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Crusaders beat Jaguares in Christchurch




The Crusaders have played the Jaguares just twice in Super rugby since the South American side joined Super rugby in 2016.

The Crusaders have won both matches against the Jaguares and they were on a home and away basis.

  • The Crusaders and Jaguares will clash for just the third time in Super Rugby, the Crusaders picked up a win in each of their last two meetings by an average margin of 22 points per game.
  • Only twice in Super Rugby history has the Grand Final been won by a team playing outside their home country (Crusaders def. Brumbies in 2000 & Crusaders def. Lions in 2017).
  • Nine of the last 13 Super Rugby Grand Finals have been decided by a margin of fewer than 10 points; though, only one of the last three fits that bill.
  • The Crusaders are undefeated in their last 30 Super Rugby games played on home soil (W29, D1); the last time they lost at home to a team from outside New Zealand was in Round 1, 2015 against the Rebels.
  • This will be the Crusaders’ 14th appearance in a Super Rugby Grand Final, more than twice as many as any other team (Brumbies – 6); they’ve won nine of their previous 13 including their last two on the bounce.
  • This will be the Jaguares’ first foray into a Super Rugby Grand Final; only four teams in Super Rugby history have won the Grand Final on their first attempt (Blues in 1996, Crusaders in 1998, Bulls in 2007, Reds in 2011).
  • The Jaguares have won five of their last six Super Rugby games away from home, including their last three on the bounce.
  • The Crusaders (33.2) and Jaguares (28.9) have scored more points per game than any other teams in Super Rugby 2019.
  • Sevu Reece (Crusaders) bagged a brace of tries against the Hurricanes in the semi-final to take his season tally to 15, just one shy of the Super Rugby record set by Ben Lam last season (16).
  • Guido Petti Pagadizaval (Jaguares) stole a brace of lineouts against the Brumbies in the semi-final to take his season tally to 13, three more than any other player in the competition and more than three times the Crusaders’ best (Scott Barrett, Kieran Read, Sam Whitelock – 4 each).

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick-off.

In the meantime why not have a look at the match preview.

The referee blows his whistle and the match is underway !!!

0.30: The Crusaders turn the ball over almost straight away but then the ball is turned over again and the Jaguares knock on.

1.30: The Crusaders win the scrum and fire the ball out to Sevu Reece on the wing and he races down the sideline but is tackled and the Crusaders knock on in the tackle.

3.00: The Jaguares win the scrum on the 5m line. They try to clear the ball but fail to find touch. The Crusaders start their attack.

4.00: The Crusaders go through 7 phases but then knock on. Four minutes in and we have our third scrum. All of the game has been played in the Jaguares half so far.

6.00: The scrum collapses. The Jaguares get the put in for the reset.

7.00: Jaguares win the scrum and kick it to the Crusaders who are in their half. They kick the ball back to the Jaguares who kick it out.

8.00: The Crusaders go long at the line out but they retain the ball. After a couple of phases, they knock on.

Territory: Crusaders 96% Jaguares 4%

9.00: The Jaguares win the scrum and again kick the ball away to the Crusaders. The Crusaders run it and then kick – the Jaguares kick deep – too deep. 22 drop out.

Turnovers conceded: Crusaders 5 Jaguares 1

13.00: The ball is knocked on again. The Jaguares win the scrum and run it up to the Crusaders 22m line. As they attack the ball is knocked down by a Crusader as the Jaguares pass the ball down the line.

Handling errors: Crusaders 5 Jaguares 1

14.00: The Jaguares win the scrum and run it. They get through the Crusaders first line of defence but are then stopped. They go wide but when nothing comes of the attack they are called back for a penalty as they had the advantage. Bonilla will have a kick for goal.

15.00; Joaquin Diaz Bonilla takes the kick and nails it. Jaguares lead 3-0.

17.00: The Crusaders go through the phases again keeping it tight but the Jaguares go in hard with the tackles and force another knock on.

Handling errors: Crusaders 6 Jaguares 1

21.00: The Crusaders go on the attack out wide but the final pass goes straight into touch.

22.00; The Jaguares win the line out and after two phases kick it away. The Crusaders pick and go a couple of times and then spill the ball again. The Jaguares run it but they get pushed into touch.

25.00: The ball is kicked into the air. There is a mad scramble for the ball and the Crusaders win it. Matt Todd rips it away and passes to Sam Whitelock who runs for the line, sucks in the defenders and then offloads to Codie Taylor who just gets over the line. TRY! 

26.00: Richie Mo’ungaa takes the conversion kick and nails it. Crusaders lead 7-3.

29.00: The Jaguares work the ball into the Crusaders 22. They go through 7 phases. It’s slow but steady and energy sapping. On the eighth phase the ball is lost and the Crusaders get the put in. Crusaders defence won that.

31.00: The Crusaders win a penalty from the scrum for illegal wheeling. Mo’unga boots the ball into touch for the line out. The line out from the Crusaders goes long and straight to Cubelli of the Jaguares. The Crusaders win the ball back but knock on near the sideline.

33.00: The Jaguares win the scrum, go through two phases and kick deep. The Crusaders go through a couple of phases and then Kieran Read knocks it on in the tackle.

Handling errors: Crusaders 9 Jaguares 2

34.00; Jaguares win the scrum and move the ball down the line to the wing. They change sides and the ball is high so the Jaguares knock it on. The Crusaders get the ball and kick it deep.

