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Force say they have agreement to remain in Super rugby




Perth based Super rugby franchise the Western Force have said that they are “entitled to participate in Super Rugby” until 2020 and their position should not be in doubt.

The Australian Rugby Union announced that one of the Force or the Rebels would be cut from Super Rugby next year but the Force have said that as a result of an agreement signed last year their position in Super Rugby is secure.

RugbyWA have issued a statement saying that their position is clear and they are staying in Super Rugby.

“Recent media reports have suggested that the Road Safety Western Force’s continued participation in the Super Rugby competition hinges on the outcome of a further meeting between the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) Board and the RugbyWA Board.”

“RugbyWA’s position is clear. Under current arrangements the Road Safety Western Force is entitled to participate in the Super Rugby competition until 30 December 2020.

“There is no basis on which the ARU can purport to remove the Western Force from the Super Rugby competition. The ARU must work to ensure that the Western Force remains based in Perth for many seasons to come.”

“Put simply, RugbyWA is not required to ‘state a business (or any) case’ for the Western Force to remain in the Super Rugby competition.”

“That said, RugbyWA remains committed to working with the ARU to help it find a way to achieve a resolution of the current uncertainty. Rugby WA has sought a meeting with the ARU next Thursday, 27 April 2017 to progress discussions as to how it might assist the ARU. ”

The statement comes a week after the Rebels issued a similar statement in which they also claimed that their position was secure as a result of previous agreements with the Australian Rugby Union.

The Force have retained the former governor of Western Australia, Malcolm McCusker, to head their legal team.

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