Deans laments lack of hunger




Crusaders coach Robbie Deans believes it was his side’s inability to match the hunger of the Brumbies last week that cost his side the game.

He warns that it is not a mistake that the Crusaders can afford to repeat this weekend when they host the Chiefs in Christchurch for their play-off decider.

“Last weekend’s trip to Canberra highlighted the importance of attitude, not just in big matches, but for any contest,” Deans wrote in his regular column for the Crusaders website.

“While we weren’t far from where we needed to be in that space, the Brumbies clearly were just that little bit hungrier.

“Their desperation was greater, and that manifested itself both in the way the contest unfolded out on the field, but also in the final score.

“As a result, we have it all to play for on Friday.”

Deans says his side will not focus upon the log points ramifications of their fixture, but simply upon the game at hand. Nevertheless, a lack of awareness of the log standings would be negligent.

“While the ramifications, in terms of the championship ladder, are not something we have put any focus on in our preparation for the game, we are aware of the consequences.”

Deans is wary of the onslaught that the Chiefs no doubt will provide.

“Looking at Friday, the Chiefs are an exceedingly dangerous opponent to be playing in their present state.

“Not only are they flush with the confidence that four consecutive wins brings – just as the Brumbies were prior to last weekend – the Chiefs will also arrive at Jade with a huge opportunity in front of them.

“If they win, the Chiefs will potentially advance to the semi-finals.

“The Chiefs players and fans will be excited, both about the contest and the opportunity it presents, and rightfully so.

“It’s going to be up to us, both as a Crusaders team, and with our supporters behind us, to match and better their enthusiasm for the contest.

“That’s the challenge ahead and it’s one that we, as a team, are excited about.”


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