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Criticism comes with the job : Deans





Wallabies coach Robbie Deans says that the flak and criticism you get when the team does not do well comes with the territory and is to be expected.

Deans says that he is not surprised at the flak All Blacks coach Graham Henry has copped this season saying that it just comes with the territory.

Deans was tipped to take over the All Blacks following their earliest ever departure from the World cup last year but the NZRU kept Henry on which incensed many rugby supporters and still does.

Deans is back in Christchurch, where he is home for a week’s break between Tri-Nations games and said that expectations were just the same for him as for Henry for each test match.

“They all expect to win. That’s fine. That’s what we (coaches) pursue as well. It’s part of the territory.”he told the The Marlborough Express.

Deans added that there would never be a total consensus on team selections or philosophies. It goes back to that old saying that you can please some of the people some of the time – but not everyone all of the time.

“That’s just the way it is. No point in fighting it. People are entitled to their opinion. That’s good, they’re interested.”

“As a coach you put your time and energy into things which are important to your team.”

Deans also said that the Wallabies were expecting the All Blacks to come out firing last week at Eden Park after they were well beaten in Sydney.

What they didn’t expect was the margin of victory (39-10).

“It was always going to be like that and they (All Blacks) played very well.” Deans said.

“They were accurate. It was everything we anticipated but we weren’t able to, for whatever reason and there were many, put our print on the game as well.

“They just never allowed us to get on the front foot on the tackle line. It was probably one of the better performances we’ve seen from the All Blacks for some time.”

Deans says that players’ head space, the mental preparation, was the key to big games. “Obviously they were totally desperate and I’d like to think that our blokes weren’t off the pace to that end but it doesn’t take much, particularly once a bit of momentum has built, and the occasion, the cauldron and the last time at Eden Park (Australia last beat NZ at Eden Park in 1986).

“Things can get away from you a bit and before you know it, it’s too late.”

According to Deans a huge difference was the return of skipper Richie McCaw, “That was really evident physically, mentally and verbally.

“He leads and he also encourages others to follow and you could see them grow as time went on and as things started to go their way. They just grew with that and the players around him became even more effective.”

The Wallabies play the Springboks in two weeks time in South Africa and Deans will be desperate for his team to pick up their first away Tri Nations win in 15 attempts.

The stat of 15 successive away losses amazes Deans, “It’s a ridiculous lack of performance history. In this day and age of performance it’s ridiculous. Whether it’s an issue or not remains to be seen.”

Deans said he was thoroughly enjoying coaching the Australians and felt there was very little difference between them and the New Zealand players he has dealt with.

“He said they love the game and are quick to take things on board.”

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