Highlanders to change playing strip colours


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The Highlanders appear to be set for a change to their playing strip for the last three matches of the Super 15 Rugby season.

The new kit is said to be a light green colour and will be confirmed on Monday.

Highlanders general manager Roger Clark told the Otago Daily Times that they will be making a major announcement next week involving the jersey design.

The Highlanders usually play in blue and gold with a maroon away strip but the new strip is an entirely different light green.

Otago Rugby Football Union chairman Wayne Graham also told the paper that he
was not happy about the decision to change the jersey as it goes against tradition
and risks the future of the franchise in the South.

“From a board perspective, we are concerned about it and, in particular,
we are concerned about the lack of consultation with provincial unions,”
he said.

Graham said the Highlanders jersey was one of the few franchise jerseys which
had the colours of the provincial unions which it represented.

“As a rugby person, it is a major concern that this decision has been
made without a lot of consideration of the tradition of the game down here,”
he said.

“I just can’t understand the logic of wanting to change the jersey. Everything
else is going so well.”

“It seems to me that people who are making this decision are not connected
with the rugby family in the South. “

Graham said he had not seen the new jersey and was disappointed at how it had
come about.

Graham said one of the biggest problems with changing the blue, gold and maroon
colours was it opened up the threat of the franchise moving away.

“By cutting the ties with the colours, that is opening the door to a team
that can go anywhere.”

It is not understood at this stage what has prompted the jersey change.

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