Force beat the Highlanders in Qeenstown




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Afternoon matches normally mean more tries and more running rugby. This could suit the Force more than the Highlanders who have gone a little back into their shells lately.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


David Hill kicks off and we are underway.


1.00: The Highlanders start well running the ball into the Force’s half until a knock on goes in.  


4.00: The Highlanders win the first scrum of the match and they kick high behind the Force who fumble the ball and then kick for touch.


6.00: The Highlanders knock on in their 25 giving the Force a scrum.


7.00: The Force win the scrum but the Highlanders turn the ball over and run it catching the Force offside so the Highlanders clear the ball to safety with the penalty.


10.00: David Pockock gives away a penalty for offside so Matt Berquist gets a shot at goal.


10.00: Berquist nails the penalty so the Highlanders lead.


11.00: Fetu’u Vainikolo flies down the wing after breaking  a tackle and as he goes over for the try Pockock knocks the ball out of his hand saving the try.


16.00: The Force win a penalty so James O’Connor takes the shot at goal but misses.


19.00: The Highlanders win a penalty so Berquist takes another shot at goal and he nails it from a way out.


22.00: Jimmy Cowan is caught offside and committing a professional foul so he gets sent to the bin for 10 minutes. The Force run the ball at the Highlanders.


24.00: As the Force go forward they give away a penalty so the Highlanders clear the ball.


25.00: The Force win a scrum and pass to O’Connor who boots the ball downfield for the lineout. The Force steal the line out and run it to the middle.


26.00: The Force get a penalty in front of the posts and the Highlanders get a warning. The Force run the ball from 8m out and Shepherd goes over for the try. We go upstairs to check.


27.00: The Grounding is good so the try is awarded. O’Connor adds the conversion and the Force lead.


30.00: The Force give away a penalty so Berquist takes another shot at goal but misses.


33.00: Cowan is back on and the Force have an attacking scrum inside the Highlanders 25. They drive for the line but get held up.


35.00: Referee Jonker is taking no chances in this as a punchn up breaks out. He sends Clint Newland and Pek Cowan to the bin


36.00: The Force are back on attack and they drive over the line and Jonker puts his arm up for the try. We go upstairs to check. No try.


39.00: Jimmy Cowan gives away a penalty so the Force get another shot at goal.


40.00: O’Connor takes the shot and nails it.


That’s it – it’s half time. The Force have dominated territory in this half.


The half time score is Highlanders 6 Force 10


The second half is underway.


41.00: The Highlanders start well and win a penalty in front of the posts.


Matt Berquist takes the penalty and nails it.


44.00: The Highlanders are all over the Force in this half. They set up camp in the Force 25. They drive for the line and then go over. We go upstairs to check.


45.00 Chris King is awarded the try.


45.00 : Matt Berquist takes the conversion and misses.


47.00: The Force run the ball at the Highlanders, they kick for the corner and James O’Connor gathers the ball and scores in the corner.


48.00: O’Connor takes the conversion from the touchline and misses.


49.00: The Highlanders throw the ball around at pace which stretches the Force and they are all over the Force and Steven Setephano dives over for the try.


51.00: Berquist misses the conversion.


54.00: The Highlanders have really taken a step up here. They come close to scoring again but the Force just manage to turn it over and boot the ball to safety.


60.00: The Force run the ball at the Highlanders. James O’Connor has a couple of good runs as the Force enjoy a period of sustained pressure.


60.00: The Force spread the ball wide and after 9 phases Ryan Cross goes over for the try.


61.00: James O’Connor misses the conversion.


64.00: The Force give away a penalty so Berquist takes another shot at goal and this one he nails putting the Highlanders back in front.


69.00: The Force open up the Highlanders defence and David Pockock darts for the line. He passes to Justin Turner who scores the bonus point try.


70.00 : James O’Connor takes the conversion and nails it.


75.00: The crowd goes a little silent and suddenly Ryan Cross pops through a hole and runs off to score unders the posts for his second try. O’Connor adds the conversion.


79.00: It’s all the Force now as they keep finding holes in the Highlanders defence. They bust through again and this time it’s Cameron Shepherd who scores his second. O’Connor adds the conversion.


80.00: The Highlanders look to end on a high. Fetu’u Vainikolo dodges a tackle and scores in the corner. We go upstairs to check. Berquist misss the conversion. That’s it. The Force win.



The full time score is Highlanders 27 Force 41


Tries – C King, S. Setephano,  Fetu’u Vainikolo   
Pen – M. Berquist 4
Con –
Drop –
Cards – Jimmy Cowan (21) Yellow, Clint Newland (34) Yellow


Tries – C. Shepherd 2, J. O’Connor, R. Cross 2, J Turner
Pen – J. O’Connor
Con – J. O’Connor 4
Drop –
Cards – Pek Cowan (34) Yellow.


Match Officials
Referee: Marius Jonker (South Africa)
Assistant referees: Keith Brown (South Africa), Josh Noonan (South Africa)
Television match official: James McPhail (South Africa)


Highlanders :1 Chris King 2 Jason Rutledge 3 Clint Newland 4 Josh Bekhuis 5 Hayden Triggs 6 Adam Thomson (vc) 7 Alando Soakai 8 Steven Setephano 9 Jimmy Cowan ( c ) 10 Mat Berquist 11 Fetu’u Vainikolo 12 Jason Shoemark 13 Kenny Lynn 14 Ben Smith 15 Israel Dagg

Reserves: 16. Jason Macdonald 17. Bronson Murray 18. Joe Tuineau 19. Tim Boys 20. Sean Romans 21. Robbie Robinson 22. Jayden Hayward.

Force: 1.Pek Cowan,2.Ben Whittaker,3.Tim Fairbrother,4.Tom Hockings,5.Nathan Sharpe (c),6.Matt Hodgson,7.David Pocock ,8.Richard Brown,9.Chris O’Young,10.David Hill,11.Mark Bartholomeusz,12.Ryan Cross,13.Mitch Inman,14.Cameron Shepherd,15.James O’Connor

Reserves:16.Nathan Charles (FR),17.Matt Dunning (FR),18.Ben McCalman,19.Sam Wykes,20.Justin Turner,21.Sam Harris,22.Dane Haylett-Petty

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