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RugbyWA is reluctant to dignify yet another unsubstantiated claim by the Sydney Morning Herald with a response but we feel the need to clear up the confusion and uncertainty created by the newspaper’s latest baseless allegation.

The claim that Matt Giteau and other senior players are looking to leave the Emirates Western Force are without foundation.

Giteau spoke directly with RugbyWA Chief Executive Peter O’Meara today and said he was totally committed to staying at the Emirates Western Force for at least another two years.

‘I am committed to the Force and staying in Perth. I have just bought a house there. What do I need to do? Buy two?’ Giteau said.

For the record, Emirates Western Force captain Nathan Sharpe is currently negotiating a two year extension of his contract and today reaffirmed his commitment to the team, saying he wouldn’t play for any other Australian province.

‘It is not surprising that the on and off-field success of the Emirates Western Force has stirred resentment from some quarters in the east,’ O’Meara said.

‘It’s also not surprising that a Sydney-based newspaper seems happy to run a campaign against the ‘upstarts’ from the west,’ he said.

‘But what next? Are people going to blame us for global warming?’


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