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Davies backs Six Nations vs TriNations match





Gareth Davies the former Wales and Lions fly-half says that plans to play an annual clash between the winners of the Six Nations and the Tri Nations is a good idea.

At this stage the proposal is still in the concept stage but will be discussed by the International Rugby Board this weekend. A likely venue is Hong Kong where Australia and New Zealand are set to meet later this year.

“It would be a great idea,” Davies told the BBC.

“A match between both hemispheres will be a good decider to where the real strength of world rugby lies.”

There was a North vs South match a couple of years ago when the South won. The match was a type of Barbarians fixture with a mixture of players in each team.

The match was played with an Adidas ball not the usual Gilbert ball and Southern Hemisphere players had advance practice with the ball while the Northern Hemisphere players struggled with the ball.
The match was a fundraiser for Tsunami victims.

The current proposal is for the winner of the Six Nations to play the winner of the TriNations each year.

Scheduling for the match could present a problem as the Six Nation takes place in February/ March while the TriNations takes place in July/August.

Should the match be played in September the TriNations would have a familiarity advantage.

Davies however says that a competitive match as opposed to “meaningless” games would help boost the game.

“There has been a big debate down in Australia over the last couple of weeks about the respective strengths and merits of northern hemisphere against southern hemisphere rugby,” he said.

“At the end of the day, I think a one-off test based on the winners of northern and southern hemisphere championships is better than the circuit of autumn internationals and other games that are played which are often fairly meaningless with meaningless teams.

“If you can have the winners of the Six Nations against the Tri Nations with full-strength sides it would be a spectacle rugby folk around the world would like to see.”

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