Yet we’re still getting some pretty hare-brained ideas.” he says.

Connolly added that he has given up talking about an extra team from the Pacific Islands as it should have been added by now.

“Instead, we have this discussion about a team from Japan being added. Politically it might sound good, but there is no other upside.

“It wouldn’t help the competition at all,” he states.

Connolly also says that he is against a new proposal that would see teams playing more games as an extra round is added.

“There’s even been suggestions about making the Super 14 a round and a half, where a team plays each opponent once before playing an extra round against local Super 14 teams.” he said.

“Again, this makes no sense to me because it wouldn’t be fair. You could have weak teams or very strong teams in your country and you wouldn’t get a level playing field.”

“Expanding the Super 14 is not necessary and would benefit no one.” Connolly added.

SANZAR meet at the beginning of March in Dubai to discuss Super Rugby‘s expansion.

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