Crusaders beat Highlanders in Christchurch





Almost anyone who follows Super Rugby thinks of the Crusaders and they almost always think of them winning.


They have after all won more Super Rugby titles than anyone else and even when they don’t walk away with the title they are almost always in the play offs.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


The match is underway.


1.00: Highlanders start well but the ball goes out and the Crusaders win the first line out. They swing it wide fast but it goes forward.


2.00: Highlanders have the heavier scrum and it pays off as they win a penalty from the scrum. It is however in their own half.


4.00: The game is being played mostly on or around the Highlanders 25 metre line. The teams are still feeling each other out.


5.00: The Highlanders give away a scrum penalty so Dan Carter takes the kick and misses.


6.00: A player from each side goes down injured so we have a short break for injury. The Highlanders player has been ruled out of further play so John Hardie comes on.


7.00: The Highlanders work the ball into the Crusaders half but then the Saders turn it over and run it back at the Highlanders.


8.00: Thomas Waldrom makes a break and makes good ground for the Crusaders. They keep it live and swing it wide but there is an intercept and after a couple of phases they kick it deep.


10.00: The Crusaders are starting to flow. They break and come close to scoring but the Highlanders defence stops them just 5m out.


12.00: The Crusaders set up a maul and drive over the line but they are held up. Scrum down.


14.00: The Highlanders put in a big scrum but they get caught offside as the scrum breaks so Dan Carter takes another shot at goal. This one he nails.


16.00: The Crusaders go on the attack again after a scrum. They go wide but the Highlanders defence holds them out. Its really all Crusaders attack and Highlanders defence.


18.00: Well the Crusaders are showing exactly how they want to play this season. Pressure and more pressure. They drive to the Highlanders line and Andy Ellis goes over and scores the first try.


20.00: Dan Carter clinically adds the conversion.


23.00: It’s been all Crusaders attack but now the Highlanders are starting to find some rythmn. They work the ball into the Crusaders half. It’s the best we have seen from the Highlanders. The pressure pays off as they get a penalty.


25.00: Matt Berquist takes the penalty kick but misses.


27.00: The Highlanders find a gap and Adam Thomson bolts for the line …..but he is called back as the ball was in touch.


30.00: The Highlanders can count themselves as lucky considering the wave after wave of attack that we have seen from the Crusaders. Many others team would be 20 or more behind by now.


31.00: The Highlanders turn the ball over and hold on to it. They soon get a penalty and kick for touch. It seems whenever the Highlanders hold on to the ball they get a penalty – yes twice – the rest has been Crusaders.


32.00: The Highlanders find a gap and swing it wide. They run the ball and as Patterson gets the ball 5m out he knocks on – Try gone begging.


35.00: As the Highlanders get some good go forward ball they knock on. The Crusaders defence is firing as well as their attack is.


36.00: The Highlanders are much more involved in the game now. Territory and Possession stats still favour the Crusaders but the Highlanders share is growing.


39.00: The Crusaders boot the ball but Paterson beats Guildford to the ball. Berquist looks to be coming off.


40.15: The siren goes for half time.


The half time score was Crusaders 10 Highlanders 0


The second half is underway.


44.00: A scrum gets re-set so the laws are not doing their work just yet. The Crusaders still attacking strongly.


45.00; The Crusaders swing it through the backline and Jared Payne knocks the ball on with his knee and chases the ball fast and dives on it and scores the second try.


46.00: Carter’s conversion misses.


48.00: The Highlanders drive back into the Crusaders and they come close. Carter fails to stop  Michael Hobbs  who drives on and scores for the Highlanders ! Jock will be so proud.


49.00;  Michael Hobbs coverts his own try.


52.00; The Crusaders win a scrum penalty so Dan Carter takes the shot and nails it extending the lead.


56.00: The Highlanders are charging back into this. They drive forward again to the line. Cowan pops the ball out and back to Hobbs who uses his momentum and twists through the tackle to score his second try !


57.00: Hobbs takes the conversion and nails it.


57.00: The Crusaders take note of this comeback and send Brad Thorn on.


59.00: The Highlanders are really fired up now. They sense a third straight upset. Somehow they have the Crusaders under the pump. Bekhuis is having a blinder of a game.


62.00: The Highlanders are probably getting a little overzealous now as they need to watch the penalties. They give one away and Carter kicks for posts. He misses.


64.00: Dan Carter shows some great hands as the Crusaders start to throw the ball around. They keep it live but they hold on too long and give away a penalty. Oh and now we have a nice punch up on the field. Cowan and Ellis are involved – I wonder why they don’t like each other ;-).


65.00; Cowan goes to the blood bin.


66.00: Michael Hobbs bangs over a penalty for the Highlanders so it’s a one point game.


69.00: The Crusaders are looking to win this now. They up the pace a bit but the Highlanders are just as hungry.


70.00: You could sense it was coming. The Crusaders flick the ball out to Zac Guildford who passes and then doubles back and goes again to score for the Crusaders.


71.00: Dan Carter nails the conversion.


76.00; The Crusaders give away a penalty so Michael Hobbs has a long shot at goal but misses – just to the right.


78.00: The Highlanders are not out of this yet. They are still playing with heart.


79.00: The Crusaders look for the bonus point try. They set up their attack in the corner. It starts to work. Sean Maitland drives over…that’s it bonus point try.


80.00: Carter curls in the conversion. That’s it full time.



The full time score is Crusaders 32 Highlanders 17


Tries – A Ellis, J Payne, ZGuildford,SMaitland  
Pen – Dan Carter 2
Con – Dan Carter 3
Drop –

Tries –  Michael Hobbs 2
Pen – Michael Hobbs
Con –  Michael Hobbs 2
Drop –

Match Officials
Referee: Chris Pollock (NZ)
Ass. Refs: Vinny Munro (NZ), Josh Noonan (NZ)
TMO: Kane McBride (NZ)


Crusaders : 1. Ben Franks , 2. Ti’i Paulo , 3. Owen Franks , 4. Sam Whitelock , 5. Isaac Ross , 6. Kieran Read (c) , 7. George Whitelock , 8. Thomas Waldrom , 9. Andy Ellis , 10. Dan Carter , 11. Zac Guildford , 12. Tim Bateman , 13. Robbie Fruean , 14. Jared Payne , 15. Colin Slade

Reserves :16. Quentin MacDonald , 17. Peter Borlase , 18. Brad Thorn , 19. Jonathan Poff , 20. Kahn Fotuali’i , 21. Adam Whitelock , 22. Sean Maitland

Highlanders : 1 Jamie Mackintosh ( vc ) , 2 Jason Rutledge , 3 Clint Newland , 4 Josh Bekhuis , 5 Tom Donnelly , 6 Adam Thomson , 7 Alando Soakai , 8 Nasi Manu , 9 Jimmy Cowan ( c ) , 10 Matt Berquist , 11 James Paterson , 12 Jayden Hayward , 13 Jason Shoemark , 14 Ben Smith , 15 Israel Dagg

Reserves, 16. Jason Macdonald , 17. Chris King , 18. Hayden Triggs , 19. John Hardie , 20. Sean Romans , 21. Michael Hobbs , 22. Fetu’u Vainikolo

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