35.00: The Jaguares get to the ball and run it again so we are back to where the action was before the knock on. The Jaguares get through the Crusaders defence and to the line ….. but Matias Moroni knocks on in the tackle on the line !!! Try saving tackle from David Havili.

37.00: The Crusaders are forced to kick the ball into touch to exit their 22 but it is not great and the line out is on the 22.

38.00: The Jaguares win the line out and pass the ball down the line – and knock on.

40.00: The siren sounds as the Crusaders win the scrum and run the ball out of their 22. They get into the Jaguares 22 and win a penalty!

41.00: Mo’unga will kick for posts.

42.00; Mo’unga takes the kick – he nails it.

It’s half time. Crusaders lead 10-3.

The half time score was Crusaders 10 Jaguares 3

The second half is underway.

42.00: The Jaguares boot the ball deep to the Crusaders after a couple of phases and Mo’unga boots it back – straight into touch.

43.00: From nothing the Jaguares run the ball down the wing – the ball is chipped ahead and regathered and offloaded but the ball goes to ground. Jack Goodhue just manages to get the ball and stop the try. However, it is ruled that there was a knock on.

44.00: Free kick from the scrum to the Crusaders. They kick it upfield. There is another knock on.

46.00: The Crusaders win a penalty and kick for touch to set up a line out on the Jaguares 22.

49.00; The Crusaders have the ball on the Jaguares 5m line. 10 phases and on they go. They have the advantage and on they go – 12 phases but then its knocked on. We go back for the penalty for offside.

51.00: There is a quick tap and the ball is taken over the line. There are bodies everywhere and the ref was unsighted. Off we go to the TMO. Replays show that Todd did not get the ball on the ground. No try. Held up.

52.00: Jordan Taufua and Mitchell Drummond come on for the Crusaders. Crusaders win a penalty from the scrum as it disintegrated. Crusaders will have a shot at the posts.

53.00: Mo’unga nails the penalty. Crusaders lead 13-3.

54.00; Julian Montoya has come on for the Jaguares. The Jaguares have the ball inside the Crusaders half. They go through 8 phases on attack and then kick to the Crusaders who kick it back. Deep.

58.00: It’s slipping away for the Jaguares. They concede a penalty. Mo’unga lines up the posts. He nails it. Crusaders lead 16-3. Jaguares need to score two converted tries to win now.

62.00: The Jaguares work the ball into the Crusaders 22. Just as they start to look dangerous they knock on and the Crusaders get a boot to the ball and kick it deep.

64.00: The Jaguares chip the ball ahead and it is caught by Goodhue who slides into touch. The Jaguares win the line out and try to run the ball. The Crusaders get to the ball though and kill it.

66.00: The Jaguares win the scrum and attack in the corner. The ball goes into touch off a Crusader so the Jaguares have a 5m line out.

68.00: The Jaguares win the line out. After some action they kick to the corner and chase … the ball goes too far and just too quick. Could have been a try.

70.00: The Jaguares jump high for the ball – but knock on. They are trying a little too hard now and the Crusaders appear to have them where they want them.

73.00: Penalty to the Crusaders. Mo’unga lines up the kick

74.00: Mo’unga sneaks the ball over the bar and nails it.

75.00: Mo’unga comes off for the Crusaders.

76.00: The Crusaders are holding on to the ball when they can while the Jaguares are looking to run everything.

78.00: The Crusaders have the ball and are going through the phases. Slowly. Very … slowly.

79.00: 9 Phases and into the last minute of the match.

80.00: 12 phases and the Crusaders win a penalty as the siren sounds.

The Crusaders boot the ball into touch and win the match and the title.

Congratulations to the Crusaders. 

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The full time score is Crusaders 19 (10) Jaguares 3 (3)


Tries – C.Taylor
Pen – R.Mo’unga 4
Con – R.Mo’unga
Drop –
Cards –

Tries – J.Diaz Bonilla
Pen –
Con –
Drop –
Cards –

Match Officials
Referee:  Jaco Peyper
Assistant Ref 1: Mike Fraser
Assistant Ref 2: Paul Williams
TMO: Ben Skeen



15 David Havili, 14 Sevu Reece, 13 Braydon Ennor, 12 Jack Goodhue, 11 George Bridge, 10 Richie Mo’unga, 9 Bryn Hall, 8 Kieran Read, 7 Matt Todd, 6 Whetukamokamo Douglas, 5 Sam Whitelock (c), 4 Mitchell Dunshea, 3 Owen Franks, 2 Codie Taylor, 1 Joe Moody

Replacements: 16 Andrew Makalio, 17 George Bower, 18 Michael Alaalatoa, 19 Luke Romano, 20 Jordan Taufua, 21 Mitchell Drummond, 22 Mitchell Hunt, 23 Will Jordan


15 Emiliano Boffelli, 14 Matias Moroni, 13 Matias Orlando, 12 Jeronimo De La Fuente (c), 11 Ramiro Moyano, 10 Joaquin Diaz Bonilla, 9 Tomas Cubelli, 8 Javier Ortega Desio, 7 Marcos Kremer, 6 Pablo Matera, 5 Tomas Lavanini, 4 Guido Petti, 3 Santiago Medrano, 2 Agustin Creevy, 1 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro

Replacements: 16 Julian Montoya, 17 Mayco Vivas, 18 Enrique Pieretto, 19 Juan Manuel Leguizamon, 20 Tomas Lezana, 21 Felipe Ezcurra, 22 Domingo Miotti, 23 Sebastian Cancelliere

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